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Thank you to our fantastic customers for leaving such great reviews!

We will endeavor to continue with improvements to our site and maintain the level of customer care that we are passionate about.

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Kelly O from Wales 12-11-2018

Fantastic, really worked for me, lost one stone so far!!!

Stella Fay from Stock 12-11-2018

This is my first time using Herbalife and I am very pleased.
I donít feel hungry at all & I feel much better in myself.
More energy
Better skin
Less bloating
Some weight loss
Highly recommend

Pawel from Birmingham 12-11-2018

Great product, good prices and fast delivery, amazing service. .

Lisa Bryce from Alloa 11-11-2018

I have the formula shake every morning. I have lost a bit of weight but I have a sensitive stomach and therefore I like to have the shake for breakfast as its light and fills me up and does not leave me bloated

Rachel from London 11-11-2018

Herbalife is a great way to stay full on the go and loose weight - highly recommend! The website is easy to use and shows you what products you need for different goals!

Gemma Robertson from London 10-11-2018

Very happy with my Herbalife products and staff very helpful 🙂

Paula Norman from Witney 09-11-2018

Herbalife is so easy to use especially when you have a young family to look after. I have a shake in the morning and then one again at lunch time. I feel so much better after starting on Herbalife, I feel less bloated generally feel Ďcleaní.

Kelly from West Midlands 09-11-2018

The products are great and made me feel fantastic in just a few days! Great flavours and ordering is really easy!

Lamai Palee from Worcestershire 09-11-2018

Very good product and easy for order
2-3day delivery I would like to recommend to my family and friend

Jenny Nutland from Calne 09-11-2018

Really loving all of the products and feeling so much better !

Carole West from Torquay 08-11-2018

Herbalife products are not only delicious but fulfilling
My husband and I use the products for weight control they
Make a difficult process very easy and enjoyable. Online ordering fits into our life perfectly.

Gayle Windrim from Cambridge 08-11-2018

User Friendly website and always receiving up to date news and reviews. I have used Herbalife products for a few years and I can honestly say its worth every cent you pay. I always feel so alive on the products and energetic.

Lisa Ellis from Herne Bay 08-11-2018

Excellent. Excellent service!
Prompt delivery
Would never go anywhere else!

Michelle from Sheffield 07-11-2018

I really didnít think I would stick to this but I love it. Love the shakes and bars, they are delicious & really filling. Iíve only lost 1/2 stone up to now (9.1/2 stone now) I also have so much more energy (the tea is amazing) & I feel fab!

Amber Dwyer from Leicester 07-11-2018

Website was easy to use but not very appealing with products, fortunantly I had been recommended what to buy so I knew what I wanted, also disappointed my order went through then I was emailed to say my chosen flavour was out of stock.

Osman Rage from London 07-11-2018

Herbalife products are great and I really enjoyed them.

Joe Pogson from Nottingham 07-11-2018

Fantastic products would highly recommend! Very well priced and quality product , and fast delivery time.

Laura Harris from Camberley 07-11-2018

I love using my Herbalife products!! They are so easy, and helped me shred a few pounds!!

Donna Glen from Glasgow 06-11-2018

Been using herbal life now for a few months and absolutely love all the products, Iíve never felt so good and have so much more energy .

Dovile Paulauskaite from Maidstone 05-11-2018

I heard about Herbalife ages ago, but never tried it till couple of months ago I decided to give it ago as everyone seems to love it
So far very happy with every purchase I made.
I love that I can collect VIP credits too! Great idea!

Paula Richardson from Ollerton 05-11-2018

Only been on this for 10 days Iíve got lots of energy shakes taste great also losses 10half in a week Surport his great too and orders reallly quick at getting delivered

Rob Miotti from Mancot 05-11-2018

Absolutely brilliant product, which really works if you stick to it and tastes amazing

Sarah Steckles-Richmond from WEYMOUTH 05-11-2018

I have lost 1 Stone in 4 weeks. I have lots more energy and am feeling very happy. Its enabled me to half my anti depressant meds. I love HL. It tastes lovely and is very filling (not like other shake diets I have tried- and I have tried a lot!)

Kerry from Swindon 05-11-2018

Amazing lost 5lbs in first week feel less bloated and skin looks great too

Vanessa from Exeter 04-11-2018

Love the products
My health has improved beyond my expectations
Would definitely keep using Herbalife
What a great find 🥤🍒😋

Amber Toop from Westerham 04-11-2018

These products have worked very well for me, I have already noticed inches off after 2 weeks! And Iím only using the shake formula at the moment! I will definitely continue to use these products to get a better result!

Karen Mccann from East Ayrshire 04-11-2018

I was in Herbalife for 21days and lost 8lb I recommend people try it

Laura from London 04-11-2018

I strongly recommend Herbalife products; I have been using them for many years and I think they are really good and healthy. If you try them you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Ruth Quatremain from Ongar 04-11-2018

Have used this company several times. Website easy to navigate and use and delivery prompt. Recommend

Liesl Despy from Coventry 03-11-2018

I will never go back to a conventional breakfast- Herbalife formula one has made a huge difference to my life. Iím also gradually testing out new Herbalife products and I havenít been disappointed yet.. Canít do without the protein bars now!

Nurcan Gumus from Doncaster 03-11-2018

Really Good product. Fast shipping. Many thanks.

Holly Gomes from Hastings 02-11-2018

Very easy to do feel a lot fresher and can see a real difference already. Just by having the shake twice a day. Good for on the go too. Would highly recommend

Gavin Haines from Cardiff 02-11-2018

Great products, taste Great and very handy if your in a rush as all you need to do is Shake and Go!


Totally satisfied with this service. So quick and easy to use. Well laid out website where all products are clearly labelled and easy to find.

Lisa Dowry from CROYDON 02-11-2018

I love the herbalife products i have seen a massive differance in my weight loss i dont have a muffin top no more

Amy Walsh from Blackburn 01-11-2018

Website is really helpful, all info I ever need is on here! Products are brill and delivery has always been speedy and packaged well

ADELE MCGOUGH from sunderland 01-11-2018

Absolutely loving the new Banana Creme flavour - so tasty and packed full of goodness and tatste delicious with OAF

Jodie Doran from Coventry 01-11-2018

I was very impressed by the ease of it all. The products were described well which allowed me to select the right products for me. My order was also dispatched quickly despite being in the middle of a promotion.

karen heatherington from NOTTINGHAM 01-11-2018

Excellent service and great choice of shakes. I use with the protein formula 3 and it keeps me full to lunch and good to know its full of the right nutrients

David Shields from Edinburgh 01-11-2018

What can I say about herballife online absolutely cracking service from start to finish

Lucy Becerra from Darfield 31-10-2018

Amazing products taste fabulous ! Use the breakfast plan and love it

Fatma Taylan from London 31-10-2018

The website is really easy to use.
I recently bought vitamins for women and pro sport restore. They are both great. I can sleep much better, and I wake up feeling great, no aches, pains in the morning. I recommend this to everyone.

Ellie Spencer from Pinner 31-10-2018

Fast shipping and products are amazing. Will be ordering again soon.

ben Taylor from London 31-10-2018

I have been using herbalife for 6 months or so now and it is the perfect way to Substitute a unhealthy diet for a calorie controlled one. Chocolate and Cookies & Cream I would recommend.

Lauren Townend from Wakefield 31-10-2018

Excellent supplier, fab products, good price and fast delivery

Highly recommend !!!

Louise Yates from Ilkeston 31-10-2018

Wow!! Herbal life is just the best. The shakes are amazing.. they fill you up, they are delicious. Great range of products to choice from. This is something that it easy to stick to. Great results :)

Tyron Gordon from Birmingham 30-10-2018

I have seen great results from the use of this product. It has helped me to achieve my goals and surpass them further to belief. I recommend this to all who are committed to changing their lifestyle

nicola ford from Teignmouth 30-10-2018

i have now been using these products for 3 months and it takes a little while to adjust, but once you have its great feel great and you can see the results already slow and steady so i hope it will remain off. vanilla my fave.great with frozen mango

Elina Oualah from London 29-10-2018

Excellent communication. I received an answer to my question very quick. Maybe you could publish some exersice plans on the website.

Rochelle Harriott from Carshalton 29-10-2018

Absolutely love Herbalife! So tasty & filling & it feels great knowing that my body is getting all if the goodness that it needs!

Betty Adewunmi from Bartley 29-10-2018

Very infective products very happy thank you so much.

Lynsay Oxberry from Hebburn 29-10-2018

Love the products. Helping me lose weight. So quick and easy to make. Will definitely be ordering some more.

Zoe West from Congresbury 29-10-2018

Iíve just ordered my first ever herbal life products for weight loss and I am so impressed by the support that is available. Canít wait to try the products and see my results 😀

Sophie Biddell from Tadworth 29-10-2018

Great first experience. Speedy delivery. I ordered the mint and it taste amazing

Barrie Hamilton from Brentwood 29-10-2018

Website dead easy to use and I received my goods within a couple of days. A very fast and efficient service.

Jessica from West Bromwich 29-10-2018

I have been using the chocolate mint shake as a meal replacement for 2 weeks now and can already feel a difference in my weight. It is so easy to make. The flavour is quite refreshing and I will be willing to try the different flavours.

Kirsty Quirie from Bradford 28-10-2018

Canít wait to start my weight loss detox tomorrow iv heard so much posits things a bout these prices.

Emily Davey from Bath 27-10-2018

The website makes buying Herbalife so much easier. I would love for the website to put tips and go into more detail on what the items can be used with and how to take/use them on product information.

Julie M from Rotherham 27-10-2018

They Delivered in good time With all the products I ordered plus freebies for my first order, I will use again.

Andrew Gibb from Chivenor 27-10-2018

Love the breakfast shakes, healthy meal to start the day so quick and easy

Samantha B from Bromsgrove 26-10-2018

Love the products and cant wait to try new flavours. The shakes are very creamy and filling!

Zoe Nemes from Richmond 26-10-2018

Website looks quite dated, easy to navigate though

Rebecca Covill from Chichester 25-10-2018

So happy I found this site. As an ex herbalife distributor myself I love the products but didnít want to be part of the business anymore so this is a great way for me to order my favourite products again.
Great that I can gain vip points too. x

Kelly Etherington from Wellingborough 25-10-2018

I purchased formula 1 cookies and cream and i absolutely love it, my morning routine was shocking i would either not eat at all or pig out on junk now i have shake for breakfast and even started bootcamp twice a week i have so much energy

stephanie arthur from EVESHAM 25-10-2018

Really easy to follow weight loss programme and I have lots more energy too!

andy trow from llanymynech 25-10-2018

Have been using herbalife products for a couple of years and they always do the job be it weight loss, weigh management or race and training nutrition. A great help in hitting my goals

Colin Grant from Lenzie 25-10-2018

great, fast delivery and good comms. great discounts too.

Stuart Chalmers from Draycott 24-10-2018

Ordered the weight loss extra package for me and my wife to kick start us on our weight loss journey, we received our products within 3 days, after just 1 week I lost 8lbs, I will definitely re-order next month!

Eileen McKenna from Ederney 24-10-2018

Love this product - it is the only way I can lose weight!

Nicola from Maldon 24-10-2018

Amazing product! Love the Mint Choc flavour, cannot wait to try the Banana cream.
Fast delivery too.

Nicola Wortley from Wellingborough 24-10-2018

The website is easy to use products are always on time
It would be great if the pdm was added into one of the plans

Asta Jurkonyte from Reading 24-10-2018

Good products, feeling with more energy, just best feedback, recommend for everyone

Daisy Wainwright from Hyde 23-10-2018

I really enjoy using Herbalife and find the shakes really nice, I even look forward to my morning shake now. I canít wait to place my second order and make this a life style change.

Gillian from Glasgow 22-10-2018

Great Products. Been using the formula 1 weight loss program shakes and ordered the tomato soup, roasted soya beans and choc protein bars for snacks in between,(which i might add are all Deeelicious) lost 3 pounds in my first week.Result.

Angela Fallows from Salford 22-10-2018

Really pleased with my progress so far using herbalife products. I found it very easy to order online.

Jodie Orr from Cleckheaton 22-10-2018

I have been using formula 1 for a few weeks now, i have it with water as i dont like milk and then i add a little fruit. The only problem i have found is it sometimes goes clumpy and doesnt dissolve properly even after shaking the tub

Ingrid Owen-Jones from Stanley 22-10-2018

I have ordered Herbalife shakes in September and October of this year, having had good results using them earlier this year. My orders were dispatched on the same or next working day, which I consider very good service.

Jacqui Shone from HERTS 22-10-2018

Excellent site very helpful and explanation in full detail really happy with the products that i have ordered

M Dunlop from Hazlemere 21-10-2018

I really love herbalife, it is a safe and great product. My partner and i feel so much better when using herbalife. I got my niece onto it, she was so lethargic and had stomach problems and now after using herbalife she is feeling fantastic.

Becky carter from Nr Tonbridge 20-10-2018

I have found this site so useful and easy to use, I was pleased to find out that I could buy just single products and looking forward to trying the new banana cream formula, I canít wait to carry on my weight loss journey with Herbalife

Emily Tolton from Kettering 20-10-2018

Excellent products, in my first week i lost 4lbs. Im using the Free From F1 Shake & its teally tasty! I love that its convienent & works well with my work schedule.

Samantha Kingsland from London 19-10-2018

User friendly website, easy to navigate. Looking forward to receiving my products for my weight loss journey

Nina Bowler from Bristol 19-10-2018

Great service. Fantastic products. Absolutely love the choc chip flavour. Itís lovelt to see so many celebrities giving advice on the products

Kirsty Glasby from Nottingham 17-10-2018

I am absolutely over the moon with the product. In the first week I felt so much better with more energy and generally feeling healthier. I will definitely be adopting this as a lifestyle change after completing my initial 30 day challenge. Thank you

Rengasamy Vadivalagan from London 17-10-2018

Hi I am using Herblife nearly a one month I have lost 9kg and I got Diabetes as well is been controlled vey well because of my diet plan itís working very well to me thank you Herblife .

Shona Allan from Aberdeen 16-10-2018

Great product that i am using to get back to a sensible weight after medication made me heavier. So handy for on the go or taking it in to work.

Jill Jukes from Southampton 16-10-2018

Your website is easy to use and once orders placed kept informed of the progress of my delivery.

Claire Moore from Ilford 16-10-2018

Amazing product. The shake keeps me so full until lunch - which is a miracle! The tea and aloe taste amazing and gives me so much more energy. I cannot remember life without Herbalife!

Gemma Cunningham from Henlow 16-10-2018

I have been following the herblife program for about a month now, Iíve noticed a change in my weight, skin and energy levels. I love the shakes, vanilla is my favourite and the protein bars are a great snack.

Emma Knights from Beeston 16-10-2018

Itís brilliant! I feel so much less bloated. They are super tasty too and havenít got bored of the chocolate or banana flavours yet!

Nicola Seale from Welling 16-10-2018

Love love love these products! Iíve tried every diet shake possible
And these are the best!!!

Jurate Vusej from Dundee 16-10-2018

I ordered from Herbalife website for the first time and I was very pleased with everything.The products were brilliant quality and worth the price.Overall my experience was very good and I would definitely recommend Herbalife products others.

Samantha Niblett from Cardiff 15-10-2018

These products have changed my life! They are the only thing to have worked for me!

Emma louise Murphy from Sheffield 15-10-2018

I feel brill after doin done this for a month am deffo carrying it on

Emma Francis from Royston 15-10-2018

I love Herbalife and have just started my third week. I no longer bloat which is a total first for me. I love the shakes and the snacks and meal choices are great and make you feel even more healthier. I have seen results already.

Helen from Merseyside 14-10-2018

I love that you have a free from range which is fantastic as we are egg, milk & soy free
I know Iím getting fantastic nutritional benefits from having this every morning & you can mix everything with the vanilla so itís very versatile.

Katie Irvine from Worcester Park 14-10-2018

I love the raspberry herbal tea with mango aloe. But I have tried the mint choc chip and cappuccino shakes but I havenít fallen in love with either. I want to try chocolate next and order some PDM to see if my results improve.

Chelsea Sheppard from Prenton 13-10-2018

Great products and really does help to lead a happy and healthy life style

Marie Simester from Waterfoot 12-10-2018

Great products 💚 been using the chocolate mint one for a few days and itís tastes amazing wish I had used these products before other companyís aand they were shocking. Bye far the best

Rachel Forrester from Wrexham 12-10-2018

I love having a herbal life shake for breakfast it tastes great and keeps me full all day, also so quick and easy to make that it fits in well with the morning school run. Easy process to order and even better that you earn credits each time

Claire Pope from Liverpool 12-10-2018

I love herbalife products and the VIP credits you get through ordering from the website are a lovely bonus.

Irram Khan from Bolton 11-10-2018

Great response in minutes when I was interested in joining and found everything on the website easy and understanding on what program I should try

L Heart from Essex 11-10-2018

Iíve always struggled with breakfast but have really enjoyed having a shake every morning. Having breakfast gives me much more energy in the mornings too. Iíve found ordering products online easy and delivery is quick

Natasha from London 10-10-2018

Great website, every thing you need and no pressure. Deliveries packaged well. Thanks

Andrew Williams from London 10-10-2018

I recommend Herbalife products to anyone looking to loose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or just in general have a great nutrition for life.

Amy from London 10-10-2018

Tried herbalife after being recommended by a friend. Iím not the type of person to actually try shakes etc because Iím quite picky! However herbalife has proved me wrong and I am thoroughly enjoy it and the results! Very impressed!

Susan Breslin from Ballinasloe 10-10-2018

Amazing!! I feel so much better and losing inches in just two weeks!!!

Hayley Roberts from Formby, Liverpool 09-10-2018

I love using Herbalife shakes
One downfall has been my recent experience as I was running low on shakes so I ordered 2 Lots but unfortunately 8 days later they still have not arrived which has resulted in me coming to a stand still with my results.

Maureen Sammut from Belfast 09-10-2018

Absolutely amazing.Feel like a new woman loads of energy. Fitting into old clothes great feeling

debbie andrews from vale of glamorgan 09-10-2018

Very professional people and always on hand to help customer service is excellent quick response to any query you have .well done to all at herbalife

Marie Curtis from Bodmin 09-10-2018

Really happy with my products can not wait to start this

Dave Storey from Fareham 08-10-2018

The website is easy to navigate and once an order is placed, I receive the product within a couple of days. I found that using the shakes and incorporating it into my training, I started to notice the results within a week.

Nicole from Scotland 08-10-2018

Recently ordered stater pack! Excited to order and try new flavours.

Penny Inskip from Farnborough 08-10-2018

Have only started using Herbalife already enjoy the benefits , yes lm losing weight and feel great . Thank you

irum saleem from Birmingham 08-10-2018

Live the products and milkshakes flavours are yummy

Chantal McDonald from Kenley 07-10-2018

Since using Herbalife its made me change the way i view food. I feel better, healthier & have seen an improvement not just in my body shape but equally in my hair skin and nails. Would recommend this to anyone with an interest in feeling healthier.

Amy Hinds from Bishop stortford 07-10-2018

Herbalife is the only "diet" that has worked for me, it is brilliant and there is constant encouragement and support! I have already convinced 3 friends to join:)

Nicola from Richmond 06-10-2018

Have tried lots of weight loss programs in the past but tend to give up as always feel hungry and lethargic but with Herbalife shake and herbal drink I feel full and seem to have so much more energy and the pounds are starting to fall off

Steph Collins from Gillingham 06-10-2018

Since starting herbal life 2 weeks ago I have lost 8lb! Itís so easy to follow, the shakes actually taste nice unlike other shakes I have tried before, there is a huge range of flavours and always something new I want to get or try.

Senga Krump from Kirkcaldy 05-10-2018

famtastic product, feel healthier and lots of energy.

Portia Bradford from Manchester 05-10-2018

Just started was on another peogram but so so many achievements with Herbalife that i devided to give ir a go Banana is my fav do far!

Zandile Nkala from PETERBOROUGH 05-10-2018

I have tried a number of meal replacement shakes before and I have not enjoyed them as I have enjoyed herbal life ones. They are nice to drink and I have achieved my goals of loosing weight by using the shakes so l will recommend people to try them

Jenna Smith from Aberdare 05-10-2018

Herbalife products are just incredible. Im so glad I started using these products.I have more energy these products have helped me lose weight and inches a healthy way. Iím now taking care of my body inside. I would never not use these products now

Viv Custard from Poole 05-10-2018

The chocolate shakes are delicious and they take away the problem of what to take to work for lunch - win win!!

Lesley Beatson from Wakefield 05-10-2018

Easy website to navigate, Fast delivery, great product. 5 star!

Tracey Rothery from Halifax 04-10-2018

I am very impressed with the service and speed of despatch from the website and the deliveries are so fast.

Hulya Okaner from Birmingham 04-10-2018

Love The herbalife shakes and tea I find I have much more energy and loose weight so easily the flavours are Amat not like most diet shakes out there! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to loose weight the right way!

Astrid Mcdonald from Leven 04-10-2018

Fab products! Iím new to this so Iíve only tried the chocolat fomlula, protein mix and the chocolate bars. Love them! Will go on to try the new banana one now. Thank you :)

Jordan Brown from Ollerton 02-10-2018

The shaker is great at removing all the lumps and it makes the shakes less grainy. I enjoy drinking the strawberry shakes. The peach tea is sweet but ok but I am not a fan of the mango drink.

Vera Heinschke from Reading 02-10-2018

Using Herbalife products has really been helpful to me. The shake has helped me loose weight and the mult-vitamin was also very helpful. Thanks a lot I really appreciate your help.

Moyra Finnie from Motherwell 02-10-2018


Jo from St Leonards on Sea 01-10-2018

Introduced to the products by a friend and have always struggled with dieting/eating healthier. My biggest issue was not eating chocolate.The peanut chocolate protein bars are delicious for a treat after a run and a healthy eating day.Just love them

Jennifer Chesney from Dover 01-10-2018

Really easy and fast to use, quick delivery and excellent products. Have lost nearly 2 stone after having my first baby by c section 14 weeks ago, been using the products 8 weeks now and love them, have never felt better.

Andrew M from NORMANTON 30-09-2018

Excellent products and excellent delivery times .

Becca Nickels from Cardiff 30-09-2018

I am finding Herbalife great! Itís stops me going out on my lunch in work and grabbing something quick (not healthy) I am already seeing a difference in my body

Michael from Teesside 30-09-2018

I would recommend this to anyone which I do. And once you start seeing the results which is fairly quick, you would be pleased with your results,

Louise Hobbs from Huntingdon 28-09-2018

I have been using Herbalife products for a while now and they are the best I have found on the market. They are delicious, nutritious and very good value for money. I shall continue to use these products as part of my sport and health programme.

sabrina challis from southampton 28-09-2018

Vanilla formula 1 shake is very tasty about to try the new banana

Wendy Louth from Sturminster Newton 27-09-2018

Easy to order, shakes tast like a milk shake and keeps you full, lost 8 lb in 2 weeks, will continue

Hnaz from Blackburn 27-09-2018

A brilliant service , very easy to order and shipping is fast . I love the fact they give credits towards your next order . I love Herbalife as it has so many vitamins and minerals always gives lots of energy and the shakes are very tasty too.

Paige Oldham from Barnsley 26-09-2018

Only recently began using Herbalife, and would never look back! The results are brilliant, not only do you look better. You also feel better!
Recommended to anybody

Karen Taylor from Chesterfield 26-09-2018

Very easy transaction.kept up to date on order process and fast delivery.from order to receiving products only a few days.highly recommended.

Jordan Hill from Plymouth 25-09-2018

Amazing delivery and easy to use site. Very satisfactory customer service and lovely products that are perfect for a start to weight loss

Charlotte Walker from Ashford 25-09-2018

I have tried different shakes in the past but I find Herbalife shakes by far the most satisfying and tasting the best. It makes me feel good and gives me energy and curbs my cravings- worth a try!

Nicole Squires from Sheffield 24-09-2018

Love these shakes. Cookies n cream, yum yum. Excellent results

Tarryn Hewitt from Ambleside 24-09-2018

Great product! Feeling good after only 3 days.
Love the vanilla flavour formula 1 shake. Fills me up, highly recommend.
No trouble ordering, fast and efficient service!

Julie Noble from Houghton le spring 24-09-2018

Fab products.. love the shakes and the lemon tea is amazing

Rosemary Fox from Market Rasen 24-09-2018

Easy to navigate website and prompt delivery of products ordered. Love the VIP credits which enables the build up of cash to use off future products. Also you are informed of New products as in the Banana Cream F1 shake.

Jade Clark from Norwich 24-09-2018

Never lost any weight, website is not the best, didnít take off my credits ...

Natalie Mather from MANCHESTER 24-09-2018

Amazing product 2stone lost in 8 weeks. Easyplan to follow with useful website for Meal plans. Great value for money.

Lucy Baker from BRIDGWATER 24-09-2018

Found this website so simple and easy to use. Quick and speedy delivery a great introduction to Herbalife products. Thank you

Natasha Cannell from Horsham 24-09-2018

Herbalife products taste amazing and I have lost 7lbs in 5 weeks. I am not hungry at all between meals and my skin and nails have improved which i think shows the nutrition level in these drinks. I am incredibly happy and will continue to use them.

Gillian Graham from Falkirk 23-09-2018

I love the flavours and feel that it suppresses my appetite and donít binch eat the way I did before.
Having had issues with my skin, I am so pleased at the improvement and glow I have since using the products.
Would definitely recommend.

Michelle Wilson from Telford 23-09-2018

The website is easy to use and the product information is clear and helpful in making the choices. Quick and easy transactions with conformation emails every step on the way.
Delivery was fast and well packaged
Recommend the website

Emma Hughes from Bangor 22-09-2018

Always been super fast delivery and the products are great.

Katie C from Nottingham 20-09-2018

Highly recommended. Good taste and lots of options to experiment with different flavours.

Joanne Marsham from Hull 20-09-2018

I have been using herbalife a few months now and seeing really good results.

Marie Hutchins from Ilford 20-09-2018

Excellent products and I have never felt so well when dieting previously as I do with this plan
Highly recommended

Sarah from Rochdale 20-09-2018

Love the products. The website can be a little confusing and hard to get around and find which one you want though.

Simone Ratcliff from Isleworth 20-09-2018

Great products, taste great and was with me quickly

Susan Hurley from Birmingham 19-09-2018

Herballife product love chocolate shake and the peanut bars are great for a quick snack

Sian Boughtwood from Thundersley 19-09-2018

Good products
Always arrive on time
So many nice flavours to choose from

Uzmah Hussain from Birmingham 17-09-2018

This has not worked I am always hungry and feel like I am going to the bathroom and I miss real food would not order again

Sandrine Habiyambere from London 17-09-2018

Perfect weight loss product. I tried other brands but no one like this one.

Maria antonic-mckinley from READING 17-09-2018

So far product is absolutely brilliant, but im not very happy w the custumer service i get from here i hope they will make it better in the future.

Joanne Canning from Cannock 15-09-2018

Brought some shakes and protein mix and one word amazing results and so nice the shakes are, they are so filling to, I would recommend to anybody who wants to lose weight

Eucharia Enebe from HARLOW 15-09-2018

The website is very good to undetstand and very easy to find what you are looking for

Shweta Wali from Swindon 14-09-2018

These shakes absolutely amazing. the results ive got are too good and its never boring with so many flavors to choose from. the vitamins and fiber tablets have helped me a lot,dont feel bloated anymore, always more energetic with the shakes and tea.

Leanne Mcelvaney from Middlesbrough 13-09-2018

Amazing products. Helping me start every morning the right way.

Jasbir Dunn from London 12-09-2018

The tea really helps with suppressing hunger and helps reduce being bloated.

Adele Whitehead from Brighouse 12-09-2018

I have tried so many other nutritional shakes etc, but herbal life is by far the most beneficial and the taste of the shakes are actually nice, unlike some that I have tried they are way too sweet.
Thanks herbal life.

Hannah from Bedfordshire 12-09-2018

website is so easy to use, products are amazing with quick delivery which is amazing for the times I realise Iíve nearly run out it comes within a few days!

Sabine Babur from Hull 12-09-2018

I been using Herbalife a few weeks now the products are easy to use and so great with my lifestyle, i work long and unsociable hours. The webside is easy to understand and i received free gifts which were appreciated I will gladly recommend Herbalife

Maja from London 12-09-2018

I tried Herbalife few years ago and it helped me a lot. I limited the intake of calories as I was eating way too much and it helped me balance my diet and stop eating sugar.

Shonagh Mcewen from Keighley 11-09-2018

I have a number of health issues and find that Herbalife helps me get the energy and correct vitamins I need to keep me maintaining my health

Anna Wilson from SHEFFIELD 11-09-2018

I think the descriptions for the products could be better to explain in simple terms what they can do for your body - possible results

Dimitar Mihaylov from London 11-09-2018

Herbalife Have a very nice product ! Aloe Vera plus turbodjeiks tea is a very nice combination for starting your day properly .

Carrie Harvey from Billingham 11-09-2018

Amazing products, helped me along with healthy eating to lose weight and maintain my personal target

Dajana Grujic from London 11-09-2018

I am beyond satisfied with the results that I have achieved by using products. In less than three months I lost 15kg and my overall health improved - the fat percentage of my body has decreased, Iím sorry berg Eric and revitalised

Sarah Bridgeman from Wadhurst 10-09-2018

Website is very easy to use. The information on it is very informative for a first time user.

Nicola Maclean from Glasgow 09-09-2018

Placed order and received within 4 days very happy with service will use again

jodie miree from Rotherham 09-09-2018

Absolutely love Herbalife! So easy and efficient especially for those on the go and a mum of 2 babies! Would not do any other diet/lifestyle!

Christine Coates from Penryn 08-09-2018

Canít find simple instructions on how to make the formula up, on the shake it says 2 x 26g spoons but looking the information it says only 1.....Iíve been using the formula for a week now and find it filling but not sure if Iím mixing it right!

Clare Finn from Northampton 08-09-2018

Excellent products for a reasonable price! Love the results and how good they make you feel.

paula rayfield from SITTINGBOURNE 07-09-2018

I have had herbalife before but went with an agent ,this site is so much better as it has prompt delivery straight to your home and very good value for money

Alexandra W from Newcastle 06-09-2018

These products taste great, curb hunger, and really work!

Michaela Devine from Newtownstewart 06-09-2018

Easy to use Service, easy to navigate through. Products and packages on offer are well priced and good quality. Will be a returning customer :)

Julie Newman from Great yarmouth 05-09-2018

Quick and easy to order and very fast delivery . Thank you

sammy whelan from london 05-09-2018

really filling products which is important to keep me going!

vania pereira from London 05-09-2018

The eebsite has a good layout and the offers are always well displayed

Yuen Chow from Cambridgeshire 05-09-2018

Even though is expensive but definitely worth it, I lost 8kg within 6month

Caren O from Worcestershire 04-09-2018

Fast delivery and good quality products - will be using again

Rasita Semele from Swanscombe 04-09-2018

Hello, thank you for this amazing products itís make me felling great all day. Very good and quick posting.

Gemma Hammond from Kings lynn 04-09-2018

I started Herbalife one month ago, the support I received for my many questions was amazing and although at first I felt bloated my body soon adjusted and Iím starting to feel better and see a difference in myself.

Shaunna Taylor from Crewe 04-09-2018

Herbalife is just amazing
After having my first child in January, Iím so happy with my body with using the products
Iíve never felt so confident wearing a bikini in my life. Itís convenient when being a mummy on the go I canít thank Herbalife enough.

Bhav Murray from WEMBLEY 04-09-2018

Amazing products highly recommend to anyone trying to lose weight or just get fit. product for all types. taste great!

shi yi hi from london 04-09-2018

i love herbalife too much
it help me control my weight and health
no stop for herbalife

Elizabeth Ahir from Toddington 04-09-2018

I lost weight with Herbalife 14 years ago and looked great. I have put weight on recently, but Iím confident Herbalife will help me lose weight again. The website is simple to use - a few clicks and Iím on my way to a slimmer, healthier me!

Tim Lloyd from Wolverhampton 03-09-2018

Having used Herbalife products before I would recommend this to anyone wishing to loose weight. In the past I lost 2st just by power walking. Herbalife is the best and with a healthier diet and exercise your onto a better way of life. 10/10

Carla Wintle from Poole 03-09-2018

My favourite is the Mint Chocolate Chip shake, I use the breakfast plan have a healthy lunch and dinner and drink plenty of water with the mango Alo. Highly recommend, very happy with the products.

Nikki Mowatt from Glenrothes 03-09-2018

Love the products. Taste amazing and you can feel the benefits within a week

Sigita Gudaite from Borehamwood 03-09-2018

super producs, always buy from here, and very fast delivery

sharon HILL from BELFAST 03-09-2018

I love these milkshakes and we bars never felt so healthy .

Pam Dhiman from Leicester 03-09-2018

Good service and easy website. Results still to come....

buse kaya from London 03-09-2018

It was wonderfullll ğroduct ı aleays usenıt and onw month ı lost 4 kılos

Lisa mainwaring from NEATH 03-09-2018

Absolutely love this website, very quick delievery and amazing products :)

Wendy Johnston from Belfast 03-09-2018

Probably the best Ďshakesí on the market!! Tasty and easy to prepare, and great results!! Itís certainly a way of life and not a diet!!

Tracy Tonkin from west lothian 03-09-2018

Herbalife is one of the best products I have used to allow me to loose weight and maintain I live that you can still eat and you donít starve yourself, I have so much energy and after just having a baby itís the best thing to keep me fit.

Emma Townend from Barnsley 03-09-2018

Excellent service loving the products, using on a daily basis

Joanne Ledger from Sheffield 02-09-2018

This is a really good easy to follow ordering site which I find really easy to use

Laura Macwhannell from Cheltenham 02-09-2018

Great products, been using mine for just over 2 weeks now and I already feeel so much better in myself!

Nicola Smith from Rochdale 02-09-2018

Would highly recommended Herbalife I lost over a stone in 6 weeks

Aurelie Allardyce from Stevenage 02-09-2018

Bought it a while ago and already loosing weight , definitely recommend this product

Iza Radinsky from Richmond, BC 02-09-2018

I love Herbalife products since 1993 when I first time tried it and lost 10 kg in three months.
Nowadays I am using it to successfully maintain my weight.

Sarah Smith from Birmingham 02-09-2018

Herbalife not on.y helps lose weight but after only a few days I felt better in myself

Shalom Banda from Milton Kynes 01-09-2018

Have used herbal life products in the past with really good results. Products like Formula 1 Formula 3 protein powder are my favorite and great because can be used to make delicious smoothies.

Delivery times are always efficient.

SUMAIRA BUTT from Manchester 01-09-2018

Herbal life is absolutely fantastic healthy meal weight loss program I have benefited with the program and have loss good weight and I look healthy .

sharon brown from Middlesex 31-08-2018

Been using the shake and magic tea for about a month now. Really happy as it is helping to achieve my weight loss goals combined with exercise. Have more energy and feel happier, would recommend.

Claire Fearon from NOTTINGHAM 30-08-2018

First time using herbalists, easy and straight forward website, helpful and supportive and quick delivery!

Hollie from Hampshire 29-08-2018

Website is easy to use, order comes within a couple of days.
Unless Iíve miss it, be nice to have a form room to support each other?

Martina from London 29-08-2018

I have started with herbal life not long time ago, but I have to say the formula 1 shakes is very tasty and so filling, I have tried many different meal replacement shakes and this is top. So far I have tried cappuccino flavour and cookie and cream

Elizabeth Shenton from Stoke-on-Trent 29-08-2018

I have found that the chocolate formula 1 shake is pleasant to the taste and is also filling in the morning. So far so good.

Angela Dickman from Maldon 29-08-2018

The formula 1 shakes and protein bars have enabled me to loose weight but not feel hungry. I recommend the products whole heartedly!

Emily from Derbyshire 29-08-2018

Great easy to use website. Quick delivery and amazing products!

Lisa Ovenstone from Leven 28-08-2018

Really enjoying the shakes and having them for breakfast. Also the tea and the aloe Vera for water. Products always come quickly.

Village Motors from Chester 28-08-2018

This site is the easiest of all herbalife sites to use. The product is excellent for weight loss which stays off and also for a healthy replacement meal when needed.

Samantha Webb from Rickmansworth 28-08-2018

Website is easy to find everything , good communication with emails regarding orders and quick delivery

Caron Ford-Wilson from Margate 28-08-2018

I love Herbalife!
Its effective, fast & healthy weight control. Iím an actress & Director so my work routine is often erratic with long hours. Itís important for me to stay healthy with energy. The tea also helps, especially If working late!

Vicki Bakewell from Oxford 28-08-2018

My Herbalife order arrived so quickly ! Iím having raspberry tea and my 2 vanilla shakes a day which in 4 weeks I have lost my 1st stone ! Amazing product and so easy to follow with work and a young family !!

Loren Mcfarlane from Edinburgh 28-08-2018

Love the mint choc chip shake! Tastes just like ice cream with milk in it. Doesnít fill me up but stops me from feeling hungry and snacking for a couple of hours.

Kim Hay from Hertfordshire 28-08-2018

I love the website, itís easy to use and have never had a problem with it! Love Herbalife 💚

SUE DIAMOND from WIRRAL 28-08-2018

I heard good things herbelife through social media,so i ordered the shake 1st to see if i liked it.I tried the cookies and cream flavour and was not disappointed,the taste was fab,and filled me up,i can see a difference in myself already.

Elise Axten from Stanwell Staines Middlesex 27-08-2018

Herberlife is great just try it and see. Trust me if you love shakes your love this.

Lisa Walls from Liverpool 27-08-2018

Fantastic start to my day have my shake for breakfast and my herbal tea which sets me up for my busy working day

Jessica Woods from Ellesmere Port 27-08-2018

Love the products, but why is the delivery cost so high? It really puts people off from buying the products.
I find the website really complicated to use. Setting up my website as a distributer was a nightmare.


Using products for less than a week and results are great. can not wait to try protein bars. Very easy ordering and delivery. HIghly recommended to everyone

Evelyn Gribbin from Cumbernauld 25-08-2018

I have been using Herbalife for 4 weeks and have lost 1 stone, I feel as tho I have lots of energy and will be continuing to use it.

Miss mcglynn from SWINDON 24-08-2018

Amazing products perfect for my weight loss journey. Now introducing my brother

Hayley Paterson from Kilmarnock 24-08-2018

Such a good product, have so much more energy with the vitamins in the shake I was lacking in my normal diet. Will definitely be continuing with this been on it for nearly a month now. Fantastic

Jemma Thornton from Syston 23-08-2018

Excellent, easy ordering service! Love the meal plan ideas that were attached too! Can not wait to start my products!

Gemma Speed from Nottingham 23-08-2018

Bit of a delay in receiving the products(delivery services fault) but sorted Really quickly replied instantly thank you . Products are excellent and worth a try already seeing a difference after a week.

charlotte page from SOUTHEND-ON-SEA 23-08-2018

It is really easy to drink these shakes. They are full of nutrition and super tasty. Easiest shakes I have drank in a long time

Sherry Sinclair from New cross 22-08-2018

Since I start using Herbalife I have seen good results and I enjoy using them.

Joanne from Inverurie 22-08-2018

Got my order through really quickly, all came as ordered so very happy customer!

Kelly Fincham from Watton thetford 22-08-2018

Pleased with products, would recommend to others to try

Bali kharay from datchet 22-08-2018

I find herbalife products beneficial and have lost weight using them. I love the Vanilla flavour powder.

Katie Phillipson from Bearsden 21-08-2018

Nice filling shakes. Looking forward to trying other flavours

Grace from Worksop 21-08-2018

Love Herbalife, busy Mum and so easy to have unhealthy food because of lack of time so the shakes are great

Carol Nicholson from Ipswich 21-08-2018

Fast delivery and delicious tastes! Thoroughly recommend these products.

Maria Gyoury from Ugley 21-08-2018

I have been using Herbalife for a while now and it really does improve your health and life , I feel more energised and love the different flavoured shakes , also when ordering you build up credits to use on further orders the more you spend.

Linda Fital from Edinburgh 21-08-2018

Would recommend herbalife. I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and definitely feel a difference, i do not feel as bloated. The cookies and cream is lovely.

Marisa Cheshire from Scotland 20-08-2018

Great products! Formula 1 Shakes make such a difference in shredding the weight!

Laura Grieve from Fife 20-08-2018

I have ordered twice from this website,
I am very happy with the speedy delivery,
great website 👍👍

Philip Carter from Kidderminster 19-08-2018

Had my reservations before starting but went in to it fully committed. I havenít weighed myself nor have I retaken any measurements.
Iím happy with the way that Iíve been feeling about myself and can visibly see my body changing.

Gary Rimmer from Bloxham 18-08-2018

I weighed 17stone and my weight was getting me down then I came across Herballife through my Daughter so I decided to give it ago , after 2 months Iím down to 15 stone 12 pounds and feeling great , I recommend Herbalife😃

Lorna Wille from RENFREW 18-08-2018

Amazing Website, ordered my products & came very quickly!!!

Claire Scott from Millom 18-08-2018

Great service, quick delivery!

Loving Herbalife!

Julia Polakova from Preston 17-08-2018

Great product.Great customer support.will order again soon ;)

Lois from Kent 16-08-2018

Very good fast delivery always come befor expected, brilliant over all products.

Amanda James from Glasgow 16-08-2018

Hi, what would be beneficial if in the confirmation email you could send an estimated time/ date for delivery. Otherwise website is easy to follow, ordering and paying is also easy to navigate through.

Anna Duthie from Leeds 16-08-2018

Iíve never found something I could stick to and enjoy to help me manage my weight... until now. Love the flavours, the snacks taste great and I feel full of energy!

Jenny Greenwood from Folkestone 15-08-2018

Love herbalife, lost weight for my wedding last year and been on it ever since!

Imogen Phillis from Lincoln 15-08-2018

Great service, extremely prompt delivery of goods and user friendly site.

Joyce King from London 15-08-2018

The service is really good and like the product is Amazing.i have loved the shakes.

Catherine Procter from Perth 13-08-2018

Such an easy site to use. A wide choice of flavours! and fast delivery too!

Kylie Hobday from Chaddesden 12-08-2018

Absolutely brilliant canít wait to start this now

Stephen from Gwent 10-08-2018

Ordered the starter programme and was delivered within 2 days. Now look forward to losing weight and feeling great.

Francesca Harding from Gravesend 10-08-2018

Great service easy to use website. Canít wsit to start my Herbalife journey

Courtney Bell from Newton Aycliffe 09-08-2018

I was very sceptical about ordering something that I wasnít sure Iíd like the taste of so I ordered the formula1 sachets in Vanilla, had my 1st shake this morning & oh wow Iím very impressed, it tastes lovely!

Anna Gilchrist from Leeds 09-08-2018

Amazing products. Really changed my life receiving daily nutrients in a delicious shake

Skye Ingram from Barnsley 08-08-2018

The website is user friendly making it simple to find healthy, tasty snacks

Chelsea Kelly from Houston 08-08-2018

I tatted Herbalife about 2-3 months ago to see if it would help me and better my nutrition since my diagnosis with lupus. Iíve felt so much better, much more energetic and not as bloated etc. As well as loosing some excess weight from meds!

Marilyn Heaton from Wigan 08-08-2018

Love these products. Do not have to think of food all the time knowing I can have two drinks and a healthy balanced meal at night.

Pauline Crawford from BALLYMENA 07-08-2018

I thought there was a forum to talk to people about the products

Kathryn Graham from Billingham 07-08-2018

So far I have really enjoyed doing herbalife, the website is very easy to use and directs you to which products are for you. The weight loss is noticeable after just 21 days so I am continuing with it, its simple and easy to follow.

Taylor Spencer from London 07-08-2018

I received my first order quickly and after 7 days already feel great, looking forward to the next few weeks.

hannah Mckay from Heathfield 07-08-2018

Very good service and love the product. Been using herbal life for many years and love having my shake in the morning.

Natalie Millard from Bristol 07-08-2018

I love the shakes I thought Iíd get bored of having them each morning but I donít . I love the aloe mango it makes me drink more water and makes the magic tea taste great.

Amy Cooper from Fareham 06-08-2018

Great quick delivery service! Seeing results in just a few weeks!

Jenny Carey from Bexhill-On-Sea 06-08-2018

Easy website to use, all products explained well, and fast and efficient delivery. The products taste good and work well

natasha williams from norfolk 06-08-2018

I have tried many diets and gimmicks but i find this really good as i work long days and dont get time to stop and eat so this fills me up and im not tempted to pick at rubbish.

Nina Hind from Mansfield 06-08-2018

The service has been really good. I accidentally paid for my order twice, i had a reply back the same day and the money back into my account really quickly. Only been on the breakfast plan a week and can already see the difference.

John Yeadon from HORNCASTLE 06-08-2018

It was very easy to order from your website, and my order was delivered without delay. No trouble at all.

Cat Albino from Cookstown 06-08-2018

I am a huge fan of formula 1 shake mix toffee Apple and cinnamon and I always add formula 3 protein powder to my milkshake as I use "rice milk" and I need the protein as we all do
Suggestion: A way to try all flavours in portions (3 pack)

Sonila from Newcastle 06-08-2018

I have tried the peach herbal tea and it is lovely. I definitely recommend it :)

Claire Gregg from Freckleton, Preston 06-08-2018

I have been using cookies and cream meal replacement with protein powder. It is healthy and makes me feel full, I am losing around 4kgs a week so far!

Sue Baines from London 05-08-2018

Great fast service. Really clear website easy to navigate and loads useful information. Very happy

Bethany Miilligan from Havant 04-08-2018

Received my Formula 1, Herbal Beverage and Protein Mix within a few days and have started my Herbal Life journey. Safe to say after only a few days i have noticed a difference into the way i feel, i have so much more energy and feel fantastic

Sophie Tiley from Plymouth 03-08-2018

Fantastic product really has changed my life I have so much more energy, my hair and nails are stronger than ever and Iíve even lost weight as an extra bonus , highly recommend xxx

Cesar Palucsis from Weymouth 03-08-2018

Excelent way to control and manage your health with Herbalife, support is always there for you from a huge members list that can help and motivate anytime,

Josefa Sanchez Roman from colchester 02-08-2018

Amazing products and very easy to buy in the website

Shahid Anees from London 01-08-2018

Amazing product very good result
loss my weight very quick ..

Elaine hamiltoni from birmingham 31-07-2018


Suzanne from London 30-07-2018

I have been on Herbalife breakfast for about a month am so pleased with my results.

Jan Elsey from Braintree 30-07-2018

Easy to use website and fast delivery. The shakes taste good and after two weeks replacing breakfast and dinner I can already feel the difference, my belt is two holes tighter. Great product.

Heidi Kirwan from Great Missenden 30-07-2018

So far so good. Waiting on first delivery but communication very good

Hannah from Birmingham 28-07-2018

Fantastic service from them responded quickly when emailed a question . Definitely recommend would use again . Products are amazing as always

Robert Cannell from Solihull 27-07-2018

The website is clear and simple to use and the service is excellent. Would highly recomend.

Deb Whitehall from Stafford 26-07-2018

Love Herbalife Breakfast shakes! I would like to see the other flavours in the 780g tubs please.


Been on the shakes now for two weeks, now managed to get into clothes that didnít fit me before, loving the Herbalife, the tropical fruit is my favourite.

Israr Shah from Bradford 25-07-2018

Ordering was v easy and the products arrived in 2 to 3 days well packaged. So far I have lost 2 kg in a month. The shakes taste v nice and best thing is I am not hungry at all and have lots of energy.

Dawn Watson from Forest gate 25-07-2018

Great service, shakes are very filling , the Herbalife plan is a easy plan to follow . I Would recommend giving it a go

Sophie Williams from Swansea 24-07-2018

Amazing products ! Amazing results ! Would not use anything else !


herbalife shake is the best way to keep your calorie counting monitoring. Nutritious flavour and easy to prepare. Very handy and always on the go!

Katherine Hillgrove from Manchester 23-07-2018

Did the programme 3 and lost half stone.. delighted and feel great. Buying more to loose anther half. Well worth it

Alison Taylor from Cwmbran 23-07-2018

I have found the Strawberry F1 shake very helpful with my weight loss. As a diabetic I find it hard to find weight loss items that will assist with weight loss whilst not affecting my condition. This product is perfect for both!

Christopher Mutiga from Dunstable 22-07-2018

This is a very good site with nice products and would highly recommend.

vanitha anush from queensbury 22-07-2018

The service is really good and like the product is amazing. Hurry up and buy!!!

Claire Mcgee from Liverpool 22-07-2018

I have loved the shakes so far loosing 6lb doing on breakfast shake my stomach is way less bloated I hate to run out as going back to no breakfast or failing back to eating unhealthy cereal etc doesnít work for I have already recommended this

Lydia Hunt from Loughborough 22-07-2018

I am currently using the formula 1 shakes after having has a baby. I am seeing fantastic results and would definitely recommend. I have the chocolate flavour and raspberry and blueberry they are both delicious.

Gabriela Bohdanowicz from Taunton 20-07-2018

Great products taste amazing and what is most important they are making my digestive system work 100 times better, i have managed to loose few pounds by just eating healthy and drinking the magic tea. Thank you xxx

Donald Cockburn from Edinburgh 20-07-2018

Most incredible products Iíve ever used. Basically they do exactly what theyíre meant too.

Alison Saunders from Sherborne 19-07-2018

This is the first time I have tried Herbalife products and I have to say, I am very pleased with the products and choices on offer. I will 100% be using Herbalife in the future.

Skye Cottingham from Doncaster 19-07-2018

products are excellent website is easy to use and delivery is always on time

Charly Landers from London 19-07-2018

Love the products have been using for two weeks and already seen some great results love the chocolate mint shake love the lifestyle change

Heather Butler from Chichester 18-07-2018

been using Herbalife for3 weeks, have already lost weight, most of all I feel better. shakes are delicious it doesnít feel your having a drink which is low in calories. protein bars like having bar of chocolate which is laden with calories.

James from Huddersfield 18-07-2018

Absolutly great. Lost five pounds in my first week cannot recommend this enough.

Bobby Chera from Leicester 17-07-2018

Amazing taste, amazing consistansy. I dont change it for nothing else.comes in a great price. TotaI satishfection with real flavers use it as a replacement of meal and makes me feel full. Also put spoon of PDM.

Naomi from Wales 17-07-2018

Great website for herbalife products- used for two weeks and lost half a stone. Love how they teward with credits that go straight back on your account for the next order.
Will be ordering again very soon!
Thank you

Hayley Smith from Gosport 16-07-2018

Iím new to Herbalife, but already having great results! Not only do these products help you achieve your body goals, they make you feel better overall (emotionally and physically). Would deffantely recommend to friends and family.

Michelle Patterson from Birmingham 16-07-2018

Hastle free ordering with fast delivery. The website is easy to navigate which makes ordering much easier. Customers are rewarded for their purchases which is always a positive in my eyes 😃

Joany Smith from Southport 16-07-2018

Thought i would give it a go as my daughter was looking really good on it and had lost wieght without the normal boring routine. I now use this as part of my daily routine, i too have lost some wieght due to Herbalife, I would highly recomend it.

Cara Gunther from Gosport 16-07-2018

I used the free from shake mix due to being coeliac and it is excellent :). In two weeks Iíve lost 4cm off my hips and 1cm from my belly.
My only hope is that they will introduce more free from flavours :)
Loving my Herbalife journey :D

Gemma Hall from Littlestone 16-07-2018

Love the products and itís a great incentive to build up your VIP credits. The postage was quick and straight to your home which is much easier for me than collecting from an distributors house. Thanks so much I will be ordering again :)

Kayley Connolly from Grimsby 15-07-2018

I absolutely love the shake products . I been doing this for a couple of weeks on and off and I lost 4 pound already . I am ordering some more to continue

Muna Ahmed from London 15-07-2018

Herbal Life has a very good online service and and I enjoy these products and I have recommended them to many of my friends and family.

Maxine Joseph from Huddersfield 15-07-2018

Absolutely beautiful shakes and my Ďmagicí tea gives me life! Iím 2 weeks in but itís honestly worth every penny x

Gemma Overal from Waterlooville 14-07-2018

The website was really easy to use, Hoping delivery will be quick

Marilyne Le Page from St Peter Port 14-07-2018

Fantastic products lost 6lb in 2weeks and feeling fantastic 😀

Clare Morrison from Dagenham 14-07-2018

website is easy and very straightforward. VIP credits are an added bonus.

Elyse from Brighton 14-07-2018

Gives me more energy and notIce the results already

Gemma Haresign from Leeds 14-07-2018

So far so good! The meal replacement shakes actually fill me up until lunch/dinner.

Charlene Campbell from Greenock 14-07-2018

Really happy with the service provided , fast and efficient will continue to order through this website.

Simon Hockley from Bracknell 13-07-2018

Great products feel energised work well. 3 weeks in starting to lose weight

Hayley from Tyne and Wear 12-07-2018

Order dispatched on same day, looking forward to getting my first order.

L Gay from Bedford 12-07-2018

This this such a great site and the VIP credits really are welcome bonus.

Daisy Beacham from Liverpool 12-07-2018

They taste amazing. The only thing I think is a bad thing is I think the price of delivery is a little expensive especially maybe if you spend a certain amount free delivery would be a good offer as sometimes it would get the customer to buy more

Paul Dyer from Swansea 11-07-2018

The cookies @ cream are our favourite shakes along with the protein additive they make a great drink, we are looking forward to loosing weight with us both helping each other by replacing our lunchtime meal with a shake and plenty of swimming .

Audrey Mabhedhla from London 11-07-2018

Great products and tastes great.

I totally love Herballife.


Hi my weight was 119kg and my wife forced me to drink this shake i tray it as replaced of 1 time food after 3 days I like it then I drink three week and I feel very fresh and I lost my weight 9kg Without exercise itís very good

Jane Udegbue from Leigh 11-07-2018

I can proudly say that herbal life shakes and supplements have helped me drop 2 dress sizes naturally. herbal beverage is super amazing,gives me loads of energy and keeps me focused at work all day. Great dealer with discount deals. Happy customer.

Iwona Nowak from Southampton 11-07-2018

Very, very good products, Iíve tried it in the past to loose my weight and it really works well. Quick delivery, all in order. Website is clear and easy to follow. I will stay with you for long.

Meave Mc Guinness from Portadown 11-07-2018

Great prouducts and taste great! Love the vanilla bars and also the lemon tea! Have intoduced Herbalife into my daily routine and I am loving it and the changes!

Dilmante Meliniene from Wisbech 10-07-2018

I just bought to try herbalife fibre for my digestive problem and what can I say it is really work. I use the first month but it help for me to do every day regulary.

Dave Morgan from Wolverhampton 10-07-2018

Brilliant product, hassle free delivery. Will continue to use this service

saba hussain from manchester 10-07-2018

starting herbalife was the best thing i ever did . i always missed breakfast an now i look forward to it . it keeps the bloat away and i feel amazing .

i use the breakfast shake in vanilla

Jennie Curtis from Hitchin 10-07-2018

I had the trial pack then bought the strawberry formula and Iím now seeing results. I add fruit to my formula to make it more tasty. The formula is very filling and Iím about to buy more products to support this.

Suzie Campbell from Liverpool 09-07-2018

Love the product will be buying again was cheaper than the other sites

R Shah from Middlesex 09-07-2018

Great products , and if used properly with a proper diet programme and exercise. it works wonders.

Samantha Davies from Prenton 08-07-2018

I love my shakes there brilliant for when am on long shift l, and I canít go a day without the tea xxx

Julie from Prescot 08-07-2018

Great product which has worked for me helping me loose and maintain weight. Good delivery and good rewards

Nadia Chihambakwe from Northampton 07-07-2018

Love the vanilla shake. It is great as a breakfast replacement as I never have time in the morning for breakfast. The peanut butter bars keep me going throughout the day. Herbalife fan

Susan Mc cormick from Belfast 06-07-2018

Service great- punctual deliveries. Great advise and support when required.
I love Herbalife products- healthy lifestyle changes without feeling hungry. I sleep better than I ever have while using Herbalife and I have so much energy.

Lisa Robertson from Bathgate 06-07-2018

Shakes are nice and filling,tried the vanilla almond bars nice as well.

Alison Hope from Brosesley 06-07-2018

First time ordering Herbalife , very impressed at how easy it was to complete the transaction . Equally the email Communication was brilliant !
Looking forward to start my weight loss journey 😀

Davina Mcgovern from ISLEWORTH 06-07-2018

Am loving the toffee apple and cinnamon shake sorts out my sweet tooth first thing dont crave anything sweet after that. Lost 10lbs in 4 weeks love it. Referred a friend who noticed the change and asked me what i had changed. Answer is herbalife.

Emily from Barnoldswick 06-07-2018

Very impressed with the service, products and website. Delivery is always very prompt, and the products taste great. Only been using the breakfast package for a few weeks but i can already feel a difference.

Emma Wagstaff from Bedfordshire 06-07-2018

I have tried other protein shakes, and other Ďdietsí, I get bored and struggle to maintain it. Herbalife shakes taste good, especially cappuccino just like having an iced coffee and the plan is easy to follow! Iíve lost inches and intend to continue!

Sandi Burrows from Great Missenden 05-07-2018

Great products. Delicious when whizzed in
the blender with ice
Fast delivery thank you

Juliet Panthaler from Bordon 05-07-2018

Herbalife shakes taste lovely and are an easy option for breakfast or lunch for busy people on the go. Excellent service and quick delivery and website easy to use. Highly recommend !

Annmarie Mckeown from Liverpool 05-07-2018

Lost 8lbs my first week on herbal life going well not feeling hungry and already ordered my second batch


great delivery system and payment method that saves recent activity.

Kirsty Bell-Cooper from Dunstable 04-07-2018

I love herbalife it tastes so lovely and I never feel hungry, its making my tummy fee better as I have IBS and its correcting all the nutrients I should be eating - thank you herbalife

Nancy Muchiri from COVENTRY 04-07-2018

Herbalife nutrition are the best with the best taste. the website is easy to use and straight forward. my first purchase i made a mistake and got my money back.
over all 5 star service and best products

Gemma Sadler from Stockport 04-07-2018

Excellent service, quick delivery and product easy for on the go.

Nicola Petty from Wiltshire 03-07-2018

3rd week in 11.5 inches total loss and 6lb. Loving it.

Jessica Dunn from Nelson 03-07-2018

Absolutely amazing products canít wait to start my journey! So so so so so so so excited

Jessica Dunn from Nelson 03-07-2018

Amazing!!! Brilliant products! Super speedy delivery! Can not wait to start my weight loss journey xx

Ryan Gillan from Dundee 03-07-2018

Great Company and great service I would recommend to anyone

Martina Zolovcikova from London 03-07-2018

great services, great products, will be definitely using regularly and recommend this website to my friends

Sara Rolph from Royston 02-07-2018

Loving the products and have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks!

Laura Potter from Portsmouth 02-07-2018

Website is very easy to use with great descriptions of all the products.
Sooo easy to order from these guys and delivery time is just a few days!
Would definitely recommend and will certainly be using this website from now on to order my products.

Tracy Dyer from Cobham 02-07-2018

These products are really tasty and nutritious. They keep you full through the morning. Great service and prompt delivery.

Hayley Teasdale from Middlesbrough 01-07-2018

Iv been using herbal life for 4 weeks now and already noticing the weight loss benigits. I have been having a shake for breakfast and lunch and feel full of energy

Jenna Bibby from Braintree 01-07-2018

Herbalife shakes are easy to make - and NO LUMPS. And they taste great! The citrus bars are also delicious!

Jordan Pescott from Plymouth 30-06-2018

Amazing products. When using the products, felt a difference in less then one week. Ibiza has now been, now to get back onto the fabulous herbal life .

Herminia Page from Stafford 28-06-2018

I ordered it yesterday.Delivery was quick and easy.I tried the product
Today and it was delicious compare to the those you buy in the store.

Sharon Proctor from Alexandria 28-06-2018

I have been doing herbal life for 6 weeks now and am seeing a diff I love the products I buy the f1 and the pdm and the aloe for my water I also buy the oat fibre. Itís easy to order and the order always arrives on time

Shobhana Raithatha from Leicester 28-06-2018

Was very happy with the service.
Good offers and was delivered in 2 working. And got free shaker and other free gifts.

Ann Mackie from Farnham 27-06-2018

This was my very first order- very excited
The only little complaint I have is that when DpD sent me a message saying that there was nobody at the address to sign for my parcel. This was not the case which was really frustrating.

ANTHONY TAYLOR from HOLSWORTHY, Devon 27-06-2018

Great products, Price is a bit high but I guess you have to pay more for such a good product

Love it thank you

Martin buglione from leigh on sea 26-06-2018

Excellent products, greatvwebsite , easy to use and negociate

Emma Bird from Southsea 26-06-2018

Always helpful and quick service highly recommended

Sophie Swift from Millom 25-06-2018

Find the shakes really good, all the different flavours are great, feel full after them, I have had more energy since trying the products

Lindsay Saki from Whitehaven Cumbria 25-06-2018

I have found the proucts i use..the F1 the thermo tea have really helped calm my diverticulitis..ive always gad stomach problems but since using the products its really helped with bloating swelling and cramps...highly recommended

Wendy Mann from Chesterfield 24-06-2018

Love using herbal life, fits into my life perfectly. Taste great and very easy to make up. Always fast delivery too

Alessa from Glasgow 22-06-2018

Absolutely love Herbalife ideal breakfast definitely helps with any bloating problems great way to start your day.

Juliet Barker from Dunmow 22-06-2018

Received my order quickly. The shakes are nicer then I thought they would be and the green tea is very refreshing!! Will be re-ordering!
Thank you

Dennis Melvin from Morpeth 21-06-2018

Great product for losing weight, tried it before as needed to lose abit weight hence why Iím having a second go to lose some more as I know it works.

Jayne Gibson from Cambuslang 21-06-2018

Fantastic results from the weight loss program easy to follow

Claire from Buckinghamshire 21-06-2018

I decided to try Herbalife after my sister told me how well she was doing on her programme.I found the website easy to use and ordered my first shake which arrived 2days later.The shake tastes good and hopefully will help me lose weight.

Tina Jagger from Hull 20-06-2018

Excellent product and service
Delivered very quickly.

Rebecca Dalrymple from Long Eaton 19-06-2018

The products are fantastic,just wish the delivery was a little quicker

Wendy Bolton from Newport 19-06-2018

I enjoy the shakes, only tried vanilla and chocolate as I always miss breakfast and lunch I find them a good substitute. Iíve just placed an order for more along with apple fibre drink. No fussed on the tea drink but will carry on using it.

Vera Pokorny from Shanklin 19-06-2018

Would recommend this guys to anyone, fast response and more importantly great product. Lost weight a bit already. Cheers.

Joan Summerbell from Ilford 19-06-2018

Just got my first delivery of Herblife. Iím really impressed with the speed of delivery. Looking forward to trying this new challenge

tsolmon baasantseren from milton keynes 19-06-2018

Recently I found Herbalife products to be really useful as I use them every morning plus I buy more products whenever they finish. They are easy to use and simple. They are really great products and I will continue to use them in the future.

Charlotte Stevenson from London 19-06-2018

Perfect on time delivery, good rates and friendly customer service.

anca ungureanu from london 19-06-2018

i really like herbalife i after i tried i feel

Suzanne Gilpin from Bedale 19-06-2018

Absolutely love Herbalife. All the products are amazing!!!

Morna Moultrie from Falkirk 18-06-2018

Love this website and love herbalife feel so much happier and healthier ❤️

Kayleigh Turner from Great Houghton 18-06-2018

Absolutely love herbalife it gives me the motivation to continue to lose weight as the shakes taste amazing and make me feel fantastic.

Tracey Brazier from Warlingham 18-06-2018

Love the formula 1 shakes, been having them for just over a month and already lost approximately 1 and half stone. Been having them with Bob milk. Totally delicious shakes

Tracy Pallent from Middlesbrough 18-06-2018

Love ordering from u guys and often do special offers which is a big help. Iíve been doing Herbalife shakes for year now and itís so worth the money. Thanks again for ur wonderful site to order from

Amanda Vago from Tiverton 18-06-2018

So easy to order and quick delivery too. Products always in stock, good communication and a cash bonus on top. Perfect!

Heather from Powys 16-06-2018

Been on herbalife for 4 days and i can already see a difference.havnt felt hungry at all on herbalife. Love it

Kelly Powlesland from Bromley 15-06-2018

The shakes taste amazing, and are really easy and quick to make so fit into my lifestyle really well. I have almost lost a stone in 1 month and I have been so energetic and motivated. I canít thank herbal life enough!

Sheryl Kelleher from Clacton on sea 14-06-2018

I Love this stuff. Itís amazing. I wish I knew about this stuff ages ago. I wouldnít of waisted time and money on other things

Sandra Watson from Dunfermline 14-06-2018

Just returned to herbalife after a couple of years away. Amazing the energy I have already after a couple of days. Iím
Also not hungry on this whatsoever. Way to go Herbalife.

Karina Holmes from St.albans 13-06-2018

Fast delivery! All my products came and i love them. The shakes are nice and thick and the tea tastes amazing. cant wait to see how they work!

Fanica Dumitru from London 13-06-2018

From past experience the product worked well for me tasted great and would recommend it to others

Lorena Burlan from London 12-06-2018

Great products, Iíve been using them for about 2 years now ! Simply love them !

Alison Turner from Buxton 11-06-2018

Very prompt service and a tasty and effective product.Will continue to use it.

gemma3454@aol.com Hall from West Bromwich 11-06-2018

Really pleased with the products I received. Very tasty - will definitely order again

Lorna Holsman from Faversham 11-06-2018

A full range of products that are easy to find on the website. A loyalty service is provided with the VIP credits and delivery is very fast.

Lucy Brown from London 09-06-2018

Think the site is very useful and processed quickly. I find it much easier ordering herbalife this way.

Hannah Evitts from London 09-06-2018

The products themselves are amazing, I am recovering from an operation and Iíve lost a stone in weight and Iím starting to feel great and healthy again! The shakes fit within my routine and I feel anazing

Kay Yekovie from Dagenham 09-06-2018


I was surprised I can order on line as years ago it has to be through an agent, this is a good thing for online shopper.
It can be quicker in the future.
Was a good product when I used it in 2010. Looking forward to trying again.

Gilly from LIVERPOOL 09-06-2018

I have been using herbalife for 3 weeks now and have lost 13 pounds. I have more energy than now than i have ever had and am loving the shakes

Mark Bonner from Fareham 07-06-2018

One of the best health companyís out there at the moment, great value for money and the support you can get is amazing. I have used similar products before but will never go back to them after being told about you guys

Amberleigh Stebbings from eastbourne 06-06-2018

Have used Herbalife before and lost over a stone, I am
Now back to buy more weight loss shakes to help me get bikini ready for holiday and the summer.
The vanilla tasted amazing so hoping the mint choc chip will be just as amazing!

Vasiliki Spano from London 06-06-2018

Iím very happy with this product!!!!🍉🍦😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Natasha De Villiers from Hindhead 06-06-2018

Delivery was so quick, and the order process was so easy! I used Herbalife a long time ago and decided to go back as I remembered how good I felt. Day one and positive about healthy changes

Kirsten Peace from Barnsley 05-06-2018

I got the apple oat fibre which I absolutely love! I love having this there for naughty treat nights after the odd takeaway etc Iv noticed a massive difference in my stomach it feels so much flatter and I donít suffer with bloating like I used to.

Dawn Walton from Hornchurch 05-06-2018

This has helped me to lose the last of my baby weight after having my 3rd child, finally I found something that really helped, it fits perfectly into my busy routine with the kids and I have lost half a stone and plenty of inches since starting.

Ian Atkinson from Liversedge 05-06-2018

Great Products and easy to use website with fast delivery too.
I have used the Meal Replacements before and had great results
And will be ordering again soon.

Susana Raimundo from Evesham 04-06-2018

Is my first time using the products but couldnt be happier.
Delivery time was quick all came well packed and with all i needed to start.
So far i am enjoying the products and the results.

Louise McHendrie from Glasgow 04-06-2018

Love Herbalife. Best thing ever. It helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.

Sarah Rees from Bexley 04-06-2018

Great products, quick delivery. Shakes very tasty and plan easy to follow.

Natasha Theobald from St Leonardís on sea 03-06-2018

I absolutely love Herbalife! feel more energy and relaxed every day but since drinking the tea I been more energised! My partner and I have ordered from this site which was quick delivery and easy to use!! 100% recommendation!!!

Stephanie McIntyre from Glasgow 02-06-2018

Excellent product and wonderful service. Thank you.

Glen from West sussex 02-06-2018

Never had any issues with the service. Delivery quick and website easy to use

Mellissa Cromwell from Tenby 01-06-2018

Very happy with my first products loving the tea. Fast delivery as well

Catherine Brennan from St. Helier 01-06-2018

Just recieved my first order - so impressed with the products and packaging. Loving the herbal tea but my favourite so far is the F1 Mint choc crunch shake. So delicious- just like a milk shake.

jacqueline Deitz from hornchurch 01-06-2018

love the product easy to use but please can we have a Banana flavour shake

Andrea Redfern from MAGHERAFELT 31-05-2018

Just received my products. Delivery was within 2 days of ordering 👍 I have taken the products before and my energy levels and skin were remarkable. Big thumbs up from me

Lauren Tague from Epping 31-05-2018

I started the F1 this month & I absolutely love this product.I have the strawberry it is super tasty and thick & extremely filling.
I have lost half a stone, with this product & exercise combined and I have been recommending to all my friends to try!

Natalie from Birmingham 31-05-2018

Love the shakes they really fill you up and get you started for the day.

Neelam Hussain from Derby 30-05-2018

Amazing products!! Would definitely recommend quick easy and healthy

Shona Jeffery from Swanley 29-05-2018

From past experience the product worked well for me tasted great and would recommend it to others

Clare Mcbride from Eaglescliffe 28-05-2018

Fantastic product and super fast delivery . Thank you

Gemma Walsh from Warrington 28-05-2018

Love these products!! Taste amazing and defo help achieve weight loss goals

rukiya stevens from brentwood 27-05-2018

I love the products. And everything is well that I have tried . I have gotten some results from using the products

Jeanette Smith from Huyton-with-Roby 26-05-2018

I started herbal life bout 6 weeks ago and Iím amazed with the results. Iíve never been one for shake replacement before as I never thought they would work. In the last 6 weeks with changing my diet and having my Herbalife shake & Thermo tea

Sandra Turner from Pontefract 26-05-2018

Enjoying my herbalife products hope to be ordering more thanks


Only ordered once from the site so far. Ordering was simple and straight forward and delivery was quick. Looking forward to continuing my Herbalife journey 😊

H Beechey from Aylesham 25-05-2018

I love the products and receive the very best service

Amanda Mccormack from Stirling 24-05-2018

I have been very happy with efficiency and standard . Always receive products quickly. I recommend Herbalife to everyone itís amazing I have used products for years .

Lisa Gordon from Aylesbury 23-05-2018

I am finding the website really quick and easy to use to place my orders. The VIP points are also easy to access and spend on my orders.
Delivery has been fast, and the text updates from DPD are useful so that I can plan my day.

Siobhan Campbell from Edinburgh 23-05-2018

Very fast delivery and great products, no complaints here wide range of flavours also.

Danielle Sack from Broxbourne 23-05-2018

I started using Herbalife 2 months ago and can really see the difference in my body. Itís easy to do, no extensive preparation, great flavours, easy to follow and keeps you full. Itís improved my over diet drastically.

Maxine Davies from Bromsgrove 22-05-2018

I am so pleased with my starter pack. One month on Iím putting in my second order on line. I love the convenience of being able to order direct whenever I like. Than you herbal life.

George Hunter from Shotts 21-05-2018

Very happy with the service and delivery is prompt and get updates regularly

Reece Morgan from Bishops Stortford 21-05-2018

excellent product I can already see the difference and is helping me get the muscle mass I need

charlotte b from kidderminster 21-05-2018

Abasolutly love these products and excellent customer service when a order arrived damaged. Couldnít Ask for a quicker reply and response. Excellent

Claire Mundy from Potters bar 21-05-2018

Outstanding service and outstanding products , highly recommend

Anna Gillon from Bridlington 17-05-2018

Absolutely love these products. Highly recommended!

Alex Croxford from Southampton 17-05-2018

Website is very easy to use. Products taste great and have really work d!

Leah Devers from Liverpool 17-05-2018

Very helpful website I find herbal life amazing had so much energy since yousing the products an got down to a healthy weight x

Kimberley Joyce from Manchester 17-05-2018

This is a brilliant incentive and always has amazing offers, I have recommended this site to all my friends who are now doing herbal life

Jill F from Boness 16-05-2018

I love the breakfast shakes. When I am in a rush, I have one of these shakes for breakfast or lunch. They satisfy my hunger and taste great.

Lauren Piper from Birmingham 15-05-2018

I absolutely love herbalife! All the products make you feel so good, and a lot more confident. The fact you can earn VIP credits to redeem is wonderful. The prices of some of the items can be quite expensive as you have to order every 3/4 weeks.

Hayley Attrill from Essex 14-05-2018

Iím now 3 weeks in and Iím so happy
Iv just tried a new flavour capachino Iím loving it
I had mint to start with and it was great
And now my husband had jumped on this journey with me
We are in this together and our family holiday is 37 days

Emily Hughes from Lowestoft 13-05-2018

Love having these daily, especially love that I can add whatever fruit to make them even yummier!!!! Definitely, buying more shake mixes!!

Mariana Anani from Milton Keynes 12-05-2018

Amazing products
Brilliant service
Very good results
Losing weight slowly but healthy

Thank you 🙏
Mariana Anani

ruth jackson from cilgerran 11-05-2018

Love Herbalife goods. Always prompt only problem I find is paying the payment page does not seen clear enough between PayPal and a card payment.
Otherwise cannot fault

Abigail Wright from Bristol 11-05-2018

Canít wait to star the program again lost 1stone before!

John Smith from Glasgow 11-05-2018

Been a member for 3 months now and have no complaints great service and good results would definitely recommend.

Becky Ellis from Sandy 10-05-2018

So thankful for my order. Canít wait to get started. Thank you for making it so quick and easy to do.

Laura Dean from Cheltenham 10-05-2018

Great products, easy to use everyday, and the shakes are really nice! Have been using herbal life for about a month now and have definitely started seeing results!
Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of starting Herbalife

Sarah James from Dorchester 10-05-2018

Myself and my husband love the shakes they fill us up till lunch and taste great we have so much more energy as we are getting alit more fruit.

Joanne from Newport 09-05-2018

Love this product . The best shakes I have tried when losing weight

Sandeep Singh from Hull 09-05-2018

Its really good products and taste also I start this nearly month I really feel gud loose some weight also

Michael McCreesh from Downpatrick 09-05-2018

Very good and quick service highly recommend any questions are quickly answered

Marisa Lovell from Dover 09-05-2018

Nice friendly service and always there to help. Great products and received quickly.

Nicola from Cheshire 08-05-2018

Iíve just started using more than the F1 shake for breakfast and canít believe the change in my appetite and energy levels.

Suzanne Maynard from London 08-05-2018

Amazing products!! Seeing great results love the tea and mango Ali!!

Steph Hilton from Milton keynes 08-05-2018

Easy to order, actually a great tasting shake, not to sweet like many others on the market.

Nicki Clatworthy from Exeter 07-05-2018

I am really enjoying herbal life shakes and meal replacement - in two weeks I have lost 7lbs and 4 inches so really happy!

Nikki from Gravesend 07-05-2018

The nicest meal replacement shakes Iíve ever tasted

Keeley Clayton from Terrington St John Wisbech Cambs 07-05-2018

I Ordered the vanilla shake and strawberry both lovely and taste really creamy when I add almond milk to it. I have been adding flirts to my shakes to make them more of a meal and after trying them for just over a week

Adam Peters from Linford 06-05-2018

Excellent website. Always fully stocked with the latest products. Fast delivery always on time.

Jordan Jones from Newquay 06-05-2018

Website very clear and infomative.

Products very good.


Debbie Cairns from Glenrothes 05-05-2018

Great website, very easy to browse, register and order. Have placed 2 orders already! Thanks!

SEVINC YILDIZ from London 05-05-2018

i am using it for 2 months. i ve lost 4 kg and i feel more energetic.

Dean Buckley from Wigan 04-05-2018

I purchased a range of Herbal Life products and have been very pleased with the result!! I found ordering very straight forward and delivery was within 2 days. I would highly recommend Herbaonline to anybody thinking of trying Herbal Life.

Katie Tomlinson from Blackpool 03-05-2018

Great delivery service . Seems straight forward. Cant wait to get started tomorrow

Tanzila Aziz from London 02-05-2018

Good products and fast service, all couches are very helpful,this is my 3rd time using this plan and always get good results

Hollie Blayden from Blackburn 02-05-2018

The Formula 1 is a great tasting meal replacement for me to maintain a healthy weight. I like the vanilla flavour, it tastes great alone or I add mixed berries or peanut butter.

Laynie Woodger from Kent 02-05-2018

Website is very clear and useful. The Herbalife team offer guidance towards the right products that benefit you and your lifestyle to help you start your own Herbalife journey and achieve amazing results. Highly recommend!

Rishit Patel from Northampton 02-05-2018

Fantastic product would recommend to friends and family you can feel the difference after week only

Rebecca Wagstaff from Bury st edmunds 01-05-2018

Easy to order. Great product really helping me reach my goals. Loving the VIP credit system too.

Saskia Janzen from LEEDS 01-05-2018

I have been using Herbalife on and off, the shakes taste great and if you stick to your plan they work a treat!

Vanisha Sharma from Hayes 01-05-2018

Great products... makes me feel great and energetic... has helped to loose weight... love it

Kristina Latinaite from London 01-05-2018

I have started to use Herbalife products few months ago and really impressed how tasty they are and the ingredients and nutrients I can get from them. Now even my fussy teenage daughter started to use them as well and she loves them!

claire wright from middlesbrough 30-04-2018

i find everything about this site easy to work around, there is someone on hand to help with any enquiries and the rewards are pretty amazing, i orders every few months so i never go with out, amazing and competitive prices !!

Robyn Eadon from Lampeter 30-04-2018

Have used Herbalife in the past and it was fab and got me back to shape within a couple of weeks of being on the plan. I have recently started using Herbalife again after my third child and again makes you plan meals.

Heather Sullivan from Luton 30-04-2018

only on day 2 of my herbalife journey but so far pleased. Shakes filling and tasty and I have to say the tea is lovely so pleasantly surprised. Great delivery service and communication so look forward to placing another order soon :)

Priyanka Pandit from London 29-04-2018

All products are Excellent . I have been using Herblife products since long time .It is very effective specially for weight loss. Taste of milkshake is really good. Delivery is excellent. This website is really great.

Leighanne Elsagood from London 29-04-2018

Placed my first order in April the first week has gone really well not one for eating much so theses are really helping me to have two shakes and a healthy meal for dinner and small snacks in between will be ordering again soon 👍🏻

Rebecca Bowden from Rayleigh 29-04-2018

Heard some amazing things about Herbalife products. My friend had a nice loss in her first week and had much more energy. I ordered weight loss starter pack and aloe. Happy with price and the VIP discounts too

Lauren Sullivan from Edinburgh 29-04-2018

I think Herbalife is amazing, it was my friends who told me to go with you guys. Canít wit for my stuff to arrive , keep up the good work people x

Jodie Tappenden from gosport 29-04-2018

I use this website as it is easy to use, No need to try and fit in seeing a coach as you can email and ask questions and receive a quick response.

Erin from Glasgow 29-04-2018

I love how easy it is to use the website to order Herbalife products, and I even love the products 100 times more! The fact it is a few simple clicks away and the order comes right to your door itís never been simpler to start a new health journey!

Amanda Fowler from Guildford 27-04-2018

I have been using the vanilla shake for the last year for breakfast, I mix it with milk and banana or apples and it keeps me fuller for far longer than cereal.

Lacey Travers from Poole 27-04-2018

Replacing breakfast for a shake and maintaining a healthy balanced diet with exercise I have lost 13lb in two months. Still enjoying wine and the odd treat at weekends!!

Lucy Euden from London 25-04-2018

I love it! I thought Iíd really struggle with the flavours of the shakes and the herbal tea but they are so nice! Itís also such an easy plan to follow ! Loving it :)

Sarah Bunting from West Lambrook 25-04-2018

I have lost 3lbs in my first week using Herbalife and I am not hungry. I have ordered my second lot of products and I am feeling very motivated!

Mariyana Vasileva from London 24-04-2018

I am using the products from a very short time and I can see that they work .

Puja from London 24-04-2018

Excellent product helps with weight loss management alog with one regular meal and exercise

Rhiannon Holdaway from Southampton 24-04-2018

I love the herbal life products, they have made me lose so much weight and helped my confidence so much! The energy I get from using them is un real. Couldnít imagine having anything else for breakfast now!

Natasha White from Romford 23-04-2018

Easy to order. Reasonable price. I forgot my log in details and the staff went above and beyond to help me get back into my account.
Happy customer all round.

Amy Carter from Haywards heath 23-04-2018

I canít wait to start , just ordered my protein bars too!

dawn walton from Ashford 23-04-2018

A fantastic weight loss program, I have so much more energy and feel so energized.
Easy to use website for ordering products. I would highly recommend.

Vicky from Doncaster 23-04-2018

Fast and speedy delivery
1st class service
Will be using again and again

Rebecca Fouracre from Cardiff 23-04-2018

Great products, easy to order and fast despatch times.. everything I want from an online order! Wouldnít be without my cappuccino shake for breakfast!

bill blenkarn from high wycombe 23-04-2018

Lost nearly 2 stone in 10 weeks. this is a great way to lose weight in a controlled form.

hayley solvey from canvey island 22-04-2018

I would like it If the delivery was more clear. Or the parcel had a tracker or an exact date

HELEN from HARTLEPOOL 20-04-2018

My 1st order has been sent today. Website easy to navigate. I emailed for more info and received an excellent informative reply within hours. Canít wait to start.

Karen Latchford from Huntingdon 20-04-2018

I have been on Herbalife now for 10 days and have lost 9ibs,i am more than happy with this result,it is simple with no weighing etc,i recommend this diet to anyone.


sandra Lawrence-reeves from orpington 20-04-2018

Fast and clear service for wonderful products , easy to follow program. Ensures healthy eating levels

Steph Hill from Stockton on Tees 19-04-2018

Just ordered breakfast plan. Easy to order an good communication. Looking forward to starting the plan.
Really happy to receive VIP credits too :-)

Debbie Aliyu from Tidworth 18-04-2018

I have been using herbal life product for sometime now and I am happy with the result. The products are very good and taste really nice.

Sobia Najeeb from Blackburn 18-04-2018

Me and my daughter are on the herbal life shakes diet we both have lost 3 stones I highly recommend this product to everyone.

George Grajdeanu from Luton 18-04-2018


Nicola Williams from Newport 18-04-2018

I love the Toffee Apple and Cinnamon Shake mix - it is so easy to make and tastes really great. It is perfect in the morning or after a session at the gym.

Roberta Gargaro from Alexandria 18-04-2018

Very fast and efficient service and the products taste so good. Also not too expensive.

Janet Carroll from Stirling 18-04-2018

Quick to order and fast for delivery. Great results.

Mia Inzani Smith from Liverpool 18-04-2018

Herbalife has worked great for me and my partner. Quality products with great customer services!

Nicola Simons from Mansfield 18-04-2018

Love the herble drink! Would recommend it to anyone whoíd like to boost their energy levels

Bianca Bickley from Luton 17-04-2018

I ordered the Formula 1 Cookies and Cream shake which is delicious. Delivered really quickly and a great substitute to breakfast. Highly recommend.

Manoel Michel from London 17-04-2018

Herbalife has been absolutely amazing!!! I have managed to shed the few extra pounds I wanted just in time for my wedding.

Clare Stoppard from Wakefield 16-04-2018

Loving the products really easy to order quick delivery. The shakes are really tasty and loving the aloe. Only problem is I had to set up a paypal account to pay for the goods instead of card paymeant. Overall really pleased.

Kathryn from Sheffield 16-04-2018

Easy to order and fast delivery. Always helpful. The products taste so good.

Ana Andrade from Kings Worthy 16-04-2018

Very happy with the seller.
All products delivered quickly and accurately. VIP points are a nice touch.
Totally recommended this site.

Sarah Cathro from Glasgow 14-04-2018

Fab products ! Love the shakes ! They are so tasty! I have even been in contact with the team regarding queries and they have been so helpful! :)

Andrea Clews from North Petherton 14-04-2018

Love this product. Bought the starter pack incl all the little free extras. Love the taste of the Vanilla and Cookies and cream shakes. Cant wait to try the other Fla ours.

Angie Driscoll from Billericay 14-04-2018

I really find the online ordering easy to use.
Delivery is quick
Very happy with the service

Carla Griffiths from Bridgend 12-04-2018

Website is great & easy to use. products are amazing. Excellent delivery service

Julie Tulleth from St.andrews 12-04-2018

Great products love them all have recommended lotsbofvitemsvyo friends who also love the productsv

Patricia Macmillan from Fort William 12-04-2018

I am having great results with the shakes and protein bars.Myhair and nails are a lot healthier and my weight is easier to manage. Couldnít be without Herbalife!

Vicki Dudbridge from Avon 12-04-2018

Since using this product Iv got loads more energy back and lost a stone

Nijole Staniulyte from London 12-04-2018

Very nice website. All the info very clear and handy. You are able to place the order in secons as all you need is just there. Thank you!

Kelly Cook from Chatteris 12-04-2018

Iíve struggled with my weight for many many years and this is so easy to do! In my first week I lost 6lbs and 14 inches from my body! I feel I have so much more energy I donít feel bloated anymore either. I would definitely recommend this!

Clare from FAVERSHAM 11-04-2018

Cant believe the Amazing results I have seen already. Excited for more

Joanna Gould from Cardiff 11-04-2018

Ordering was easy - should have gone through a team for support! Am slowly loosing weight 🤗

Barry Campbell from Dromore 11-04-2018

Loving the new website, great layout, simplifies the ordering process.

Been having my healthy breakfast for over 3 years (Aloe, Shake, Tea, Multi-Vitamins) best way to start the day.

Rebecca from Manchester 11-04-2018

I have used herbal life for just over A month and absolutely loving it lost over half stone and inches of my badly in different areas

Lucy from St Leonardís on sea 11-04-2018

Easy to use website and great benifits and rewards.

Emily Blaney from Bracknell 11-04-2018

Love the products they are really easy to use and taste yummy! My fav is the strawberry powder mixed with frozen fruit

Caroline Simm from Doncaster 10-04-2018

Hi I am Caz, my Herbalifejourney journey to live well.
I found it easy to get started now i am ready and focused to achieve my wellness goals.

Bushra Sadiq from Ilford 10-04-2018

Great tasting shakes ! Hassle free and easy to make and loose weight at the same time while being a busy working and home-making woman !

Luke Fulton from Exeter 09-04-2018

Great product, allows your body to adapt slowly, and not leaving any stretch marks as it lets the body do its stuff whilst giving all the nutrients and stuff to make it function at peak efficiency.

Chantelle Swindells from Royton 09-04-2018

Done this before. it really worked for me and Around my lifestyle. So Im back to it after piling on the pounds due to having a baby. Seemed to be the only thing that worked for me last time as it kept me in a routine instead of snacking.

Stephen Rob from Merseyside 09-04-2018

This has really helped me in my fitness routine and provided the energy and nutrition needed

James Sprague from Burntwood 09-04-2018

I have been using herbal life for roughly 3-4 weeks now and im loving it. I use it for replacing my lunch at work and sometimes dinner. So far i have lost 5lbs im over the moon.

Leanne Thomas from Manchester 08-04-2018

Loving the products. Seeing changed and feeling great.

Rachel from Leicester 08-04-2018

Love Herbalife, the shakes are amazing, they are filling and come in so many different flavours that you canít get bored of it!

Farah Khawar from High Wycombe 07-04-2018

Honestly the best tasting shakes and best weight loss program ever! I always see the weight loss in inches first which I absolutely love the best part is you can have a meal in the weight loss program peach tea is my favourite

Kelly Harrison from Sutton coldfield 06-04-2018

Love my shakes and bars best products thankyou will definitely be ordering again

Aby Willans from Derby 05-04-2018

Brilliant always get emails that keeps you updated

Jackie Elliott from Stoke on trent 05-04-2018

I feel so much more energetic in the mornings after the tea, and the shake fills up till lunch time.

Katie Stokes from Billericay 05-04-2018

Herbalife is great for a busy mum, so quick and easy to make a shake when making the kids breakfasts. With my Herbalife shaker, I can easily take my shake with me when going out.

Leanne Kennedy from Glasgow 05-04-2018

Loving these products make my life so much more easier and healthier

Cristina Vaduva from London 04-04-2018

Great products, I just love F1 Shake . Delivery very quick X

Kirsty Pearson from Carronshore, Falkirk 04-04-2018

Great service, easy to use the website and all the info needed on starting my weight loss journey

Emma Grattan from Newquay 03-04-2018

Iíve been on Herbalife for about 3 weeks now. Iím in the lose weight pack. 1 shake for breakfast, another for lunch and a healthy dinner and they are really good! They fill you up so you donít feel like snacking.

Simin Kadri from Hounslow 03-04-2018

Iíve been using Herbalife liftoff and it has been life changing, it gives me enough energy to feel ready to go and has helped emensely academically as it improves recall and concentration. I wish it was cheaper though.

Kelly Webb from Swanley 03-04-2018

Quick delivery with easy plan to follow. Great tips and advice im looking forward to losing weight on this plan.

Helen Maunsell from London 03-04-2018

Very easy website to order from, I made my first order and it was very straight forward...! The product descriptions are very clear and informative so I was able to offer different options when talking about and promoting the products!

Val from Liverpool 02-04-2018

For three weeks I have been using Herbalife formula, two meals a day with a healthy meal for dinner with healthy snacks in between. I have been full of energy, slept better and lost weight. using Herbalife has made me feel back in control.

Philippa Foster from York 02-04-2018

Tastiest protein bars out there on the market, fast delivery Thank you

Zoe Cowan from Scotland 02-04-2018

Very happy with Herbalife, have lost over 7.5 inches in 2 weeks.

Gemma Hopkins from Reading 02-04-2018

I have been using the product for the last 40 days and am extremely happy with the results I have achieved.

The product is really good and works.

Terri Camp from Wickford 02-04-2018

Speedy service. Wondeful prodcts that actually work!

Madeleine Jenkins from Eastbourne 02-04-2018

V good service
Easy way to get Herbalife
V good all round

malcolm jones from milton keynes 31-03-2018

I cannot track my order. It would help so I know to wait in for it.
Good product.

Neil McGowan from Wishaw 31-03-2018

I have been using the Herbalife products for six months now and I have had amazing results in my weight loss. The shakes are delicious and very easy to make. The fibre and vitamins are excellent too.

Holly Cope from Nottingham 30-03-2018

Was unsure about having shakes but absolutely love it , will defo be getting some more products

Katy Bishton from Surrey 29-03-2018

Enjoying the products so far and have done so well changing my lifestyle. It fits very well in my lifestyle And I am happy continuing using these products

Emma Coleman from Peterborough 28-03-2018

Love these shakes . They are making me feel so much more energised

Barzy Omar from Coventry 28-03-2018

My younger sister suffers from Epilepsy and IBS. She gets easily constipated and the pain of constipation bring on seizures but since taking the Herbalife shakes and Multivitamin tablets she is doing much better. Thank you HerbaLife.

Rachel Donnelly from Wirral 26-03-2018

I found the website really easy to use and navigate around

Andrew Smollet from Banchory 26-03-2018

Great tasting product that has worked wonders for me, put on 2 stone of muscle and oat a lot of fat thanks to herbal life

Monica Patel from Ilford 25-03-2018

Quick and easy to order, delivery was fast and great products.

Christine Feery from Prescot 24-03-2018

Products arrive quickly. I had an issue with one delivery which was resolved satisfactorily. Would recommend this company to all of my friends.

Natalie McNeill from Sheerness 23-03-2018

I joined Herbalife 3 weeks ago and so far have lost 11lb 4 Iíve also had my Birthday in that time and still managed to loose weight! The plan is really easy to follow! It also fits in really well with my work life!

sandra beer from Porthcawl 22-03-2018

enjoying the offers and credits, keep them coming and i will order more

Rebecca Hudson from Beverley 22-03-2018

Trying this for the first time with a formula 1 healthy meal shake for breakfast and lunch. With little time and I work in an area where a healthy lunch on the go is hard to find, Herbalife tastes great, is hassle free and is keeping me satisfied.

Siobhan Skelton from North Lanarkshire 22-03-2018

Great service fast delivery easy to use website plus gives credit back on purchases

Tania Suter from Kent 22-03-2018

I have just had my first order & the delivery service was good & I am very impressed with the shakes & bars I have ordered as they taste great & much nicer than other companies (Lighterlife & Juiceplus) that I have tried.

Jackie from Havant 22-03-2018

Loving the Formular 1 cappuccino. . Website is easy to use and delivery is quick .

Abdiaziz Hussien from London 21-03-2018

Good stuff, I lost two kilos,within one month , so far I tried three stuff

Marie Gordon from Corby 21-03-2018

I love the taste, quickness in making the shake and he fact it a healthy meals replacement. My morningson run a lot smoother for me to be ready to face the day

Meg Pitchford from Welshpool 20-03-2018

I love the herbalife breakfast plan. I feel alot more healthy and more energy.
Thank you Herbalife

Charlotte from Ruislip 19-03-2018

The products taste amazing and you see results after just one day!

meltem or from London 19-03-2018

Well I havenít really started it yet but I heard really good reviews about herbal life

Charlotte Waller from Rotherham 19-03-2018

I have always struggled with my weight and when I heard about this product and all the success it has had I had to try it out. I have managed to loose a stone since using this product and I feel so much more confident within myself.

Tek maya Gurung from Stanwell 17-03-2018

Iím very happy to use Herbalife products but I want to be members ship

Nicola Lacey from Stanford Le hope 16-03-2018

I love this product, whenever I order it arrives in good time, I have already recommended to others x

sophie Fowler from Herne Bay 16-03-2018

I absolutely love the shakes they are really filling and have also stopped my sweet tooth craving

pippa peak from Hornchurch 15-03-2018

FAB company! Easy website, easy ordering & quick delivery. A bit confusing trying to pay by card, have to check out as PayPal GUEST - took couple of attempts. Every order you get credits which gives you money off next order, much appreciated, thanks

Chelsea Croxall from Portsmouth 14-03-2018

i Lost 5lb in my first week and felt amazing! The aloe concentrate has worked wonders for my skin I couldnít be happier that I have herbal life a try!

Steve Williams from High Wycombe 14-03-2018

Maybe a good idea to put together some meal replacement plans for weight categories ..
Formula 1 is 200 calories for a 220 pound Male this is not enough for two meals.. ani will add a protein scoop to mine to increase protein

Sarah Ness from Newcastle upon Tyne 12-03-2018

I love Herbalife products they are the only products that have actually helped me

Karen Atkinson from Reading 10-03-2018

Very good service and the products taste really nice been doing this for a couple of weeks and I can already feel the benefits from doing this

Lisa Dawkins from London 09-03-2018

It is great that customers are able to receive discounts on online orders. Thank you.

Shahira Eltumi from Walthamstow 09-03-2018

I love Herbalife products I have lost 1 stone and feel great.

Paula Oliveira from Watford 07-03-2018

The best products in the world. The quality is amazing.❤️❤️❤️😘

Ann Lewis from Harlow 07-03-2018

I am very happy to join herbalife,I was a coffee lover but since I start taking instant herbal beverage with tea extracts and i can i do not need coffee anymore I feel so good in the morning,also feel so energetic, all I can say there stuff works

Kelly from West yorkshire 07-03-2018

Website is very easy to use, and quick delivery!! Thanks

Alicia Clegg from Oldham 07-03-2018

Even tho we had the bad weather I still received my Herbalife quickly so I could get started on loosing my baby weight as I had Abby 11 weeks ago

lesley fleming from Dundee 07-03-2018

I am following plan 3 weight loss,F1 shake in chocolate is tasty. I especially love the meal replacement bars they are delicious. ordering online is so easy and simple.I would recommend herbalife for people on the go. No hassle food preparation

Andrea Pirie from Glasgow 06-03-2018

Great company, everything delivered quick , will use again

David Townsend from Reading 06-03-2018

Great product.

William Connor from Edinburgh 04-03-2018

Easy to understand and good information on the products,

Tarnya Robins from Oxford 04-03-2018

Easy to navigate wedsite , great service fast delivery
Love the products and the results Iíve been getting havenít felt this good in myself for years

Keely Jones from Atherton 01-03-2018

I am loving my strawberry herbal life shake itís helping me really control my diet so easy to follow

Amanda Taylor from Wickford 01-03-2018

This is a good product and a healthy weight loss and gives you engery

Lois Turner-Britton from Burton on trent 01-03-2018

I started with Herbalife and felt great back in January. The results I was getting wasnít at great as some of the other results. I feel I need to try the breakfast plan that the others are on to really give it a good go

Quan vu from Hyde, manchester 01-03-2018

I bought some Herbalife items and tried them few months ago. It gives me good results. I will continue to use this product.

Herba User from United Kingdom 01-03-2018

Heard great things, Just waiting for delivery taking longer then expected

Lisa Middleton from Burnley 28-02-2018

Received my formula 1 today and it was the vanilla flavour love it so much I have now ordered the raspberry and blueberry and also the tropical love the points system too..now canít wait for the results

Shilpa from London 28-02-2018

Love this product chocolate shake is great and I have seen a difference in weight

Molly Biram from Tavistock 28-02-2018

Youíve changed my life! I went traveling last year& didnít feel body confident.Its february and Iím already feeling bikini ready! Itís a way of life not just a fad diet. I look forward to my shakes every morning & donít feel hungry. Thankyou!

Sue Downward from LA158RT 28-02-2018

Excellent ordering process. Been years since i used this product.

Christine Ferris from Alfreton 28-02-2018

Your products are excellent not only do they work as stated . They taste delicious many Thanks.

Keely Jones from Atherton 28-02-2018

Absolutely loving herbal life my favourite is the strawberry keeps me in good routine looking to try the protein next

Ellen from Poole 28-02-2018

I have been using herbal life since January and i have already lost 10 and a half pounds, the products are brilliant, so easy not only has it helped me with weight loss but i suffer with IBS and the products seem to work really well for me.

Katie Le Miere from Jersey 28-02-2018

Brilliant product, keeps me feeling full until my next meal.

Super easy to order and great that they deliver to the channel islands too!

Farrukh Shahzad from ROMFORD 28-02-2018

I used for one yearly and its great to keep me in the size , unfortunately I stopped using this one and again I start gaining weight, now I am ordering it again as I know this work.

Jade from Hatfield 28-02-2018

fast efficient service. website was easy to use and I have received updated communication.
I have been using the shake and its great for my on the go breakfast, really filling and very tasty when made up into a green smoothie. Thanks Herbalife!

Christina Seils from Glasgow 28-02-2018

Iv got Herbalife from yourself but the last time there was a deal off so much off my order and it keep saying it didnít know my address that was disappointing cause I never got the use of the discount other than that I always do buy from yous

Tracey Welsby from KINGSTON UPON THAMES 28-02-2018

Really nice shakes lovely easy to follow instructions would recommend

Margaret Liddell from Motherwell 26-02-2018

Website is easy to use. Delivery is usually within a few days. VIP Credits is a good incentive as otherwise can seem expensive.

Lindsay from Fife 26-02-2018

I am a new customer to herbalife, i am looking forward to seeing the results. I ordered the breakfast plan last week and it arrived really quickly, started it this morning, all good so far!

Linda Adams from Newtownards 26-02-2018

I have really enjoyed the F1 formula for breakfast, it quick, tasty and very filling. It is such a lovely change to cereals and so much more satisfying. Great Product!

Robert Elie from Crowborough 26-02-2018

Amazing product. Easy to make and can fill you up nicely just as if you were having a normal meal. Website could do with an update and more information on products.

Javiera M from London 25-02-2018

Fast and easy way to get my products + you get credits in your account after every purchase which is a bonus!

Melissa Crommer from Gainsborough 24-02-2018

Absolutely loving my products, the mint choc chip taste amazing. My favourite at the minute is the tea itís so yummy and very easy to drink. I do find other teas Iíve tried in the last to be very bitter with a very weird after taste, Yours doesnít.

Nicole Gipps from Lowestoft 24-02-2018

I love the Herbalife products, Iíve seen massive changes since using them and the VIP credits system seems like you get something back from the money you spend.

Annie from Kent 23-02-2018

Great products, really filling! With great results too

Oluseyi Bankole from Dagenham 22-02-2018

Thank you the shipping was fast and communication was very effective. And also you get rewards for buying.

Sarah Abrahams from Croydon 21-02-2018

My first order from Herbal life was so easy.. registering took a few minutes, the combined order was handy and helps me break in to Herbalife. Looking forward to my delivery now and getting started. I will keep you posted on my flavour of milkshakes.

Agnieszka Szczublewska from Birmingham 20-02-2018

Great service. Easy to order. And I love all the products!

Elaine Lashly from Waterlooville 20-02-2018

A very easy website to use and an excellent service

Jess from Cumbria 20-02-2018

Absolutely love using Herbalife & this website is so easy to use 💚

Ellie Chasney from Norwich 19-02-2018

This website was so easy to use!
Great package deals & the VIP credits are amazing!

Louise Thompson-ball from Goole 18-02-2018

I have been using these products for 3 years on and off x I love them my frav been vanilla f1 with chocolate soya milk x after having baby number 3 I have just returned as a customer and can never t wait t start again

Elaine Holman from Tavistock 18-02-2018

After years of trying different diets I have at last found herba life, I really enjoy the products and am losing weight steadily. The Website is very user friendly also.

Joleen Adamson from Wrexham 17-02-2018

Excellent service from start to finish, product arrived promptly. Very happy and ise again and again x

Maureen Limb from Nottingham 16-02-2018

I have been using formula 1 protein shake for some time, mixed with protein drink mix is an excellent addition to my training programme. Great source of protein nutrition for pre workout and recovery after long runs. Fantastic
Highly recommended.

Rebecca Gills from Rochester 16-02-2018

I have been using the shakes for a while now after having a baby and I am absolutely loving them. They taste amazing and keep me fuller for longer. They also give me more energy to play and spend time with my little one.

Lauren Street from Plymouth 15-02-2018

Products are over priced but are tastey and do work. The Website is well presented and the company always has good offers

Stacey Morrison from Cowie 13-02-2018

I enjoy using these products and find them easy to use. I have a lot more energy and my skin is so much better

Kayleigh Bailie from SHOREHAM-BY-SEA 12-02-2018

Absolutely love herbelife the shakes and tea are amazing . Its stop bloating and given me so much more energy .

Lisa Cunningham from Edinburgh 12-02-2018

I have just started this doing it by myself not added to any group yet but I will see how it goes easy to order I have ordered the shake and protein mix eeek doing my own 30 day challenge thanks

Istanbul Mohamud from London 11-02-2018

I have lost about 3.5kg for a month . I am very happy

Monique Mckenna from Wisbech 10-02-2018

Your website is easy and very professional I can not wait to stat herbal life I no I wonít be disappointed

lyn hannaford from croydon 10-02-2018

Loving Herbalife great taste and keeps you full to lunch,

Lisa Barson from London 09-02-2018

Great website, easy to use and the products are very good.

Pauline Gibson from Essex 09-02-2018

I love this product,easy to order,quick delivery .

Marie Palmer from Kings lynn 09-02-2018

I have a couple of herbalife shakes a day , they come in lots of different flavours but my favourite is chocolate, you just mix them with milk they are really creamy and keeps me going.

Helen from Birmingham 08-02-2018

Great products! Delicious and an extremely healthy way to lose weight!

Karen Rodley from Leeds 08-02-2018

Excellent products with a very quick delivery dates

Paulette Hamilton from Torquay 08-02-2018

Website is so clear and easy to use. Products are amazing and I love them. They are the best tasting products Iíve had to date. Overall Iím telling friends and family about the products and Iím recieveing interest from them already.

Dani Parsons from Worthing 07-02-2018

3 weeks in to using the Herbalife products and Iíve noticed a huge differnence already Iím not at all bloated and Iíve lost inches

Gail Molver from Droitwich 07-02-2018

Fantastic to find Herbalife online after leavingSouth Arica. LOVE the products!!

Stephanie Crandon from Middlesbrough 06-02-2018

Iíve lost some weight by using this product and I`m glad I tried it and the products arrived quickly every time Iíve ordered. Delicious products that gave amazing results !!

Moira Leach from Haywards Heath 06-02-2018

Herbal life products are excellent and help me take control of my weight highly recommend

Karen Gray from Paisley 06-02-2018

Love Herbalife Iíve lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks, highly recommend it to anyone ❤️

Daisy Mccarthy from London 06-02-2018

I only have the milkshakes but I have lost weight without really trying that hard. Impressed!

Sumbo Abiola from Dagenham 06-02-2018

Excellent product,I lost 10kg within 2month.still counting

Barbara Stewart from Houghton Le Spring 05-02-2018

Been using Herbalife for numerous years and its best! Wouldnít use anything else when it comes to weight loss & maintaining.

Linda Treasure from Swansea 05-02-2018

myself and husband joined the herbalife diet in july 2017 and we have lost 5 stone between us and are much healthier for it. We had tried many types of diets and found herbalife is very easy and we never feel hungry. ITS THE BEST. THANKYOU HERBALIFE

Jessica from Maidstone 05-02-2018

Great service and product, very tasty and enjoyable! I would recommend to anyone wanting to lose weight, inches or just becoming healthier!

Rachel Sheen from Luton 04-02-2018

Fast delivery and great prices. Thank you very much

Karen from Edinburgh 04-02-2018

Fantastic service, quick delivery! Canít wait to place another order

Sarah elliott from Pembrokeshire 04-02-2018

Fast delivery, well pleased with the site and will be buying from here again

Erika Garcia from London 02-02-2018

i love your products , I m having very good results and all very natural and healthy

Barry Madawee from Liverpool 02-02-2018

Have used herbaonline on a number of occasions and each time received fast and efficient service

Sarah Biggs from Banbury 02-02-2018

Love Herbalife massively changed my energy levels and love swing the pounds drop of

Rattan Dhingta from London Hayes 01-02-2018

Great product! The results are visible and I am very pleased with the results!

Nikki from Sutton 01-02-2018

Great product!
Great results!
Absolutely love Herbalife

Sarah Sutcliffe from Scarborough 01-02-2018

Amazing products and fast delivery thank u for helping me with my journey xx

Luisa De jesus from Harlesden 01-02-2018

Love it😋😋😋😋
Have lost 6kgs in 4 weeks amazing.
Love the body wash very good.

omerah ali from brierfield 01-02-2018

i ordered the herbalife shake formula 1 and the delivery was very prompt. i had a query about the product and got in touch with customer service who responded promptly, so full marks for customer services.

ambrr k from Mitcham 01-02-2018

Really happy with the products, makes me feel so refreshed and not too full. I have a very busy work schedule so I make the shake the night before and take it with me to work. Itís very useful this way. I have lost a lot of weight.

Emily Bush from Nottingham 01-02-2018

I love herbalife products in particular the shakes which I will often have as a healthy breakfast and will often replace lunch or dinner with a shake. I have noticed a really difference in my hair and skin, not to mention supporting my weight loss.

Annabel Marcus from Newcastle-upon-Tyne 31-01-2018

Protein bars are perfect for in between meals and satisfy sugar cravings without the usual associated guilt! So thank you to Herbaline for catering to all needs.

Stacy Clark from Glasgow 31-01-2018

Give more accurate delivery dates. Apart from that great website

Sam Newton from Aylesbury 30-01-2018

Hassle free excellent service with a quick and easy delivery A*

Margret Burr from Felsted 30-01-2018

very pleased with this product. will use again to help me

Helen Goode from Woking 29-01-2018

Perfect products use every time I need to loose some weight shifts it very quick and easy love love love it

Becky Craggs from Wynyard 28-01-2018

Love the range of Herbalife products you can get- cater for your every need no matter your goal. Ialso really like the website- itís easy to order and the information given about the benefits and how to use the products is great and really helpful

Rattan Dhingta from London Hayes 26-01-2018

Hi we are very happy and satisfied with this product. This product is very effective and so natural.

Chezelle Coggin from Falmouth 26-01-2018

Great breakfast replacement, quick easy and taste great!

Craig Penny from Newcastle 24-01-2018

Great product, helps in losing weight, and also building muscle. Fully recommended!

Rebecca Wheatcroft from London 24-01-2018

Really enjoying the products, have been using non-stop for 3 weeks now, and have already lost 6lbs (2.72kg)!! Will continue to use as I am seeing awesome results. Thank you Herbalife!

Kerry Tingle from Hull 24-01-2018

Fantastic product I used this a year ago and i use to get headaches really bad but they stopped when on this. I now get the headache so going back on it.

sarah evans from South Wales 24-01-2018

Prompt delivery and trusted product... 5kg off in 10 days!


Excellent site, nice and easy to order with great offers

Lorraine Fare from BRACKLEY 24-01-2018

Fantastic Prgramme, easy to follow and shows great results in no time which really powers you on! The formulars are tasty to, I look forward to breakfast and lunch! Thanks Herbalife, I look forward to updating you on my weightloss journey!

Katy Pickup from Hazel Grove 23-01-2018

Great products, love the shakes, they make a quick nutritional breakfast when on the move!! Has great customer service after my first order was only partially shipped. Would recommend to other friends.

EMMA Weston from Harlow 23-01-2018

The products are amazing they are delivered quick and a fantastic way to motivate yourself to get into shape

Sadaf from London 23-01-2018

The protein snack bar was absolutely delicious, it really helped me curb my craving for sweet craving unhealthy snacks.

Anne Ramsay from Renfrew 22-01-2018

Love Herbalife have not been hungry since I started. Lost 5 pounds in the first week looking forward to weigh in this week.

Steven Duncan from Catterick 22-01-2018

I thought the service was spot on. ! !

molly cherry from ashford 22-01-2018

iv used these products once and they are amazing for weight loss and the thermo tea is amazing : ))))) just bought my second lot and cant wait to see the results ; )))))

Bekki Wadsworth from Exeter 22-01-2018

I would like to say the service is brilliant. I ordered my products and within a few days they had a arrived.I have tested both shakes and the flavours are lovely.I officially started my diet plan today and canít wait to see results. Amazing service.

Wayne Kember from Rochester 21-01-2018

Great products I use f1 meal replacement-and tea I am feel much healthier in myself and having more energy

Nicole from Belfast 21-01-2018

Amazing products already seeing results using them 2 weeks 😊

Zoe Bartholomew from Barnsley 21-01-2018

Ordered my herbalife came with quick delivery. Used this product in the past always works great especially after the christmas period. Been using now for 2 weeks and already feel better slimmer and less bloated would highly recommend.

Sadie Hopkins from West Drayton 21-01-2018

Service was amazing, ordered over the Christmas period and came within a couple of days. Herbalife shakes are the nicest tasting healthy shakes we have tried and would really recommend.

Kate Sheridan from KIDDERMINSTER 20-01-2018

Ordered my stuff just after xmas and arrived just after new year. Lost 8lbs in 10 day. I love the strawberry milkshake and chocolate snack bars. The taste of these diet products are far better then the others on the market.

Sharon Gilbert-Muir from Bridgwater 20-01-2018

The products are packaged suitably, they area reasonably priced and if you are dedicated do what they are supposed to. They have high quality ingredients with easy instructions and very easy to use. I recommend them highly.

Rachael Davies from Worksop 20-01-2018

Love these products i am a more energetic and cleaner healthier lifestyle

Trisha King from Glenrothes 20-01-2018

Herbalife has changed my life. I have health issues that have meant being medicated with no energy. Since starting on herbalife I have more energy, feel more motivated & have reduced medication. Feel better than I have in years.

Carli Tickner from Sidcup 19-01-2018

Iíve been doing the breakfast plan for a few weeks and can say Iím really enjoying it and very happy how it is all going so far. Given me a lot more energy and loving the taste of the shakes.

Nicolle McMichael from Limavady 19-01-2018

Loving this product so far! Starting to see great results!

Lynda Evans from Swansea 19-01-2018

I am new to Herbalife and I was surprised how nice the shakes taste, it is too early to share any results. I am currently only using it for breakfast as my training has been a bit slow kicking off after Christmas.

Abbi Staveley from Folkestone 19-01-2018

i really enjoy the shakes easy for on the go when at work great meal replacement & for loseing weight

Eva Hayward from Corringham 19-01-2018

I love Herbalife! It has helped me gain back my body confidence in a matter of weeks. The products are easy to follow and easy to use/do. Every order I am trying something new.

Jenny Monkhouse from Faversham 19-01-2018

I love herbalife & have used it now for health , energy and weight loss for 6 years . Finding the online shop was a stroke of genius as I donít always have time to visit my local supplier & get what I need. I recommend Herbalife to all my friends !

Kristina from Romford 18-01-2018

I use herballife milkshake every morning. In 4 months I lost 5 kg. I am really very happy

Mary Adetifa from Camberwell 18-01-2018

Iím new to Herbalife, enjoying it so far. The website is user friendly and the products comes in good packages.
I will surely recommend it

Marie from Norfolk 18-01-2018

Love the chocolate shake and the raspberry tea have lots of energy lost 6lb in my first week of doing herbal life. Would highly recommend.

Sam ADAMSON from Ossett 18-01-2018

Great service and quick delivery! Good range of products with great prices! 😊

Katie Nelson from Irlam 17-01-2018

Started Herbalife on the 2nd January Iím now on day 16 and have lost 10lbs! I feel more energetic and never hungry. looking forward to the next few weeks to see what my final results are of the 30 day challenge.

Laura from Essex 16-01-2018

Iím really happy with the products specially the vanilla shakes they taste really nice and the chocolate and peanut protein bars are nice as well just takes some time to get use to the flavour but overall really happy

D S from NI 16-01-2018

So happy with the shakes. Iíve using since I had high levels of cholesterol 18 months ago. I feel great and healthy.My cholesterol is back to normal after using the shakes in the morning plus my healthy diet during the day. I recommend them

RACHEL from SCOTLAND 15-01-2018

quick, fantastic results. used along side gentle exercise. products taste good too.

Julie Holden from Liverpool 11-01-2018

Love herbalife and ordering is so simple and easy it is helping me to loose the weight I need to go on holiday and I have also recommended to family and friends

James Strapp from Dunoon 11-01-2018

Fantastic choice in products. Great for a busy lifestyle

Ioana Oltean from Romford 09-01-2018

I like your products,I try the Formula 1 and is very good

Drew Dunn from Bicester 09-01-2018

I find the products are really working for me, I feel better in myself and have so much more energy!

Plamen Gadzhev from London 09-01-2018

İ am soul happy to use herbalive I wost. 5kg for 1 mount

Noveen Nauman from Birmingham 08-01-2018

Loved the results. Promo delivery and effective product. Love herbal life

Jessica Brock from Westgate On Sea 08-01-2018

Really easy to use website. With all the help needed about the products. And what plans would be suited for you. Easy recipes on offer too.

Tamsin Wakeham-Garrett from Carharrack 07-01-2018

I prefer the protein snack bars to chocolate, they give that little boost of flavour and sweetness when you need it. The soy beans are a great crunchy snack to go with the tasty tomato soup which has so much protein and fibre; whatís not to love!

Lewis Smith from Havant 05-01-2018

Great product, definitely will be purchasing again

Audrey Mullaney from Glasgow 04-01-2018

Herbalife is great, but I feel that there could more varity of protein snacks as its very limited at the moment.

Hannah King from Littlehampton 04-01-2018

Bought three day trial pack, I enjoyed the cookie cream and the vanilla of where I could add frozen fruits work and now just trying to make chocolate to have a little change

Julie Smith from Gateshead 04-01-2018

Herbalife has tranformed our lives. We have more energy & look & feel amazing. Herbalife allows us to get all our dietary requirements in our busy hectic lives. We would highly recommend Herbalife to any one.

Sadie Lodge from WAKEFIELD 04-01-2018

I love herbalife i have lost 1st 6lbs 4months with the healthy breakfast plan. I love the shakes so many flavours to choose feom.

karen galletly from wellingborough 03-01-2018

What a fantastic product I lost a dress size in a month

charlotte parker from horsham 03-01-2018

fantastic service, i have a formula 1 shake for my breakfast and then a healthy lunch and dinner and have felt a difference i just feeling good, feel healthier, i now would like to try the shake for lunch too as i know it will keep me full,

Gemma Thomas from Gobowen 03-01-2018

Brilliant service. Products taste great. Better than other companies :) will definatly recommend to friends :)

Ashley Mosch from Takeley 03-01-2018

Ive heard such good things about Herbalife, I cant wait to get started. My package has just arrived and Im so excited to start my Herbalife journey.

Jade Burgess from LOUGHTON 02-01-2018

Love the products especially the choc shale amd thermo tea :-) cant wait to kick start my new year with your products as the results are amazing x

Kendall Bright from Great Cambourne 02-01-2018

Amazing service!! Canít wait to start tomorrow and get loosing some weight

Sally from Southampton 02-01-2018

I love herbalife I am feeling rubbish after eating all the junk food after Christmas so Herbalife is perfect

Shauna from Cookstown 01-01-2018

Herbal life has helped me lose weight and maintained the weight I wanted to be. I used to be on full plan but as I achieved my goal weight. I still use Herbalife shake for my morning breakfast as I always miss breakfast as most days donít have time.

Lorna Roberts from Carlisle 31-12-2017

I tried the Protein Bars, after a friend recommended them. They are delicious, I especially like the citrus lemon. They are the perfect sweet hit to stop you reaching for a chocolate bar, whilst providing a decent amount of protein for the calories.

Emma Byrne from Rockferry 30-12-2017

Great service quick and easy to use website.. had a slight hiccup with order was resolved straight away with plenty of communication with what was happening and made me feel at ease with my order will be ordering again!

Amy Claypole from Stamford 29-12-2017

Always a fast and reliable service and excellent products. Convenient to be able to order at your leisure and the website provides a brilliant level of information about each product.

Hayley Weldon from Peterborough 29-12-2017

Wow what a brilliant product love it so easy to use and tastes great

Sarah Macphee from Inverness 28-12-2017

I have tried the shakes a few times and they taste really good especially the cookies& cream one, in the new year I am going to try stick to these shakes to help me loose some pounds and tone up!

Carol Macraild from Staines upon Thames 27-12-2017

I enjoy all the products that I have purchased in the past

Zoe Newsam from Beverley 27-12-2017

Great products, tasty and they do what they say! Makes making lifestyle changes easier!

Ann Calpin from Wennington 27-12-2017

I am disappointed that I have not received my credits off of my order. There is nothing telling me how to get them only that they are increasing. Ordering and receiving orders are very good.

Sarah Young from Aberdeen 27-12-2017

Fast delivery with great range of products. Also friendly advice for anyone who is unsure what they are looking for. Also cuts out the pushy sales tactics which made me stop using a reprensentive in my area.

Gabrielle Llewelyn from Morpeth 27-12-2017

Excellent diet, so glad I have found Herbalife again. Quick service , 😊

Sarah Norton from Pontypridd 26-12-2017

Fab products and prompt delivery!! Will be ordering again!

Meg Gilzean from Bridge of Weir 26-12-2017

I love the shakes and bars. My weight loss is slow but that is due to lack if exercise due to dodgy knees but weight loss is good and so easy with the shakes.

Kathrina Warren from Herne bay 19-12-2017

Been using the products now for over a month started breakfast plan feel so much healthyier i am now buying more products would 100% recommend herbalife

Hana Abdulkadir from London 12-12-2017

I love herblife Iíve been using only for three weeks Iíve lost 2.5kg thanks to herblife

Mark Rummery from Pembrokeshire, Wales 12-12-2017

Love the flavour and once had great success on protein powder as a meal replacement some 20 years ago and want to try again. Must drink plenty of water and get on my bike trainer daily hopefully should do the trick!

Rachel Crayford from Guildford 11-12-2017

I love Herbalife, since using it I feel more energised and capable than ever before. The thermo tea is my saviour when Iím running a little low mid afternoon. It really picks me up. I would highly recommend these products.

Lucy Ohare from Portsmouth 10-12-2017

Good although would be nice to have a faster delivery method and more offers

Steven Goodwin from Gosport 09-12-2017

Fast delivery, great product and amazing results!

Sam Turnbull from Prescot 09-12-2017

First class, came really quickly and product was exactly as described

Habiba Amiri from London 04-12-2017

I really like the service and the web browsing is easy to follow. The costumer service is very helpful. The product is fabulous and you will see the result in just a week, if you follow the instructions.
Habiba Amiri

Emma Taylor from Liverpool 04-12-2017

I started Herbalife 3 weeks ago and Iím really glad I did, I first started on th healthy breakfast plan
But now I have a shake for lunch too. I find it easy and filling and feel better for it
I canít imagine my life without it now.

Michelle Armstrong from Lisburn 03-12-2017

Brilliant products really does work. After the first week I already feel slimmer and no bloating.

Chloe Beever from Holmfirth 03-12-2017

Absolutely love the shakes, lost weight and I am now managing it still with the shakes! They are easy and tasty and perfect for my life on the go

Thank you

Chris Jukes from Great Hucklow 02-12-2017

I have used several different websites to buy herbal life products and herbaonline is by far the best.
Great service, prices and quick delivery.

amber from York 30-11-2017

The lemon protein bars are delicious and I have not found anyone else who makes anything comparable. With similar calories to a small kitkat they pack much more in, making you feel like you have had something substantial.

Nikala Smith from Romford 29-11-2017

Really good company, easy to order and to pay and fast delivery 10/10

Teddy Mcshane from Whitstable 29-11-2017

Very quick delivery, website is easy to use and it really works!

Clare Brown from Haywards Heath 28-11-2017

I buy from this website as I love the fact I pay the same price or lower than my other contacts. But I get to keep the credits for myself. Excellent

Paul Davies from Llanrhidian 28-11-2017

I thought the website was easy to use and delivered on time.the product tasted great

iona gibson from paisley 27-11-2017

Love the herbal beverage in a cup of tea canít wait to see the improvements and buy more things

Michaela Frost from Congleton 27-11-2017

Great fast service and great flavours Iíve tried similar previously , but this is not to sweet and Iíve has good steady results

Hannah from Surrey 26-11-2017

I ordered Herbalife formula 1 strawberry. I love the flavour and cant wait to try the mint chocolate next. I use it for breakfast at 7:30 each day and it keeps me full until lunch with lots of energy. I would reccomend.

Lauren from Hayling island 25-11-2017

In love with my herbal life breakfast plan, keeps me full for longer in the morning and tastes so good too!

Renata Petrauskaite from Bradford 24-11-2017

I like this company HERBALIFE. the product came very fast . After a month I will tell you about the product.

Kirsty Ranson from Cumbria 24-11-2017

I love Herbalife products I have more energy and need less sleep. The protein snack bars really help get me through the day without eating unhealthy snacks. It is easy to use the website and reorder, products always arrive promptly. Thank you

Tirafalo Annah McCracken from Edinburgh 23-11-2017

The site has been easy to use and the products are great. I have never ever liked shakes but these ones are different and just taste so good I could easily live off them if it was possible, I feel great with lots of energy after 3/4weeks on the plan.

gemma ramsay from Doncaster 23-11-2017

Great service ...very easy to use the website ....delivered exactly when they said they would .....great product would highly recommend !!

Vilma Cesnaite from Hornchurch 23-11-2017

Very good product i love it ..i do recommend to everyone..perfect to lose some weight

caprice Wood from Whitehaven 21-11-2017

Was really bad with the breakfast and snacks but Herbalife and the person who got me onto Herbalife have been transforming thank you :)

Sharon DSouza from Feltham 20-11-2017

Very easy to use website once you have registered. Great tasting flavours and easy to follow plan.

Nicola Monaghan from Salford 20-11-2017

Second time round using Herbalife weights loss shakes easy to use and fantastic weight loss results been on them 3weeks and already lost 8|bs would highly recommend.x

Rebecca Placucci from London 20-11-2017

Great experiences with this company, the delivery is super fast and easy and the Serbia in general is really well organised!

Kathryn Kent from Liverpool 17-11-2017

Efficient service and excellent communication. I have tried the cookies and cream formula 1 shake and it is delicious! Keeps me full up so stopping all the snacking! Lost about 3 lbs in one week so very happy so far! Trying the chocolate next....

vicencia ganhao ganhao from grantham 15-11-2017

i started using herbalife products and iam very satisfied,in addition to feeling better i also lost weight.
i advise you to use the products because they are very good and you get results.


The F1 meal replacement shake is a world class supplement that works. I highly recommend it.

Andrew North from Burnley 14-11-2017

Great service and fantastic communication. Delivery really fast and love the products.

Renia Pearson from Verwood 13-11-2017

Good service and good products very happy with the products

Jessie from Surrey 09-11-2017

Simple and easy website to use. I have previously tried the weight loss starter Pack, and lost a stone, would recommend to anyone looking for an effective weight loss method!

Samantha Richardson from Bristol 09-11-2017

Products are amazing, I feel healthier and lighter and the shakes are easy to take if you have a busy lifestyle!

roseanne delaney from ABERDEEN 07-11-2017

Good advice. Great product and prompt delivery. I would recommend this product and have to my friends.

Helen Allison from Kilsyth 07-11-2017

Not a breakfast fan, shakes make it so much easier, fast delivery, busy work schedule able to have shake for lunch while on the go.

Loraine Roberts from Chesterfield 06-11-2017

Brilliant for weight loss.no food preparation tastes nice

Sharon Hudson from Belper 05-11-2017

Fantastic service. Easy to order and prompt delivery 😀

Stephen Gamble from Inglby Barwick 01-11-2017

Just got CR7 drive . What an awesome product . Definitely recommend and will be purchasing again . Thanks

Joanna Hryszko from Enfield 01-11-2017

I love my new body , I lost 5 kg
Herbalife helps to improve my life diet , take some vitamins and give me so much more energy. Thankyou so much.

Michelle White from Feltham 29-10-2017

Brilliant love the formula 1 vanilla shake and excellent results thank you

Nelissa Atkins from Dagenham 28-10-2017

Its been 5 years since I joined Herbalife team and I am very happy with weight loss products which keep me Fit and with the same weight since 2012! Love Herbalife!

Julia Nadia Isopo from London 27-10-2017

Am really happy using Herbalife breakfast which has helped me to feel healthy and also lost some weight. I would recommend it to friends and family. Your service is also excellent!

Sarah Cole from Leicester 26-10-2017

Quick delivery amazing products. Formula 1 shake tastes amazing.

Rana Moharam from Colchester 25-10-2017

Very good products. Great taste. Filling meals as a substitue

Lyndsay Wood from Swinton 25-10-2017

Brilliant service, quick delivery, great information

Louise Marley from Rugeley 25-10-2017

Products are tasty I feel amazing energy levels through the roof , website easy to use and customer service excellent

Raymond Smith from Glasgow 24-10-2017

Great product , great prices and great service well worth the money

Esther Gz from Ashford 23-10-2017

Great product so far I tried one of them and very impressed thank you!

Lee Chapman from Maidstone 23-10-2017

Amazing how quick the order process is on the website .

Gemma from MIDDLESEX 23-10-2017

Shipped fast, herbalife is so good to give you that energy boost and it saves so much time in the mornings. Love it! Highly reccomend anyone to give it a go.

Lesley Robertson from Aberdeenn 23-10-2017

Recommend the formula1 shake for sure, been using it for over a week now and the results are great. Very easy to make and u can add fresh fruit or frozen fruit for added boost

Pauline Edmonds from Brighton 23-10-2017

I have been using Herbalife for 6 weeks now
They are fantastic
I have so much energy and I never feel hungry at all
I have lost weight and 2 inches off my thighs
1 inch off each arm

Vanessa Baldwin from Leeds 22-10-2017

I have bought and used Herbal life for years and have found them to be far the best product on the market.

Laura Knowles from Eastleigh 22-10-2017

Fantastic service fast delivery what more can you ask for

Carrie from Derby 22-10-2017

Iíve been using Herbalife for a few months now, absolutely love them. They make me less bloated and heíll me maintain my weight loss.

Tessa Parker from Coleshill 21-10-2017

Excellent loved your products and so did my husband.

William Lee from Kilmarnock 21-10-2017

I have nothing but praise for the service and standard of this site and the service it pprovides

Mohammed Yaqoob from Birmingham 21-10-2017

I love the fact I can use all these products and be able to help my family live a healthier life style

Antonia Corchero morillo from Greenford 21-10-2017

I am about to start the program, this is the second time I do it. The first time I did the diet I lost 2 stone and now after 2 babies... It was really easy the first time and I have a good memory of that experience , so please wish me luck!

haifa karim from London 19-10-2017

I used Herbalife more than 2 month IAM Verny happe becuse I lose weight
thanks to Herbalife 🌹

Aysegul Kaya from Tottenham 19-10-2017

i love the product i ordered before thermo complete and the service i brilliant thank you 😉😉

Stella h from Herstmonceux 18-10-2017

I think the website is so easy to use, and the service so far has been great. I hope to continue to receive great service.

Farrah Reay from South Cave 15-10-2017

Love your shakes, they are great for breakfast in a rush. Stop me snacking through the morning and give me lots of goodness to start the day. Would recommend even if not for actual weight loss, but just give you that healthy boost.

Martyn Price from Coventry 14-10-2017

Lost 1 stone thanks to herbal life. Been using for about 4 months now.

Lisa Newell from Manchester 14-10-2017

Me and my husband have been using herbelife for a month now and the results are amazing, I have lost a stone and my husband has lost a stone and a half, we have both lost inches of our waist, we have so much enyansnmy skin feels
Amazing as well.

Dawn Charles from Wakefield 13-10-2017

Loving Herbalife, the shakes are tasty and filling.

Deirdre ONeill from Onchan 11-10-2017

Excellent website! These products give amazing results & are a fantastic lifestyle change for the better & are suitable for everyone. Try them & change your life today!

Gwen Moane from Enniskillen 11-10-2017

I normally get the protein bars and I love them. Much better than reaching for the unhealthy chocolate bar. They are really tasty an are helping me on my weight loss journey. Reasonably priced too in comparison to other bars out there.

Tania Denny from Rushden 11-10-2017

I strongly recommend the vanilla shakes. Really lovely.

Elaine Johnston from Enniskillen 09-10-2017

Iím so glad I decided to purchase Herbalife. Since stating the weight management programme Iíve lost weight, more energy and feeling great. I thought Iíd be so hungry just having 2 shakes and 1 meal per day but I was wrong.

Stuart Wilson from Cleobury mortimer 09-10-2017

Greats shakes love them the pounds are coming off.

Zara Gott from Stockton 08-10-2017

Formula 1 shakes taste great, is good value for money and very easy to make with brilliant results

Tamara Anne Gaid from London 08-10-2017

Great website. Easy to use and great combination of products

Stephen Palmer from Peterborough 07-10-2017

Have been using this for 2 weeks and lost over a stone. Really fill me up and I used to eat a lot but has shrunken my stomach quickly.

Carl from Hook 06-10-2017

Easy, simple and the results are impressive. Would recommend

Lucinda Swaney from Old Windsor 05-10-2017

Fantastic product. Recommend to everyone :) This has changed my lifestyle and defiantly worth the money!.

Verona Langston from Wolverhampton 03-10-2017

herbalife has been the best thing ever, I ve lost weight trim down and kept a good balance diet ive trained most day and i look great , best thing ever this has worked for me and my friends.

Paula Mclaughlin from Thornton-Cleveleys 01-10-2017

Amazing product. Works well. Would recommend. Milkshakes very filling.

Carolyn from Lincoln 29-09-2017

Very informative and delivery was very quick, would definitely use again.

Darren Fletcher from Ripley 28-09-2017

Easy to use website with clear pricing and a great VIP bonus system for return customers

Bianca Alice Lungu from Sheffield 28-09-2017

All i can say is ...Herbalife it is a part of me! Its healthy....taste good and most important ....i lost weight!!! Its perfect!

Nour Mahfel from Middlesbrough 27-09-2017

The website is very easy to order from and contains lots of Herbalife products. The protein shakes are the best ones that I ever tried, it gives me lots of energy and tastes delicious. The shakes are great for weight loss as meal replacements.

salvatore sassu from london 27-09-2017

Very easy to place order and very easy to buy all the products herba life you need! I reccomend herbaonline.co.uk to all those who want to order in a easy and safely way!

Mihai Rotaru from Plymouth 27-09-2017

I received my products a few days ago and i must say AMAZING. I use Herbalife products for a complete nutrition of my body. I feel full of energy all day and i am able to concentrate much better on my business. Thank You HERBALIFE!

Christine McArthur from Aberdeen 27-09-2017

I have being using the formula 1 shakes for 10 days now and I have lost 3lbs, but have been very surprised at how filling they are and no longer feel bloated. Will be ordering more.

Chantai Davis from Birmingham 26-09-2017

The CR7 drive taste good and works really well. I would reccommend this product to everyone.

Maria da Luz Ramos Pereira from Birkenhead 25-09-2017

Very happy with the Herbalife online system.thanks

ms monica mckonnen from middlesbrough 25-09-2017

I would appreciate that every occasion I purchase herbal products and the items are delievered to my address, there must be an invoice of products that has been purchased .

Anna Kounnis from London 22-09-2017

I just receive my good and there is no chocolate shake in my box

Antony Richardson from Barnsley 21-09-2017

Excellent service, selling some amazing products. The shakes are divine. Prompt delivery arrives well packaged and secure. Well done guys keep up the good work.

Lesley Wright from St Albans 20-09-2017

Herbalife was recommended to me by my friend in Denmark, I placed an order straight away when I returned. Easy to order - fast delivery - great products! Will be ordering again as I have received such a great service.

Lily Warren from Chelmsford 20-09-2017

Really impressed with the service and the speed of items arriving. Like the layout of website easy to use and quick to navigate throughout site

Kelly Tilley from Caerphilly 18-09-2017

I was extremely excited to start herbal life after hearing so much positivity about the products. Only been using nearly a week and feeling fab and already seeing results. Definitely recommend to friends

elayne barre from Maidenhead 16-09-2017

Really filling and pretty tasty, easier than other diets. As someone who is not that crazy on sweets these milkshakes are pretty tasty!

Caroline Bassett from Ashford 16-09-2017

Excellent products and easy to follow healthy eating plan

Natalie Manning from Portsmouth 14-09-2017

Really happy with these products, will definitely be buying them again! :)

Claire Lannigan from Ardrossan 13-09-2017

Herbalife shakes are a great source of low fat breakfast and lunch. I have tried just about every diet there is and I can safely say that Herbalife has been my most successful and enjoyable weight loss plan.

Zoe Adam from Maidenhead 13-09-2017

This is my second order with Herbalife & the difference in energy levels & how I feel daily is just a massive difference. Still yet to see a weight loss but so far so good!

Osazuwa Ehigie from London 13-09-2017

Providing resources for joint account management. Thanks

Lynsey Grieve from Langholm 11-09-2017

I have just completed one week on Herbalife and delighted to say Iv lost 5lbs 😁. I am drinking two shakes aday plus a healthy meal at night and I feel fantastic!! My skin and hair has also improved!! Going to try the thermo tablets next ordered!!

Madison Harvey from Cheltenham 10-09-2017

i am only day 2. gone from eating whatever I want whenever, to having 2shakes a day plus healthy meal for dinner I have found the shakes to be filling and easy to get on with. Drinking plenty of water and snacking on fruit.

Lyn Skrobacz from Heanor 10-09-2017

The shakes are very good and very filling. The Almond bars are to die for. I am 63 years old and find it difficult to loose weight, so far ive lost 3lbs which for me is good. Can recommend the Vanilla shake

Lauren Kettle from Woking 10-09-2017

Easy website to use. Products are genuine and reasonably priced. P&p was quick. Will be using this service to purchase my herbal life products.

Katharine Forwood from Whitstable 07-09-2017

Brilliant service , products arrived well packaged and on time. My breakfast shake with added aloe, that with the tablets and thermo tea keep me feeling healthy and energised for my busy days as a nurse.

CeCe Ryder from Leeds 05-09-2017

Love Herbalife.. really quick and easy to make, and very tasty!

Lianne Shoffman from ROMFORD 05-09-2017

Looking forward to trying this had 2 shakes already and its helped with my eating cravings

Louise from Kent 05-09-2017

I was unsure about having a shake for breakfast. I thought I would be hungry. How wrong was I! They are delicious. I have combined them with the multivitamins and have more energy now. I do not weigh myself but I know my clothes fit me better now!

Harmel Lohia from London 03-09-2017

I was not sure about using Hertbalife to start with, but it has really made a difference as I was always on the go and needed some to supplement my hunger so I would not lean toward junk food in between healthy meals.

Emily Thacker from Coltishall 31-08-2017

Really love Herbalife I have lost 3 stone using it,
It just suits my lifestyle, not having time for breakfast
or lunch sometimes,
so perfect for me!
Thank you :)

Sarah Hines from Aspley Guise 31-08-2017

Great products with nutrition at the core of Herbalifes values.
Delivery always prompt. Thank you

Gemma Keith from Mitcham 29-08-2017

I started Herbalife just under a month ago & it is the best decision I made. After having my son I struggled to get the weight off & my energy levels were so low. Herbalife has given me confidence I have dropped a dress size & have so much energy!

Naomi Edwards from neath 28-08-2017

Highly recommend. The flavour is amazing and definitely fills me up

Rajwinder Kaur from Thorton cleveleys 28-08-2017

Feel fresh and health after use vanilla flavour very good 😊

Linda Williams from Broxbourne 28-08-2017

Great web site. Accurate information. Speedy delivery. Great products. Well done team !!!!

Caroline Church from Glasgow 25-08-2017

I have been doing Herbalife breakfast plan and I feel loads better and they shakes and bars are so filling

Natalie Richardson from Wallasey 23-08-2017

Shakes are really good and filling lost 4lb in 2 weeks doing no exercise so will be buying more but doing exercise this time

Amyb Passfield from COLCHESTER 23-08-2017

Website really easy to use. Has all the info you need about the products. I have been really impressed with the products they have helped me so much.

Martina Svitanova from Kettering 22-08-2017

I love all product Herbalife. Herbalife changed my life, became more active and healthy. I have more energy in work, taste of product is good . Special I like formula 1 berry. I love it.

Susan Dutton from Stoke on trent 21-08-2017

Really easy to order and stick with the shake program and loses weight

kelly watson from portsmouth 21-08-2017

Been using these programs for two months now been eating so much less

Louise Beale from London 19-08-2017

Amazing taste and amazing results.. fast delivery too!

Phil Palmer from Castleford 18-08-2017

Simply life changing products, I feel amazing, full of energy, weight is coming off easy, the new formula shakes taste grear and the herbal tea is to die for!!! New order created and placed!!!

Mark Lees from Wishaw 17-08-2017

Fast efficient and excellent service.
Great products and a wide variety of choice.
Kept up to date with order progress.

Anna-Marie Walton from Sunbury On Thames 15-08-2017

I am very impressed by the flavour choices of these shakes. So far I feel better in myself and I have lost weight and a dress size. The strawberry flavour is my favourite especially crushed with ice!

Nicola Penny from Maidstone 15-08-2017

Delicious products, sent out quickly and well packaged

Lisa Chandler from London 14-08-2017

Since I started Herbalife 3 weeks ago. I feel so much better less bloated, my energy levels have gone up.I look foward to getting up in the mornings to have my shake for breakfast.I notice a change in my body shape already.

Diane Christopherson from Liverpool 12-08-2017

I carnt belive how good this product is not only have i lost weight but I feel much healthier.

Erin l from Port 12-08-2017

You excellent product easy to drink and filling for breakfast.

Aya Adele Kouadio from Enfield 10-08-2017

Hello I have been using Herbalife for pass 3 months have seen much improvement.
I really feel great than before I use to be size 10 I am now size 8 i really feel great.
He gave me energy i feel more lighter skinny and more pretty.

susan gillett from waltham abbey, essex 10-08-2017

Brilliant, place my order and receive it 3-5 days later and have it delivered to work, so conveint, thanks herbal life ....

John Lamond from Northwich 10-08-2017

We used Herbalife in Cyprus and when we moved back to the UK struggled to find a local supplier.
I was lucky to find this site amongst a search engine full of sharks.
Service and delivery exceptional. The cashback is really useful too.

Margaret Faulkner from Royston 10-08-2017

Try using Formula 1shake for breakfast not just to lose weight but to increase energy levels. At 73 and caring 24:7 for my husband with dementia it is quick and easy to take and certainly keeps me going at the busiest time of the day.

Steve Bishop from portsmouth 09-08-2017

This will be the second time my wife and l have used Herblalife, we both found it very successful last time we both lost just under three stone each. This time we only need to lose about 10lbs each to get back to are preferred weight.

Martyn Giles from Haverhill 09-08-2017

Excellent - arrived very quickly and I am feeling the benefits already - will be ordering again soon !!

Christine Howson from Cowling 08-08-2017

I have used Herbalife products on and if for a few years I love the vanilla shake for breakfast and lemon herbal tea, the service of the online website is really good order always received within a few days..

Gemma Goatley from London 07-08-2017

Great service and efficient delivery payments were all safe and secure products packaged really well. Everything I ordered all came at the same time. Great booklet enclosed with ideas for meal plans and how to make your shakes more interesting

Zara from Cheshire 07-08-2017

The flavours of the shakes are amazing and it definitely fills you up! I have the shakes twice a day, along with a proper meal once a day and I have seen changes - not only in my weight but with how I generally feel.

Claire from South Ockendon 06-08-2017

Tastes great, keeps me full until lunch. Only shake I have tried that does that!

Scarlett Cooper from Stockton On Tees 05-08-2017

Love herbal life new time mommy and helps me a lot to shift my baby weight wouldnt use anything else

Caroline roarty from Musselburgh 04-08-2017

I have peach thermo tea everyday with a cap of aloe vera, co.pletely boosts emergy & curbs apetite. Im having this as my everydsy routine from now on. Love it

Johanna Reilly from Liverpool 04-08-2017

Love it great way to lose weight and feel good at the same time

Marketa Jelinkova from nantwich 02-08-2017

Really love herbalife formula 1 cookoes and cream mixbit with yogurt like a dinner and your tea gives me more energy cant wait to try the raspberry flavour

J Mum from Aylesbury 02-08-2017

Loving the products and flours are really tasty.

Benj Gillett from Sherborne 31-07-2017

Herbalife is a great product I highly recommend using it

Jessica T from Liverpool 31-07-2017

Best thing I ever done starting Herbalife. I lost 6lb in my first week of weight loss & went on to loose 3 stone. Herbalife is the only thing that has worked for me when it comes to loosing weight & feeling healthy.

Marita Loquillano from London 31-07-2017

Very fast transaction. Quick delivery of the products and i an getting good results. Will definitely order again.

Michelle Dickie from Wallsend 29-07-2017

Ordering herbalife for a while now the products are so good i have found that with herbalife i have lost a lot of weight and been able to maintain my weight with the help of exercise too. It has helped me on my journey to live a healthier lifestyle.

Alex Bird from London 27-07-2017

Very good products and very good value for money! The website is very user friendly and easy to use.

Claire MacDonald from Northampton 26-07-2017

These products are amazing and the service is second to none. The customer service satisfaction is fantastic and i highly recommend herbalife to everyone.Its a life changer

Rajwinder Singh from Erith Kent 26-07-2017

Awesome product,great results . I lost 12 pound in one month .i love harbalife

Carol Lowe from Morden 26-07-2017

Love the shakes vanilla is my favourite I just add a little cinnamon to my shake taste so good!!

Roxanna lewis from Manchester 26-07-2017

Bought the shake as recommended by mr friend and I was going on holiday. They have definitely worked, shrunk my stomach and lost half a stone. Will be ready to order my 2nd lot

Nicola Coppock from Stockport 25-07-2017

Love this product lost 4 stone using this. Could not recommend this enough. But also you have to be in the right mind frame and be determined to lose weight but I would use this over and other shake. And chocolate tastes great

Stacey Kirwan-Orr from Stockton on Tees 21-07-2017

I am new to Herbalife and really enjoy the product.
The various flavours also make it easy to mix it up which is good.
Overall really happy with my progress.

Megan Celyn Jones from Swansea 21-07-2017

Really good products that get delivered on time and efficiently!

ewa szeszkowska from newbold verdon 20-07-2017

I am very happy to drink and eat product Herbalife, it is help me control my weight also to keep my health live. I do recommend this products. I do and I will to use them for my live. Ewa

Abi K from Epsom 20-07-2017

Website easy to use and order arrived quickly. Have reordered as just run out.

Julie Cowton from Northallerton 19-07-2017

Found website very easy to navigate to find the products I needed. Ordered without any difficulty and arrived a few days later with our very reliable DPD driver

Carly Ripley from CHATHAM 19-07-2017

I Love Herbalife Products. I have been using for 3 months and I always feel full up on my shakes and am seeing great results. Great Product.👍

Derek Suttie from Birdham 19-07-2017

Great website with excellent Herbal Life products - thank you herbaonline.co.uk!

Enrique Tinajero from Milton Keynes 19-07-2017

The service is great, quick and agile. Products always available, great results on all I tried. Check out options work perfectly & delivery astonishing. Easy to recommend products and on line method to acquire products in a easy and comfortable way

Anna Kleckova from Isleworth 19-07-2017

I have been using Herbalife products for almost two years now. First to reduce my weight and now only maintain my healthy weight. I cannot imagine not to have Herbalife Formula 1 for my breakfast any more. It always kicks my day off.

Tom Hunt from Somerset 18-07-2017

This is a great product from a well known company. My daughter lost so much weight whilst maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and having tried other things with limited success I have decided to try this. Lovely drinks and protein bars!!

Ronnie Lindsay from Sittingbourne 18-07-2017

First time using these products and website but great service all round easy to use and sent out really fast just awaiting on products to arrive but great allround so far

A Salem from Staffordshire 18-07-2017

Very good service products are original and i feel confident buying here get discounts which help so i do not buy elsewhere, reliable tracked delivery service excellent service

A Weaver from JERSEY 12-07-2017

Best shakes out of all i have tried! Had so many compliments since using Herbalife about how healthy i look!!

Melanie Ridsdale from BARNSLEY 12-07-2017

Love herbalife so easy to use and amazing products. Well worth the money.

Jane Simms from Manchester 11-07-2017

Great website to buy Herbalife from, items always in stock, quick delivery, well packaged and you also get VIP credits to use against the products you buy.

Julie-ann Benson from Edinburgh 10-07-2017

I have to admit I was sceptical about this but glad I have tried it as it really does work. I have a shake in the morning and it keeps me going till lunchtime with a morning snack. I feel less bloated and have loads more energy.

karen Wilson from Leeds 10-07-2017

great products with great results and with a easy to use website what more can I say

Denise Green from HORNCHURCH 07-07-2017

Ordered Herbalife shakes, tea and vitamins on line. Arrived promptly as expected. Have been on this 4 days and lost 2 lbs already. Not feeling too hungry! Vanilla Shakes are really nice and taste like liquid ice-cream.

ELAINE from DONEGAL 07-07-2017


Katie Daly from Oldham 06-07-2017

Herbalife are fantastic, the products are great and the shakes are really tasty! If your looking to loose weight they are definitely the company to use!

Tracy Clifton from Sheffield 04-07-2017

Fantastic for loosing weight
Formula from Herbal Life is my go to product when I need to loose weight.
It really works for me and the shakes taste great after being left in the fridge over night they thicken up a treat.

Leanne Whetnall from Exmouth 04-07-2017

Recently started taking Herbalife I have ibs problems so cant always go loo ! After having just the one Meal a day and 2 shakes my bowl system seems to be regular, less bloating, more comfortable, really enjoying my shakes, slowly seeing changes !

Crystal Boswells from Warwickshire 04-07-2017

I love the vanilla shacks verry filling .And the bars are so tastey .u enjoy the snakes and shakes u want theam not becuse thear healthy becuse thay taste fab

Danielle Brennan from Bedford 03-07-2017

This stuff is amazing! I would highly recommend!!!

olive innerarity from london 01-07-2017

Hi THERE ID LIKE TO SAY I TRIED Herbal life about ten years ago at that time i was succesful in losing 3 stone the product has changed slightly for the better.

Leanne Aradi from Luton 01-07-2017

Absolutely love Herbalife, definitely made me feel so much better and healthier !!

Denise Smith from Exeter 30-06-2017

Love the shakes, great product, easy to order and prompt service

Jonathan Tomlinson from Sheffield 28-06-2017

Hi love all products I suffer from skin condition and I do think they help with flare ups

Luke Ingram from Buriton 28-06-2017

I would just have one thing to say and that is Herbalife helped to change my life

Craig Allan from Coventry 28-06-2017

Love Herbalife F1 shakes and bars ! Delicious and great for loosing weight ! Will continue to use forever now

Diana Babus from London 28-06-2017

I love Formula1 shake I easily lost two stones without starving...
Thank you Herbalife

Ashley Conlan from Prestwick 28-06-2017

Love Herbalife would recommend to everyone only thing that has ever worked for me

Kelly Coote from Lowestoft 28-06-2017

Very impressed with the overall products, service, communication and delivery of Herbalife. Happy use again and again.

Georgina Tanner from London 28-06-2017

User friendly. Easy to find products. Great offers. Everything is easy to find. Quick and simple.

Christine McParland from Ashtead 27-06-2017

Very easy to use website - orders always turn up on time... and herbalife is great not just for weightless but general well being... I love it :)

Julia White from Burntisland 27-06-2017

Great citrus bars and speedy service. Very pleased.

Tony Nash from Salisbury 27-06-2017

Really like that this is so easy to follow. Shakes taste great. And are really filling.

Joanne Hennessey from Colchester 27-06-2017

I love HL products, great service, fast turnaround.

ANKUR BARUA from CRAWLEY 26-06-2017

I used Herbalife product earlier especially for weight loss and found to be effective. I would recommend this product to others

Andrew Elsby from WAKEFIELD 24-06-2017

Very easy to navigate website and all laid out in a very usable manner. Easy to order the right products form the descriptions and the ordering and delivery service are very smooth and so far without any issues whatsoever. Excellent service.

Daniel from Grantham 24-06-2017


Richard Defries from Hockley 23-06-2017

Easy to use website, well designed and great layout,makes it easy to order, gives the information you require at a glance.

Carole C from Devon 20-06-2017

this really worked for me lost 4 pounds in 10 days. am just going to give it another go. strawberry is my favourite flavour!!

Laura Brazier from Birmingham 20-06-2017

I am so happy with my order :-) will defo order again and it was fast delivery aswel

Nicola Morgan from Gloucester 20-06-2017

Really enjoying the taste of formula1 shakes and i add the pdm to it which really fills me up. Ive lost 4lb so far which im really pleased with.

Eunice Da Silva from London 19-06-2017

This is the best formula I have had taken, thank you to help me achieve my goals.

heather from Barrow-in-Furness 18-06-2017

Definitely worth trying. Taste nice. Lost 8lb in two weeks just by changing to a breakfast shake and the tea. Easy to make products

Ian Stevens from Dagenham 16-06-2017

Great service fast delivery super product
Website so easy to use

Sheena Khetia from Luton 15-06-2017

Perfect starter pack to help me decide to use herbalife. Very tasty!!

Tracy Clements from LONDON 15-06-2017

Love the shake and aloe and tea I have had good results from helblife and the service is great

Martyn Johnson from Barnet 12-06-2017

The website is really clear and the ordering process works smoothly. The products have lead me to lose nearly 8lb in 3 weeks

Kim Stacey from Waterlooville 09-06-2017

I think herbal life products are amazing they cater for every type of life style,
I joined herbal life 10 weeks ago and I have lost over a stone in this time and I feel amazing I highly recommend herbal life products,it works for me,

Anne Jephcote from Longfield 09-06-2017

Great tasting shakes and quick delivery.
Good contact with Herbalife consultant

Sarah Tucker from Swanssa 09-06-2017

Used this site for the first time last month and it was really straight forward and I received my product really quickly. Very pleased

Hannah Ayling from Portsmouth 09-06-2017

Website was easy to use I have tried Herbalife before through a rep but found would be easier to purchase myself. I love the mint chocolate chip flavour and cookies and cream. I lost stone before in 1 month and have kept this off.

Laura Norkiene from Chelmsford 08-06-2017

I have been using Herbalife formula 1 shake for more than a month and definitely notice the difference in my weight, plus it fills me up and no snaking needed

S khr from Wood green 07-06-2017

This is an amazing product, once fitted with lifestyle it is easily used and very successful

Candy T from London 05-06-2017

Absolutely love Herbalife. Feel great, healthy with Herbalife. As a Mum of two who skipped breakfast and lunch more often than not this is a quick and easy way of ensuring my body still gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep up with life

Candy Taylor from Cardigan 05-06-2017

Have really seen the weight come off and stay off using Herbalife. Enjoy every shake and never feel hungry between meals. One hundred percent happy :)

Jenny Thomas from Stockton-on-tees 05-06-2017

These products are so tasty I have tried a lot of drinks but these are far the best tasting ones

ioana marginean from dagenham 05-06-2017

I was disperare to loos some weight and herbalife help me a lot. More then that I am filing much better now so thank you very much for that

Hayley Sanders from REDDITCH 04-06-2017

Only been on for a month feeling great lost inches and back in my pre baby clothes. Really easy website very happy customer x

Lorraine Charnock from Darwen 01-06-2017

Order was sent quickly and arrived well packaged emails received immediately with all details when I registered fully satisfied with the service

Charlotte Fryatt from Hull 31-05-2017

Love Herbalife getting the chocolate shake stops my chocolate craving.

Julie Finnigan from Widnes 31-05-2017

Website easy to use, good choice of products. My only improvement would be if you added a tracking system to see where your order is.

Jade Cottrell from Bristol 30-05-2017

Feeling more healthy and more energy and a bonus losing 1 stone

Kerry Turner from Hull 30-05-2017

Wow love it lost 3 inches round waist but not on the scales

Marilyn Parke from Kings lynn 30-05-2017

I have just started and am finding herbal life very easy to use an really enjoying it have lost 4 lb in the last two weeks so am very pleased

Emily Sparrow from Manchester 29-05-2017

I recently sighted up to Herbalife to find out more information about the products. This gave me the opportunity to order a trial pack. Going through the website there are meal, shakes and snack ideas that will help me as dieting can be hard!

Lesnice from Wolverhampton 27-05-2017

So far these products have been quick & easy to prepare & take. The shipping & odering was quick and easy also.

Jerome Hughes from Romford 25-05-2017

Great products, great price and fast delivery would recommend to everyone

Lauren George from Fort William 25-05-2017

I started using these products back in February as I have a holiday in June. I love them!!! The thermos tea makes me so much less bloated and less energy. I feel trimmer and so many compliments. I would recommend!

Silvia Almeida from New cross 24-05-2017

I start to herbalife and I feel very happy with everything.

Parris Phillips from Cheshunt 24-05-2017

very easy and quick website to use and great tasting powders!

Keith Cochrane from Penicuik 24-05-2017

The website is easy to use and delivery is quite prompt.

Rod Conway from Glasgow 23-05-2017

Great product now restating the program after a year off it

Roisin Fenton from Belfast 23-05-2017

Just about to order my 2nd month off herbalife . This stuff is amazing by far the best weight loss program iv tryed seeing brilliant results in only 3 weeks.

Mike Osborn from London 22-05-2017

great product, with a great taste. does what it says it does

michelle Mollins from aberdare 22-05-2017

I love how herbalife is so easy. Its quick to make, easy to follow, convenient for a busy life. Tastes fantastic.. and definitely value for money.

Nuno Mendes from EASTBOURNE 21-05-2017

veery good i am so much slimeer i can get beteen the raindrops

Jacqueline Hammock from FELTHAM 21-05-2017

Love it! The shakes taste really good,Ive been on it before when I was getting married ipad lost 1stone in 4months. Love love

Rosina Correia from Ramsey 20-05-2017

Lovely products!!! Really worth the money! I am so pleased with Herbalife

Marina from Bowness 18-05-2017

Great products if planinng to lose weight,good taste,many flavours to choose from.

Liene Kristholde from Inverness 18-05-2017

Love the products, fast delivery, good service. :)

Lee Mountford from Staplehurst 18-05-2017

I started using Hebalife products about a month ago and I have to say I do not regret it one bit.

Lisa Ricketts from Essex 18-05-2017

Loving herbalife products. The shakes are so nice and so are the bars and tea. Best thing i ever did

Myra McKillop from Hamilton 17-05-2017

Love ❤️ Herbalife products been using them for a while now. My favourites are the original tea and chocolate protein shake. Been using the weight loss program along with 3 PT sessions per week and a healthy balanced diet. 👍💪

Kirsty Watson from Ewell 17-05-2017

I love the products and always fast delivery highly recommend to anybody

Hayley Brimicombe from Spalding 17-05-2017

This shake is the best weight loss shake ever. Some days I do the breakfast plan or I do the breakfast and lunch plan and in the first 2 weeks I lost 6lbs. I would recommend To anyone looking to loose some weight!

Sara Poole from Barnsley 16-05-2017

Absolutely love the products from Herbalife, they have really helped me to manage and maintain my weigh, I also love the protein bars in citrus flavour, they taste nothing like other protein bars from different companies

Emily Agnew from Manchester 16-05-2017

Shopping online was easy the information was consistent and very useful, the products I ordered were delivered fast and the team kept me updated I loved both the products and the service and will defiently be repurchasing.

Sarah Powell from HALIFAX 16-05-2017

Wow!! Amazing favours of the F1 shakes . Great customer service speedy delivery absolutely fabulous 😊

chris koumi from london 16-05-2017

I buy this product for my elderly parents.. my father suffers from an eye disease. Macular degeneration. Which it helps him get all the nutrition he needs. Since he hasbeen taking it the past 12 months his eyes habe not got worse but slightly improve

Vicki Salimeni from Cardiff 15-05-2017

Great site. Easy to use. Always in stock of all items. Fast delivery. Never buy Herbalife fram anywhere else

Michael Munn from Dover 15-05-2017

Really easy to follow, plenty of choice. Enjoying my new lifestyle.

karen pillai from rickmansworth 15-05-2017

I love Herbalife and have been using for the last 4 years. A great way to keep in shape effortlessly

A Young from Westgate 12-05-2017

Easy to use website with lots of helpful information about the products! Only improvment suggestion would be a larger selction of recipe ideas.

Peter Westmoreland from Wakefield 11-05-2017

What can I say , the product does what it says on the tin!!. Brill..

Dale Walters from Harlow 11-05-2017

Really enjoy Herbalife products helped me balance my diet and taste great.

Chloe from Canterbury 08-05-2017

I love the products, they taste so good and I feel amazing... roll on payday

Martin Cushnan from motherwell 08-05-2017

Awesome products and really helping me with my weight loss goals.

Danielle Greaves from Leeds 08-05-2017

Loving the products using the FM1 for breakfast and lunch along with the tea and fibre tablets feeling more energised and have lost weight so thumbs up x

Anthony Moran from Bushey 07-05-2017

Used Herbalife a few years ago went back on it and realise no other diet is worth it. Energy levels up and sleeping better.

Claire Wilson from Portsmouth 07-05-2017

Always struggled with dieting but Herbalife give me the control I need.

Emoke Kovacs from Andover 07-05-2017

My sister has been using it for many years now and it was the only thing that has helped her loose lots of weight and keep it in track.I also kniw other people who lost weight with herbalife.Very good products.

Chloe Jones from Shrewsbury 06-05-2017

The products I ordered are the best thing I have ever done!
Feeling great
Feeling much more alert
And most of all the weight loss is incredible without feeling hungry!

Shaun Wilkinson from derby 04-05-2017

placed an order after not having herbalife for about 2/3 yrs so looking forward to starting it again as it was the only diet i lost weight on.website is easy to use, however i found it difficult to order the shaker & no sign the measuring spoons?

Holly from Yorkshire 04-05-2017

I love this product, in 2014 I lost 2 stone just by using Herbalife, over the past 3 years I have put 9lb back on. being back on Herbalife for a week and lost 6lb already, appetite has decreased and have so much energy! Definitely recommend

Zara Bland from Sudbury 04-05-2017

The website is easy to use and the product selection process is easy to navigate. The products them selves arrive very quickly and are packaged well. I would and have recomended to friends.


I only started buying online a few weeks now, I must say the website is very friendly and easy to use. Great product, excellent overall. I surely will be buying even more on here.

Sam Weal from Bexleyheath 02-05-2017

Very good website easy to use. Just waiting for my shakes to arrive

Jade Dickson from London 02-05-2017

The products are great only been using them for two weeks now and I am already seeing results

Kerry Williams from Swansea 02-05-2017

Fast delivery. Always very pleased with products and the results they give

Aram Nazem from Woking 02-05-2017

Fantastic product and I am very happy with taking it

mel Dachtler from Canterbury 01-05-2017

Excellent products and service. I am Very impressed.

Kimberly Edwards from Ellesmere Port 01-05-2017

Website is easy to use, products are great so far so good

Brooke Golding from Sevenoaks 01-05-2017

Herbalife is a great company with some amazing products. Such a range if flavours and always good quality. Fast shipping on every order too, very impressed.

Amy White from Alford 30-04-2017

Herbalife has really controlled my cravings absoulutly love the chocolate flavour!

Sarah Lowin from South croydon 28-04-2017

love Herbalife , delivery could be improved by tracking orders

kerry o sullivan from Edinburgh 27-04-2017

Love the shakes & protein bars.I have a shake every morning and it keeps me going until lunch.The protein bars are great to keep my energy levels up as I get very shaky& weak all of a sudden if I do not eat often. The shakes& bars taste really nice.

Suzette Stamp from Camberley 26-04-2017

Very good alternative meal shake for weight loss. And the tea is really good if you need a caffeine kick in the morning.

Emma Smith from Felpham 26-04-2017

I used Herbalife last year and had more energy, felt fitter, healthier and leaner. I am back on it again to get Summer Body Ready. I am focused and determined to use the products to help me achieve a leaner and fitter me!

Charlotte Harrison from Sherborne 26-04-2017

I love herbalife. The products taste great and their is so much variety to choose from

Rebecca Fardell from Nottingham 26-04-2017

I have been using these products for nearly 2 months and have lost 15lb in weight, I feel much more energised and feel better within myself. I am so glad I got introduced to these products they really have changed my outlook on health and fitness.

donna richards from Cheadle 26-04-2017

Love Herbalife it has changed my life ! Loving that there are now new flavours xx

saviana onyina from EPSOM 26-04-2017

Fast delivery and also i love the product i feel lighter and not heavy as i used to .

Joanne Watts from Pershore 25-04-2017

1st week on Herbalife and feel amazing! Getting married in November and this is definitely going to help me slim down

Helen Nicholson from Perthshire 25-04-2017

Was very disappointed with my last order as the peanut protein bars were all white however you did fix this immediately and refund me which was prompt. I may consider another order and hopefully this was just a blip

Julie Wilson from Carlisle 25-04-2017

Had my 1st 2 weeks on Herbalife Mint chic chip shakes. It is delicious & I lost 6lb in 2 weeks. I feel so much better & have more energy. Highly recommend

Daniel Nicholson from STAINES-UPON-THAMES 25-04-2017

Brilliant online service great on time postage recommend people use this site

Rachel Harrington from Grimsby 24-04-2017

As always a great product, but the ease of ordering and speed of delivery makes Herbaonline a great distributor. The VIP credits help people like me with a smaller budget and I even received a brochure in my latest order, great thinking! Thank you!

Colleen Abbey from BOLTON 24-04-2017

Amazing product. Much more alert since taking products.

N Williams from Leeds 24-04-2017

Great tasting products, easy to use and deliver real results

Nicola Rochelle from Washington 23-04-2017

I find the Herbalife F1 shakes a great breakfast as I have difficulty eating on a morning. I feel more energetic, more able to focus and pick less during the morning.

Lucy Talay from London 21-04-2017

Love herbal life 6 weeks now no more fatigue or bloating or pain with my ibs I highly recommend this way of life to anyone. Wish I started sooner

Keatlaretse Mahlake from Central London 21-04-2017

I ordered herbal life online for the first time, I did receive my order however the lid for the tablets i ordered was broken, I contacted herbal life & they replaced my order. I encouraged and I look forward to doing business with herbal life

Nicole Royes from London 20-04-2017

I have lost 1lb per week with Herbalife weight loss program and exercise 3 times per. The best tasting product I have used and I have way more energy and I do not need coffee anymore even with 2 children and a full time job!

Leeann Mccabe from Glasgow 20-04-2017

Products are great this is my 2md time on herbal life and i would highly recommend it😊

Sarah Carr from Northumberland 20-04-2017

My bloaty belly is no more and after a short time using, really seeing the difference and amazed at the results at such a short time I have mint chocolate, Its so nice and a feel am still having something a little bit naughty :)
Thanks Herbalife x

Jane Fisher from Shepperton 16-04-2017

Love the products especially the Protein shakes and the Tea.
Great flavours and tasty

Gill Hodgson from Southend on sea 13-04-2017

Excellent service excellent results. My son and I are using Herbalife, my son has lost over a stone in a month.

Jason from Buckinghamshire 13-04-2017

A simple no-nonsense way to return to my weight of 20 years ago!

Tracey Littlefair from Skipton 12-04-2017

having tried various shakes in the past Herbalife is by far the tastiest and most satisfying, great products with quick delivery, have recommended to friends.

Patrick Hanlon from Hastings 12-04-2017

Excellent easy to use website and efficient service with great VIP benefits.

Mustapha Ahmed from London 11-04-2017

Excellent product
Fast delivery
Feel happy
Sleep well
Feel more energetic
Already lost weight

Scott Matthews from hedon 08-04-2017

Very good service with fast delivery. Lots of useful information for best use of products.

Hummad Ashary from London 08-04-2017

I have been using herbalife and herbaonline and I feel fantastic.. the service through online by Mark are very helpful and efficient and always deliver on time I have had no issues and still continue to use the service .
thank you

Steven Rouse from Basildon 07-04-2017

Love the products that i buy, easy to use website and great VIP credit scheme to encourage you back.

Julija Nelubina from Ealing 07-04-2017

Website very nice ,staff very friendly and helpfull .dealing with issues very quick and nicely
The iteams as promised

Gill Darby from Darlington 07-04-2017

For me this is the only way to lose weight. Always good service and quick delivery.

Karen L Gray from Stratford 07-04-2017

Fabulous product - like that it is gluten, soy free

Dianne Johnson from Liverpool 07-04-2017

I am very pleased with the service I have received. I have lost over 2 stone with Herbalife products and am now achieving an ambition to compete in a triathlon

Stephanie from monmouthshire 06-04-2017

the website is fab to use, quick and easy to find products and to read more about the benefits of Herbalife!

Amy Fielding from Bridgend 05-04-2017

Herbal life is amazing! it does exactly what it says it does it really is that simple.

Sandra Kyme from Bath 04-04-2017

Site is very easy to use and delivery always very quick.

HEATHER PUGH from NEATH 31-03-2017

Excellent product, very fast delivery. Love the Cookies and cream Formula 1 shake.

Dorothy Wilkie from Arbroath 30-03-2017

Brilliant Service from this website and some very useful information

Peter from Manchester 29-03-2017

Fantastic results after 3 weeks lost 5kg .Very happy with Herbalife

Lisa J from London 29-03-2017

I have found using the Herbalife website quick and easy and very informative for getting the package that is right for me.

Martin Edds from ANDOVER 27-03-2017

Quality products from a helpful team, always willing to help with queries.
Products sent rapidly and in perfect condition.

Grace Clayton from COLCHESTER 27-03-2017

It was my first time using this site to order herbalife. I was very impressed with the amount of products and information there was about herbalife. I just received my products and I felt it was an efficient delivery. .

Claire Lee from Ton 27-03-2017

One word excellent products delivered always on time and website so easy to use.

Melanie Merrett from Chelmsford 27-03-2017

I love my Formula 1 shakes. I never used to eat breakfast and would end up so hungry by mid morning that I would buy loads of rubbish food from the sandwich van at work each day! Now I am organised and able to resist the temptation of empty calories!

robert smurthwaite from gloucester 26-03-2017

easy to order great products and I have used all the products over the last twelve years so I think I am a pretty good judge. rob

Lieneke Du toit from London 26-03-2017

I love herbalife products! I have slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 8 and absolutely love the results!! Thanks to Herbalife I have more confidence now. I have recommend to friends and I will continue to use it as part of a healthy life style.

Anna Diakunas from Plymouth 25-03-2017

Highly recommend this product. In 2 weeks I lost 2 kg.

Patricia Burney from Rainham 25-03-2017

Herbalife is tried and tested. I used it 18 years ago to gain weight. Due to shift work and work stress, I was always tired and drained. Within days of starting the programme I felt more awake. Two weeks later, my skin is looking awesome

Andrew Griffiths from Bargoed 24-03-2017

great products great taste and the delivery was quice will be keeping up fit my weight loss goals

Ellin Victoria from Edinburgh 24-03-2017

The website is easy to use and the delivery track just made everything easier for me

Ceri Parker from St Albans 23-03-2017

Excellent company with excellent products. Always on hand to offer help when its needed. Speedy delivery, for when you leave things to the last minute, like me :)

Helen Walker from Halesworth 22-03-2017

2 weeks on herbal life two orders and both amazing love it

Dipali Patel from london 21-03-2017

I started using this 3 weeks ago and ordering again great product quick results, defiantly recommend to everyone wanting to loose weight.

Jacqueline Wilson from Dundee 21-03-2017

After 4 weeks I have lost 2lbs. The shakes are tasty and with all the added vitamins and minerals I am already feeling more energetic.
I have the shakes with skimmed milk (not a great lover of milk). I have also tryed the shakes with water only.

D Ryder from Liverpool 21-03-2017

Great service, products - which I love arrived on time. Customer Service was great, having emailed with a query got a response straight away.

Francine Sheridan from Cheshire 20-03-2017


Toni Godsmark from Doncaster 19-03-2017

Really happy customer. My order arrived quickly and the shakes taste amazing! Really easy to mix, and filling. Will definitely be ordering again

Jonathan Stuart from Towcester 19-03-2017

Really convenient way to purchase Herbalife products without needing to find a local distributor. Rapid service, and always seem to have stock.

Mark Griffiths from Brentwood 18-03-2017

Very good service except for the direct debit not working

Collette Morton from Falkirk 18-03-2017

Fantastic service and great range of products to pick from.

Vera Carmo from London 17-03-2017

Good quality . Good price. Definitelyi suggest strongly to other people



Pauline Turner from Southampton 16-03-2017

The products are good and the speed with which they are sent is excellent. I mainly use the shakes as breakfast replacement so am not following a regime as such but the shakes are delicious and I really enjoy them.

Jimmy from Milton Keynes 15-03-2017

Very good will recommend to everyone it great thank you

Herpreet Panesar from Slough 15-03-2017

I recently purchased the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix - Strawberry. Tastes amazing, will be back for more and there are so many recipes available to change it up abit!

Jo from London 15-03-2017

Perfect - love this company and easy easy to order and receive

Helen from Ramsgate 14-03-2017

Fantastic products and great service. Love the protein shakes good flavours. Would like to know more obviously if products contain nuts as I have an allergy.

Daren Gardner from Havant 13-03-2017

My wife has tried other weight loss meal supplements but herbalife is the best for her the weight fell off you could really see the difference.

Althea Taylor from London 13-03-2017

The website is very easy to use, and I was really impressed
with the fast delivery.

William Bryant from Westbury 12-03-2017

Great, easy and nutritious product to use. I never saw my abs until i used Herbalife, finally getting back from injury now I can train again, and I am straight back on these shakes again. Shipment was fast and efficient.

joanna cacanas from bath 11-03-2017

really enjoy the choc peanut bars, always have a stash

Patricia Preddie from London 09-03-2017

I think this is a great site
Delivery are fast
Shakes taste amazing
This site is easy to use

rabia ashraf from edinburgh 09-03-2017

I have been eating the protein bars as a snack and this is fulfilling my sweet craving instead of a bar of chocolate - the bars are also quite filling and nutritious! I will now be trying the vanilla almond flavour.

Zoe Campbell from Huddersfield 08-03-2017

Loving Herbalife feel full and full of energy! The protein bars gorgeous x

Rose Hicks from Gillingham 07-03-2017

A fast and efficient service. Really pleased with the products I have used so far. Cappuccino, Tropica Fruitl and Raspberry/Blueberry Formula 1. They do not taste "powdery" either.

John McConnachie from London 07-03-2017

Great website and very speedy delivery. Will definitely be using you again

Elizabeth McGregor from Newton Stewart 06-03-2017

Have tried Herbalife several times and each time it works. Better than all other diets like weight watchers, Slimming World and Simply Slimming which I have tried. Your never hungry when using Herbalife.

Klara Remmington from Bushey 06-03-2017

I LOVE the instant herbal green teas! They are so convenient and also delicious! Plus with ball the wonderful weight loss benefits associated with green tea. Fantastic product!

Lisa Cockerell from Edinburgh 06-03-2017

Excellent service and products. Delivery is always fast and the VIP Credits received on each order are really appreciated.

amanda barnes from devon 05-03-2017

Very easy site to use, prompt service and i like the loyalty program

Joanne Mills from Swadlincote 03-03-2017

I have placed 2 orders & both have arrived within 4 days. Super fast service &well packaged. The VIP points are are good incentive too. My only negative would be, I wish you could pay other than through PayPal. Love the products love the service.

Pamela Haygarth from Colchester 01-03-2017

Very easy site to use and the range of products is fab, I can get healthy and also enjoy my food,

MARGARET MITCHELL from cowie stirling 01-03-2017

Herbalife has certainly help me I have lost 1stone over the past year. I also love their drinks the vitamins are so good give you all the energy you need to help you through your day as with other diets you feel you have none at all.

Ann Longley from Goole 01-03-2017

I have been using Herbalife for about a year,,With help from the gym and Herbalife I have lost 23lbs,, which I am very happy with and will continue to use Herbalife.I am 69 feeling fit

Nicola Williams from Wigan 28-02-2017

So tasty & filling. I got the vanilla & mint chocolate shake, along with the protein bars. I have been on them now one week & I feel great, my hair & skin also seem to be benefitting.

Hannah Coles from Cardiff 28-02-2017

Website is excellent and has loads of information, enough to help you choose the best options. It would be great to bring out a mobile friendly app or website.

Elisa Van Oyen from Evanton 27-02-2017

Herbalife has been what I needed, i have only been on it 2 week and already I can see a difference and I feel amazing!! Plus I love all the flavours and keep me so full!!

Lizelle Kerrai from Swindon 27-02-2017

The meal replacement shakes are the best and keeps me full until snack time and just love the protein bars, feels like cheating when I eat them.

Katie Careless from Skegness 26-02-2017

Absolutely loving my Herbalife I read alsorts of reviews from groups etc and I feel so much healthier already 3 weeks in

Cathie Worrall from Ravensworth 26-02-2017

Fast efficient service ordered Friday afternoon was notified by courier it was arriving Monday, so excited to open my goodies

Richard Green from Evesham 26-02-2017

Great service great product quick delivery always come back

Jk from Derbyshire 23-02-2017

Have been on herbal life for a couple of weeks and can already see positive changes. I was very reluctant at first being on so many different shake diets before but I have noticed a change since being on these products.

Tabitha Sears from Maidstone 23-02-2017

Started using these products and felt better in myself and my energy levels improved. I feel more empowered to make better choices with my food thanks to herbalife.

Helen Burke from Tottenham 23-02-2017

Very reliable
Speedy delivery
Authentic products
Thank you

Zack Gardener from Holsworthy 22-02-2017

Great product, been using it for around 4 years now. Helps build muscle and maintain definition. Highly recommended.

Annie Ewin from Oxted 22-02-2017

Really easy website to navigate, information is to the point and explains exactly what you can expect from the products. Speedy delivery and great service.

Paula Colreavy from Dunstable 22-02-2017

First time using Herbalife and I have been using the shakes for the last three weeks.
The website is so easy to use and my order was dispatched within 48 hours.
I am looking forward to seeing more positive results from using Herbalife.
Many thanks

Charlotte Falconer from Fareham 21-02-2017

Herbalife shakes are incredibly easy and taste gorgeous. After having children I gained a lot of weight, Herbalife fits in perfect with my lifestyle and so easy to prepare while trying to chase after a 2 and 3 year old. Love the mint choc chip!

Bianca Dumea from Cardiff 21-02-2017

Your products are very good and I always use them, especially the Protein Shakes.

natalie allen from Walsall 21-02-2017

Love the shakes and protein bar about to order again

Lorraine Conwell from Wishaw 18-02-2017

Enjoying the Vanilla shake for breakfast now for 8 months, I feel I have more energy than before and have lost 16 lbs too. The shakes are delicious, nutritious and filling honestly a satisfying breakfast.

Sharon F from London 15-02-2017

I have using this website for a few months now, the products are excellent and the service is excellent too.

Riad wali from London 13-02-2017

I like the products its working great for me. And the service is fast and efficient.

Moira Rowan from Kirkcaldy 13-02-2017

Fast & prompt service, delivered undamaged, also find the tea is refreshing

Katie Webb from London 12-02-2017

I am absolutely loving Herbalife at the moment. Only been using nearly a month but can see and feel the changes.
Fast delivery great service



Catherine Dowd from Greenwich 09-02-2017

Fantastic service and great product. Snacks are yummy.

Jemma Ruff from Farnborough 09-02-2017

I have been using the formular 1 for just over 1 month now and have already lost 20lbs. It tastes great and makes you feel full.

S K from Ilford 07-02-2017

It was very easy to order the product from herbaonline. I am happy witht the quality of delivery. It was nicely packed and the delivery was quick.

sefanit worede melaku from sheffiled 05-02-2017

I need my life this product means Herbalife thank you so mach

Mansi Patel from London 05-02-2017

I was introduced to herbalife through a friend and i wanted to give it a try. today its been 6 months already im using the shake and protein powder. its really good for my body especially skin. Would really recommend it !!

nazire boran from london 04-02-2017

i have been using herballife starter pack for a month now and have managed to lose 5 kg, with no exercise.

Kelly from Huntingdon 01-02-2017

Herbalife shakes taste great. Have lost 4 1/2 stone following the plan - highly recommended.

magdalene tan from Sidcup 31-01-2017

The website and product description was clear and easy to use to use. Delivery was very prompt.

My friend vouch by its benefits for well being and her family had been using Herbalife products for several years so I am trying the products myself.

Fflur williams from CHESTER 31-01-2017

Fantastic product,loss 16 pounds in 6 weeks by using herbal life 24,highly recommend

Jelizaveta Oblate from London 31-01-2017

I am very happy to use your products. This website is very helpful and easy to use.
Keep doing your good work.

Olivia Johnson from Burnley 28-01-2017

Received my order in time and packaged better than expected.
Really impressed and will definitely be ordering again.

Heather Macdonald from Newlands 28-01-2017

Your Website has clear information and excellent suggestions onr how to plan a daliy sustainable programme that keep the blood sugar level steady. This avoid hunger pangs and makes it possible to stick to the programme.

Nadia Sangra-Jones from St Albans 27-01-2017

from my initial use of your Website I have been impressed by it straight forward layout and ease of use. especially with the login/registering link.

I also love the incentive of the VIP credits.

Sophie from Lincoln 26-01-2017

I have used my shake for the first time today, and loved it, I found it very filling and tasted!

Paula Kinsella from Lancing 26-01-2017

These products are helping with my weight loss programme. Thank you

Jasmine from Broadstairs 26-01-2017

Fantastic product it helped me loose 6 pounds in two weeks. Tasty protein bars and soya beans helped to maintain focus.

Kat Cave from Liverpool 25-01-2017

Great service , so easy to order and items came as promised with no issues. Brilliant idea to give credits which can be saved up.
Would recommend and will be using again.

Adam from Swansea 24-01-2017

Great service and orders always show up on time, and delivered quickly.

Jemma Howdle from Boston 23-01-2017

Love this product, great tasting, affordable prices and so many things and flavours to choose from. I would recommend to my friends and family. Thank you for the great tasting products.

Helen Canning from Bath 23-01-2017

Great service and prompt delivery, herbalife is a very good way to loose and maintain weight, you never go hungry and all the shakes and snacks taste great

Sonia Pettitt from Waterlooville 23-01-2017

Great site and distributer with quick delivery. Would like to see more recipes and protein snack ideas 😀

Daniel Mather from Dewsbury 22-01-2017

5****** great product lost a stone in 1 month love it

Sandra Devlin from Glasgow 22-01-2017

Website is easy to use products delivered quickly. txt message sent to advise you of delivery which is really helpful.

Jackie from London 22-01-2017

I have been taking Herbalife for about three weeks now I feel like I have a lot more energy plus I am losing weight, the shakes are lovely and really do fill you up.


Great service together with quick delivery as always and great products.

Simon Warner from Stonehaven 20-01-2017

Really love the flavours for the replacement meals - especially the Vanilla and Chocolate

Sharon Knight from Romford 19-01-2017

Order delivered very quickly
Very happy with product and results that are being achieved without feeling hungry

Jane Sendlers from Newbury 19-01-2017

User-friendly website and quick,efficient delivery.
Product labels and specifying quantities in each pack could enhance service even further.

Sharon Harwood from Chatham 19-01-2017

Good service, items ordered are received promptly with good packaging. Website is easy to use. Just waiting for the results!!!! ever hopeful.....

Anon from Birmingham 18-01-2017

Tried diets before and never been able to stick to them-I would feel deprived and would end my days by binge eating. Herbalife formula one keeps you full for longer so you dont feel the need to snack or even feel like your being starved

Teresa Callender from LOWESTOFT 18-01-2017

Fantastic service, great communication and fast delivery. Also having the VIP credits means I can treat myself to a few more items each month.

Raghunadh Kantamaneni from Edinburgh 18-01-2017

thse products are good and reduced weight what i am expecting to be

Teresa Houghton from Ilkeston 18-01-2017

I have ordered my supply and was very imprest how quick and simple I found the ordering and delivery. I know look forward to starting my plan in the next two weeks and will be re ordering knowing I am already building up a credit. Thank you

Jean Hardwick from Plymouth 18-01-2017

The products are amazing and so easy to order on this site. Delivery has always been first class and I will continue to buy my Herbalife products this way
Many thanks

Luke Smith from London 17-01-2017

I like the products, seeing good results with a bit of hard work aswell



Ray Davies from Liverpool 17-01-2017

I placed my very first order from herbaonline just before Christmas The order arrived within days even with the Christmas post which I did not expect. The fact you eat often on the Herbalife plan you never feel hungry

Jemma Branthwaite from Thirsk 16-01-2017

Love the Herbalife products! This site is brilliant, easy to use and fast delivery!!

Kerry Harman from Dereham 13-01-2017

Products are easy to locate on website and always arrive very quickly!

Louise Davidson from Perth 11-01-2017

Tried the start pack a while ago and loved it! Definitely trying again!

Jayne Ulett from Leeds 11-01-2017

Herbalife provides a professional prompt service!! One very happy customer..

Dave Benfield from Havant 11-01-2017

Hi this is the best thing that i every done i feel alert and have loss 2 stone in the 6 months i have been doing Herbalife. I have now introduced 3 of my friends. I will recommend this site to anyone that wants to loss weight.

Sara Riley from Bridgend 10-01-2017

great products, easy to use website and to find products. Fast delivery.

Cherie Luddington from Sittingbourne 07-01-2017

Never stuck to a diet any longer than 3 months but this is so quick and easy. Love it!

Scott Blacklin from Seaham 05-01-2017

Website is straight forward to use and not over complicated like others. Products are very tasty my favourite so far is the chocolate and peanut protein bar. Even over the christmas break the dispatch and delivery was very prompt. Thank you

Michael Stiles from Cardiff 02-01-2017

This is the first time using the website which I found easy to use and easy to order from, will be ordering again soon.

Aimee from Cradley heath 01-01-2017

I love the formula 1! Tasty and really works! Choc bars are also good

kerry jones from wrexham 30-12-2016

Brilliant I love herbalife it makes me feel so much better and alot more energy aswell

Sara Lougher from Bedwas 30-12-2016

I love these products, you not only lose weight but if followed correctly you lose inch in body fat,

Toni white from Maidenhead 29-12-2016

Super products. Great value. The shakes are my favourite so delicious.I have never been a fan or believer in protein shakes but these are super. I have at least one shake a day and feel good for it.

Tracey Kerr from Liverpool 29-12-2016

Great site for Herbalife products with some great offers. Would be great if you could add a link to track your delivery

Andy from Wakefield 29-12-2016

Ive lost 1.5 stone in 2 months with Herbalife which is great!!

Celestina Tacugue from Dagenham 28-12-2016

Great product! Highly recommended if you really wanted to lose weight!

R Sempey from County Antrim 28-12-2016

Formula one shake mint choc ... great service and fast delivery... great product

Lauren Davies from Milton Keynes 27-12-2016

Product received quickly and in good condition. Thanks

Katy Piggott from Lowestoft 27-12-2016

Fantastic products, amazing flavour and results!! Highly recommend

Tracie Hill from Nantwich 27-12-2016

Really looking forward to getting healthy in 2017.

victoria ubah from Epsom 24-12-2016

I love herbalife, it is an easy to make, ready to go, meal. Its various flavours means I can never get bored by changing my shakes to different flavours.

kate panayiotou from swinton 19-12-2016

I now have the Chocolate flavour shake for breakfast to help maintain my weight after losing over a stone on the weight loss programme.

Irek Kaldowski from Livingstone 13-12-2016

I have been using Herbalife for about 3 weeks now and without any problems, no cravings I manage to loose just over 2kg!!
Happy with it and will continue to until reach my goal :)

ewelina legierska from leamington spa 12-12-2016

Great product..!! Recommend by my friend..feel great loosing weight..!!!

SP from London 10-12-2016

Excellent product and customer services. Quick responses and very patient.

Jessica A Richardson from Corringham 07-12-2016

Customer service is brilliant! Received my order within about 3 days!
Shakes taste lovely too! Very filling :)

Linda Crates from Portsmouth 06-12-2016

Recently ordered some Herbalife protein bars after my sister have me one and I loved them. Order came very quickly. Well chuffed with product and service

Peter Johnson from ware 05-12-2016

Herbalife is great for me as a busy person, it makes me feel strong for the day, healthy and balanced and keeps me full of energy for the day.

Lika Pashalishvili from Royston 04-12-2016

I love the herbalife formula 1 it taste so good and not to mention very easy to follow the instructions. I bought this product to help me lose weight and so far I am happy with my results.

Yasmin from Derby 02-12-2016

Great product that really helps boost energy and can see results

caron Dooey from Motherwell 29-11-2016

My husband loves his Herbalife in the morning driving to work,his favourite flavours are strawberry and vanilla!!!

Margo Kiernan from Glasgow 28-11-2016

Herbalife website is fantastic. Pick out what you require and the herbalife team do the rest. Service is excellent. Herbalife has transformed my life for the better.

Zhifei Cheng from Birmingham 22-11-2016

This product is wonderful! It helped me to lose 5kg a month, but also it made me develop a good habit of rest! I will always stick to it!

Emma Swords from Boston 21-11-2016

Herbalife is a fantastic way to manage your weight. I find using the shakes for breakfast and lunch easy and filling and then just small evening meal. Ordering the products is simple and delivery is very quick. Would recommend Herbalife .

Tammy Gove from Leven 20-11-2016

This is the only diet I have ever enjoyed which makes it easy to stick to! The tea tastes great! And the protein bars are a handy snack if ur craving a chocolate hit! Thanks herbal life xx

George Reid from Aberdeen 16-11-2016

This site is very helpful it gives you alot of informantion an easy form to losing weight and controling it the shakes are tasty and theres alot of flavours to try not like other brands where they only have a select few.

natasha judge from Stoke-on-Trent 16-11-2016

Great programme, easy and convenient. Best of all though weight loss wasnt huge the inch loss from stomach, hips and waist has been significant.

Elaine Fellowes from Bishops Stortford 14-11-2016

I love the protein bars, I take them to work,nether are handy as I do not always have time for a proper break. A protein bar with a cup of tea keeps me going. The shakes are the nicest I have tasted.

Nadia Houston from Ashford 13-11-2016

Very prompt delivery, shakes more filling and palatable than other companies I have tried.

Xueqing Hong from Chertsey 12-11-2016

I really like the apple oat fibre product. It blends easy with water and it tastes nice.

Sara from Gosport 12-11-2016

Website quick & easy to use. Products arrived quickly after order.

Stefan Mahulea from Dartford 09-11-2016

Herbalife is the only thing which worked in the loosing way process. I recommended to my friends, as I know for sure it works.

jan chappell from harlow 09-11-2016

this is the only diet i have ever done , stuck to and lost weight and inches with ! I never thought that having 2 shakes a day and a meal was possible but with the right mindset and the great product i have done it

Sue Battersby from Liverpool 08-11-2016

I have only just started using these products and am really impressed. The bars are really filling as a snack, just what I needed. The teas are a great way to have a quick drink and even if they go cold they are still nice to drink.

Lorraine Pigott from Ringwood 07-11-2016

Excellent products and service. I can recommend herbalife to other users.

Freya Costin from Wigan 06-11-2016

Love the products.Always receive excellent customer service.

Manjit Rai from Gravesend 05-11-2016

Amazing products !! Love the way my body changing.
Thanks to Herbalife

Joni Millthorpe from Barnsley 04-11-2016

Fantastic service, quick delivery and excellent products, will definitely be ordering again, thank you


Great company with fast delivery and easy to use website. The products are great to, my favourite is the tropical shake.

Beth Vernon from Frome 01-11-2016

The flavour of the shakes and bars are really good, my favourites are the strawberry and the mint chocolate. The Herbalife programme suits me as it works with my lifestyle it is not too restrictive and it works - I have lost 2 stone so far

lesley downton from rochdale 01-11-2016

I love my Herbal Life drinks, escpecially the Cappocino one. I find I feel less hungry and have already lost weight.

gareth williams from leicester 31-10-2016

Excellent service and easy to use product that works

Susan Kirwan from Saltburn 31-10-2016

Happy with my quick delivery and everything I ordered was good to get me started my new track

Ana Madeira from Peterborough 28-10-2016

herbalife is the best, we can see the results.i always recommende.

Caroline Day from London 27-10-2016

Tried the choc chip shake for the first time.. love it! I have it for breakfast and lunch. It fills me up and the weight is falling off

Toni Burns from Lytham St Annes 26-10-2016

This product is great and fits into my day to day life. Great choice of flavours with the shakes and previously when on this to lose weight it is the only diet I have done and managed to keep the weight off.

Belinda Parr from Liverpool 25-10-2016

A friend started with herbalife and I was a little unsure about the claims.. she now looks fabulous! So here goes.. Website easy to use, waiting now for my delivery.

Phyllis Willis from Portadown 21-10-2016

great company, fast service and a easy to use website.. all of which back up a great range of products that work

Paul Green from Kings lynn 17-10-2016

This is the second time I have used this product and would fully recommend this shake over any other meal replacement

Sam de Hoest from Doncaster 15-10-2016

Really good website and easy to use.
Delivery is really quick too - I would recommend to anyone!

Andrea Kato from Dagenham 12-10-2016

Great site, great products!I have used herbalife before and I lost 6 stones in 5 months without gaining them back afterwards.Verry happy with the products!

Remarico Japlit from Claygate 10-10-2016

I like herbalife, the shake was really taste good and delivered very fast. Hope this product will achieve my goal, i will continue to use herbalife.

Tom Chitty from Coventry 10-10-2016

Herbalife meal shakes are the best shakes I have had so far. All the other protein shakes I have tried always have an unnatural taste but these are really tasty, and very healthy too, highly recommended :D

Lisa crook from Lowestoft 10-10-2016

Thank you for order, arrived very quick and enjoying the shake tryed the new raspberry and blueberry very nice.

Pauline mckenna from Liverpool 07-10-2016

Just joined, it was very simple and the service so far has been excellent

Carol Irvine from Antrim 06-10-2016

Started Herbalife last month and have already lost 1/2 a stone so easy to stick to , I have tried and failed at many weight loss programs this one really works .

Karan Wilson from Brentwood 05-10-2016

My hubby and I love Herbalife, the flavours are great and the best thing for me is my IBS symptoms disappear. Loving the new Bluberry and Raspberry Formula 1 shake.

Lynne from Chester 05-10-2016

I have used the shakes for a few years, initially for weight loss and latterly to help with weight management. They are convenient, taste good and do work if you follow the plan

Denise Scott from Retford 04-10-2016


Victoria Annett from Belfast 04-10-2016

I think the service is very efficient and the layout on the website is clear and gives a lot of information.

Many Thanks,


Evelyn Turpie from Blairgowrie 03-10-2016

I started to use Herbalife because my daughter kept saying try it,but just try. Eventually I tried it and yes she was right started to loose weight but also felt a lot better., I would recommend any one to give it a try

Andras Bertalan from Barnsley 02-10-2016

Great products, nutritious healthy meal alternatives!

maureen manning from Nottingham 30-09-2016

I have been using herbalife products for the last 5 months and I am extremely happy with the results.I have lost 11kg in weight and feel really energised.

Valentina Pataki from London-Dagenham 28-09-2016

Very happy with herbalife products.Gourmet tomato soup have nice taste and Formula 1 shake mix,mint chocolate,raspberry&blubery flavour are amazing.Fast and flexible delivery.Well done for easy online shopping.

Hayley from Littlehampton 27-09-2016

I Have been very satisfied with the online ordering and delivery service has been prompt and came with some handy free goodies such as the shaker will definitely be ordering again and love receiving money off for next shop! #Herbalifeforever!

Tracey Craig from Denny 26-09-2016

Herbalife is a wonderful product it is so healthy for u and the options u have are amazing thay really are plus the shakes and the teas are tasty plus the bars are so yummy I would recommend this product to everyone .

heather mcghee from Glasgow 24-09-2016

I have used herbalife a few times on and off in order to lose weight and it shows amazing results if you stick to it!!It makes dieting easier as it keeps you on track and the shakes also taste pretty good. I highly recommend it!

Katy Bird from HULL 23-09-2016

Great. I am loosing weight, am not feeling hungry during the day and shakes are not too sweet like other protien shakes

kirsty broomfield from cullompton 23-09-2016

Fab really helped me really easy to understand and even order my own things glad I belong to a good group

Nick Sharley from Mildenhall 20-09-2016

I have purchased a number of products from Herbaonline and have always found the process very simple and delivery has always been very efficient. I would recommend this company to family and friends.

havva Ali from London 19-09-2016

herbalife online is a really good website. very just worthy and there products are great.

Nicola Carlton from Wakefield 18-09-2016

Great service...shakes easy to make and tasty. Eight pound weight loss in just two weeks.

Sylvia Jefferys from Denham Green 18-09-2016

Herbalife has made a real difference to both mine and my sons health and well being, My son has lost over 2 stone in 3 months using the shakes alongside a healthy diet and this has encouraged him to join the gym and start exercising.

Amber Burbeck from Bristol 14-09-2016

Lovely tasting healthy meal replacements on the go!

Katrina Celimon from Waltham Abbey 13-09-2016

I am totally happy with the products that you sent me last time. Love the Vanilla shake which I add frozen or fresh fruit to.

Yousaf Chaudhary from Leicester 12-09-2016

I have been buying products from herbalife for the past 3 months and it has helped me hugely with my weight loss, I have been seeing results! Thank you

Elizabeth Stirling from Motherwell 12-09-2016

I cannot fault this website at all... Ordered a few times and never had any problems. Delivery always when it says.

Navdeep Shergill from Oldbury 10-09-2016

Excellent service I received website is very easy to use goods are delivered in plain brown box

Paula Wilkinson from Andover 09-09-2016

With Herbal life both my partner and I have lost over a stone and it has been easy. Not hungry at all and feel healthier and have more energy.

Amy Ryan from Braintree 08-09-2016

I would highly recommend herbalife to anyone!! Fabulous website too! Easy to order and quick delivery :)

Jackie Fawdry from Helston 07-09-2016

What a delight, great flavours & easy to use with great results Had not heard about Herbalife, but am so glad I found it while googling weight loss - highly recommended & will use until I get back into size 12 (and that might take some time!)

catherine rowland from Bakewell 05-09-2016

Ive found everything to be very helpful and easy and the shakes are lovely.

Mimi Von Trapp from Lowestoft 05-09-2016

I love the Oat Apple Fibre in porridge, to boost my fibre intake.The science behind the Herbalife products helps me follow a healthy diet for life. This is not a fad "diet" this is a lifestyle choice I make for the rest of my life.

Giustina Romeo from London 04-09-2016

Fanatics results. very happy with the programme. so easy and satisfying. Highly recommend.

Morgan OConnor from Leeds 03-09-2016

Great product. Highly recommend the mint chocolate chip flavour.

Sheryl Newton from Poole 03-09-2016

This product is great and taste lovely
I lost 5lbs in week and 2 inch

Charlotte Durell from Hemel Hempstead 31-08-2016

Absolutely love Herbalife products, they are fantastic and do exactly what they say

Gemma Adamson from York 29-08-2016

Only shake that I have enjoyed drinking and my favourite flavour is mint chocolate. The bars I ordered were to see if I would enjoy them as a snack on the go with been a working mum with two young children,I loved them and I will be ordering more.

Danielle Simmons from Warrington 28-08-2016

Super fast delivery, amazing taste. Can not wait to start seeing the results.

Jonathan Chandler from Wakefield 27-08-2016

Me and my partner had tried other methods of getting fit and health but to also loose waight.We are new to meal shakes and are enjoying the choice of flavours.Some are more tastier then others and some are more filling.Thanks.

Yasmin Mahmood from Luton 27-08-2016

I think herbal life is a really good way to lose weight and feel happy

Michele Owen from St Albans 27-08-2016

What a great product. Tasty and nutricious, making a shake in the morning is a great start to the day. The ordering process is simple and straight forward and products arrive promptly. I would recommend buying from this site.

patricia faulkner from Harwich 26-08-2016

I need to loose weight so started on Herbalife which is helping me loose fats. I would recommend this lovely products to anyone. My favourite shake is mint chocolate really nice to drink.

Robert Ivan Paredes from Coventry 24-08-2016

Herbalife plus discipline = healthy living. The Herbalife way is a healthy way of losing weight!

Davinder Dhariwal from Smethwick 23-08-2016

The Herbalife Products are great. They give me energy and every think my body needs to keep me going. I have been able to lose body fat and weight whilst using the products. The citrus lemon protein bars are addictive

Marketa Jelinkova from Nantwich 22-08-2016

My order was sent really fast canīt wait to try new flavour of Formula 1

Abi Jawo from HARROGATE 21-08-2016

Herbalife products are second to none. All products have been tried and tested which means you are able to trust what you read.

Your site is easy to use. The service is great with no long wait for product to arrive.

I M Smith from Renfrew 21-08-2016

I have found your formula 1 product ideal for regaining my health, I feel more energised. It is easy to use and taste great especially in coconut milk. Your online shopping site is easy to navigate and you take customer security seriously. IM Smith

Kate from Jersey 20-08-2016

The products are great. I only started two weeks ago and I can already see the results.

Aga Szczepanska from Nottingham 20-08-2016

happy with herbalife and herbaonline.co.uk, highly recommended, great results

Nicola Parish from Sheringham 19-08-2016

a brilliant and affordable way to help you lose weight without feeling the hunger and feeling like your on a diet. Worth a try. Has definitely helped me.

Kate Goodhall from Cheltenham 18-08-2016

Fantastic product. On my 2nd week and so far I can feel the difference and have lost some pounds in a sensible way. Would recommend people to try this.

Michelle Watson from Pontefract 17-08-2016

The protein snack bars are absolutely amazing - as a choc-a-holic I never thought that I would be able to find a replacement for the real thing, but these are fab. Ordering is simple & very easy and service from ordering to receiving is excellent.

Ugne Dziugyte from Wisbech 12-08-2016

Very good website, easy to order. And fabulous products!!!!

lynn bristow from dartford 10-08-2016

Really enjoying the shakes and weight is slowly coming off.

Annie Gotting from Staines on Thames 10-08-2016

Only just made my first order I found your website very easy to use, and informative . Thank you

Mary from Essex 10-08-2016

Easy to order and received my order within a few days. The Herbalife shakes taste good and are filling.

Angela Crown from Dagenham 08-08-2016

I have been on Herbalife for three months now and with regular exercise have gone down two dress sizes. I am eating more healthy now and would recommend Herbalife to anyone who wanted a healthier lifestyle.
Very pleased with the results.

Joanna Winiarska from Lynton 07-08-2016

Very professional and very quick postage. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Amanda Breen from Haverfordwest 07-08-2016

Very good service. I enjoy the meal bars. Wish there was more flavours

Adelle Lee-Gallon from Bradford 04-08-2016

I love Herbalife, with a busy lifestyle & two small children nutrition is important to me but I dont always get the chance to prepare meals so its a great alternative which is nutritious and tastes great

Lyndsey-Jane Broughton from Gillingham 04-08-2016

Website could be easier to navigate, products taste great (I ordered the mint choc and toffee apple formula 1) and arrived quickly.

scott batcheldor from Northfleet, Gravesend 02-08-2016

Truly amazing program, have been on the weight loss program now for three weeks and have lost inches and have also been using the Multivitamins and Cell activator with the Fibre & Herb tablets. I feel like a new person.

Joanne Graham from Dumfries 02-08-2016

i have been using this site for a while now , easy to order and have received every order without any problems would highly recommend

Vania Cabral from Stockwell 02-08-2016

Website. Is very clear easy to search what your looking for
Despatch is super quick

Love Herbalife

Becky from Southampton 01-08-2016

Tried many weightloss programs in the past but this is by far the best tasting shakes iv ever had! And if you stick to the program your guaranteed to loose weight!

Sujata Thakur from Hayes 30-07-2016

I m taking formula 1 since 2 weeks n I already lose 3 kgs .
I m very happy to use this product
Lot of more to lose
Finger crossed

samuel Price from London 27-07-2016

Very good and easy to use website, fast delivery and easy payment options.

Carly from Essex 27-07-2016

Loads more energy and feeling great!! Shakes taste good to!!

Assumpta MC Nelis from Edenderry 26-07-2016

Thank you for my recent order.I found your site so easy to use very straight forward and receive my order 2 days later which was excellent.

Nighat Arif from Chesham 25-07-2016

I have found HerbaOnline brilliant in purchasing the products that I need to help me lose weight.The products are easy to find, purchase and the delivery was very quick.I will definitely be ordering more products soon!

Elizabeth Ryan from Rugby 25-07-2016

I love Herbalife great tasting products love trying new ones out

Ann Halford from Ashbourne 24-07-2016

Started using herbal life 2 months ago and I cannot believe the transformation. I have lost weight, changed shape and have loads more energy. My skin and hair look and feel great. I highly recommend Herbal life to improve your health and well being.

Su Curtis from Bewdley 22-07-2016

Great tasting shakes are helping me to keep off the weight I lost. So easy to carry with me ready to make up when I am out and about. The chewy protien bars are a handy snack and frozen they are delicious. Brilliant products and service.

Chloe Lee from Dorchester 22-07-2016

Herbalife is fantastic! Not only have I lost a stone after just a month, but I feel absolutely amazing for it! I have more energy, I am no longer lethargic, I am enjoying life again. Would recommend it to anyone!

Gulcin Kir from Archway 21-07-2016

I Really like your products and services thank you

Sara McAllister from Cambuslang 20-07-2016

Fantastic service received. Straightforward delivery and service as promised. I love the products and have lost 6lbs in my first week!



Ellie from Ashford 17-07-2016

Herbalife helped me get back on track with eating regular healthy meals, it gave me the motivation to start getting back into shape. The website was easy to use and the products arrived very quickly, happy with the results so far.

Amandeep Kaur from Oldbury 16-07-2016

Hello, herblife is a great product to lose weight.i lose a 6kg in two months. I fully recommend this product. Very good product, great energy. I give a100%.

Blanka Isaac from Peterborough 16-07-2016

Herbalife is absolutely fab, not only helped me to lose weight but also is making me feel so good and healthier. I would recommend to everybody who would like to loose weight and feel stronger.

Samantha King from Hayes 16-07-2016

Great products that really work for you! They also contain all the nutrients you need so great for your wellbeing

Sharlene Browning from Reading 16-07-2016

Great Product! Was introduced by a friend a year a go, I was buying Herbal Life for about 6 months. I have recently got back into fitness and this product is a great supplement, quick and easy when rushing out to work in the morning.

ma regina jayme from hull 13-07-2016

i am very pleased with herbaonline.they will answer to your e-mails immediately and they will also let you know when the products will be delivered to your address.Well done and keep up the good work.all the best to your company..

Shaun Grainey from Tullibody 12-07-2016

Having used Herbalife and seen the results I would never use any other product. Easy to use, support if you need it and if you work with it the results are fantastic.

Antoneta Zoita from London 11-07-2016

The best .the product wich I was using are the best they help me too lose weight which it was hardly for my before to read about Herbalife .

Carly Russ from Enfield 11-07-2016

Nice easy website to use gives a clear breakdown of all products and very easy to understand what you need!

Stephen Humphries from New Milton 08-07-2016

i found the web site extremely easy to use from the outset which is very easy to use . Formula 1 and the protein bars have helped me loose nearly a stone in a few months.I add various fruits to the shakes, which is an added bonus.

Susan Kelly from Buckhurst Hill 07-07-2016

Great fast service. Easy to prepare and results showing after just one week. Impressed!

Joanna Laska from Basingstoke 05-07-2016

Hello. My dear friend recommended these products for me and I am so happy to be able to use them. Herbalife is great!! I recommended them to all my other friends.

Chantal from romford 05-07-2016

Shakes and bars are very tasty.great success and we will keep enjoying the products

Lord Mark Andrew Morgan from BLAIRHALL 05-07-2016

bought 3 of the Formula Nutritional Shake Mix i have lost 1.5 stone in 2 months it has worked for me. Great product and it is tastes good too,I was worried about being left hungry but I have not i have been feeling great.

Ana Moneo Viloria from London 04-07-2016

Herbaline shakes are totally reliable and tastful. They have helped me control my wight by simply replacing one or two meals with them.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to lose weight gradually and in a sensibly

Pauline Culligan from Bournemouth 04-07-2016

So relieved to find a great Herbalife website, the service and delivery have been excellent. Ordered protein bars which aid me keeping my weight in check, when I need a sweet treat I have a protein bar which is far healthier than a bar of chocolate.

Joanna from Devon 04-07-2016

My partner and I had great success using the Herbalife products with both of us losing a stone each within six weeks. Thoroughly recommended :)

Lianne Lawrence-Harbord from Narberth 04-07-2016

Great product Easy to read instructions
Good results
5 star service

Rachel Fisher from Lingfield 02-07-2016

A filling alternative to food to loose weight! Also gives far more energy, good products.

Linda Vine from Hailsham 30-06-2016

Excellant service, easy to order and quick delivery. Lots of explanatory literature although i had already had the product before. Very nice welcoming messages. Would mosy definately use this company again.

Debbie Marshall from Bathgate 29-06-2016

Love Herbalife, taste so nice and enjoyable all flavours, enjoy the tea also

Amy Jenner from Orpington 29-06-2016

I love Herbalife products. They taste great and they work.
The best tasting shake I have found.

Ron Grabner from Marple 27-06-2016

Easy to order, and very tasty shakes which have had the desired effect in helping me to lose weight without feeling hungry.

Celyn Jones from Swansea 27-06-2016

An amazing website with amazing service and delivery

Nita Khambatta from London 27-06-2016

Items arrived as expected and on time. Genuine products and great value.

Merlina Samuel from London 27-06-2016

Great tasty products. The shakes are filling and nutrious. The mango aloe with the tea is bliss.

Kim Bennett from Minster 26-06-2016

More shake flavour selections, been the same for at lest a year! More variety on protein bars

Emma Fagan from Worksop 24-06-2016

this is absolutely brilliant for me as im not using a rep !! the F! shakes are lovely and PPP does make you fuller for longer !! these are the only 2 products im using at the moment, my friend is now on the bandwagon so all good. WE LOVE HERBALIFE

Sally McCowan-Wright from Surrey 23-06-2016

I have been herbal life for 4 months now as part of weight loss and toning program and I am doing really well.

I feel in complete control of my program and I know that is because the formular 1 shakes are helping me all the way.

Sarah Bonehill from Gloucestershire 22-06-2016

My husband and I really find this an easy program to manage no need to weigh and measure, getting a nice steady weight loss by combining this with the gym

ALAN PARKER from KIRKHAM 22-06-2016

I recently ordered items from your Herbal Life protein range as was pleased that it arrived promptly and was exactly what i wanted. i an about to place a follow up order.

Rina Wahyuni from NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE 21-06-2016

I have already consumed these Herbalife since 4 weeks ago, I feel more energic and the weight reduced 4 kg.

Amal from Glasgow 21-06-2016

I liked the care shown towards customers satisfaction such as fast delivery and good condition of products.

Selva Nava from London 21-06-2016

I tried out the shakes and was greatly impressed. Compared to other leading weight loss products the Herbalife shakes not only taste better but also help me feeling satisfied for longer and avoid cravings etc.

Charlee Slaughter from Market Harborough 20-06-2016

Really quick delivery!! The shakes themselves are delicious and filling. Having tried The Aloe clean9 and slim fast these are by far the best and best value for money. Will be placing regular orders!!

Tayba Hashmi from London 20-06-2016

I am based in London. Received my order within a week. The website is excellent and the service is very efficient too. Mark Keeley thank you

Julie Rooney from South Yorkshire 20-06-2016

The service I got and prompt advice was so helpful recommend it to anyone .

Brian Sproul from Ayr 19-06-2016

Recently I have stopped using Herbalife products however it has had an adverse effect on my discipline re my weight control
As from today I am refocused and will restart using my chosen Herbalife meal plan

Alex Pancheva from London 17-06-2016

Thank you verry much, i am really happy with you, and everything is perfect. love you

Nicola Dowds from Inverurie 16-06-2016

I have put on weight due to surgery-returned to herbalife to manage my internal balance and lose excess weight in a sustainable way. Combined with light exercise I am slowly losing the pounds and feel better. It definitely works for me.

jackie rizza from angus 16-06-2016

I like this site its quick efficient and helpful without being to much in your face. If I forget to checkout it reminds me but is not overbearing.

Mark Heckles from Cheltenham 15-06-2016

Being new to the site I found it very easy to use with well priced products and good communication between myself and the owners. They kept me informed on my order every step of the way and it was a prompt service.

ross thomson from glasgow 15-06-2016

the service i have had thought he programs has really helped me. i feel better look better and fit my clothes better. i love the verity on offer so it is no problem to get on with loosing weight and loving life

Matthew Alleyne from Slough 14-06-2016

The site itself is pretty easy to use but I do think it can improve by what products you need for your goal. For example someone like myself who enjoys the gym but wants to slim down should be clearer on what exact products I needed eg F1 and F3.

Nicola Rutter from Montgomery 13-06-2016

ordered and received within a couple of days. fantastic service :)

Kathy Venables from Northwich 13-06-2016

I was pleasantly surprised at the additional information available, especially for a first time buyer, having the nutritional information is brilliant. And advice on mixing and matching the products with everyday meals.

Gabrielle Freeman from Liverpool 13-06-2016

Ordered my products and received within a couple of days!! Excellent!! And they are gorgeous!!😊😊 especially love the lemon snack bars!!

collette thomson from glasgow 13-06-2016

been on herbalife before and it does the job. As a busy mum the shakes are easy for me and take away hassle of making meals.

Denitsa Stoyanova from London 12-06-2016

Good quality products, tasty and effective... i have used before and i loose 15 kg for two months... now i used again... i recomend to you , use herbalife, its work!

Lesleyann Maxwell from Glasgow 12-06-2016

I must say that the herbalife shakes are good I feel a difference to,I would recommend them.

Jody Johnson from Whitstable 11-06-2016

Very good service received my order quickly and efficiently.

H Lord from Coventry 11-06-2016

We use the personalised protein powder and formula 1 nutrional shake. They are a great way of providing good nutrition when time is short. Items are despatched speedily and well packaged.

Gail Juhlke from Blackwood 11-06-2016

I have been using Herbalife for the last three years, it has helped me to loose two and half stone and to maintained the loss. Herbalife has a large choice of products and a good selection of flavours. I would recommend it to friends.

Kevin Morrison from Bowling 10-06-2016

Hi recently started using the Herbalife shakes 1 in the morning and another in afternoon and they are enjoyable and also filling as well I normally add extra protein mix into my morning shake and that keeps me going to lunch really pleased so far

Jessica Vella-Bone from Aylesbury 08-06-2016

Fantastic service products arrived quickly and straight from Herbalife, highly recommend.

Karim Usmani from Beaconsfield 08-06-2016

In the short time that I have used herbalife i have noticed the change in my diet which has also resulted in weight loss.

Joy Nacino from Portsmouth 08-06-2016

I have ordered vanilla formula 1 milkshake and it tastes really good so i ordered another one and i have to try cookies and cream my colleague said it good as well.

Dympna Hughes from Armagh 07-06-2016

I recently started on a herbal life diet with the shake and the protein bars. I lost 1st in just 4 weeks. I would like to loose a few more pounds so i am going to stay on my shakes and bars for the foreseeable future.

Rachel Lowe from Birmingham 06-06-2016

Fab products so pleased with results!used it years ago and still as good

Bilal Green from London 04-06-2016

A wonderfull quick and easy solution to loosing weight it worked well for me and im feeling alot more healthy leading an active life

Debbie Black from Aberdeen 02-06-2016

I find that this product dose work if you stick to it, the shakes are delicious and easy to make, mint choc chip shake is so good, really tasty, would defiantly recommend.

Emma Davidson from Market Drayton 31-05-2016

Love Herbalife - products are easy to use and taste yummy. Helpful customer service, great communication and speedy delivery. 5*

Sameena Mahmood from Birmingham 30-05-2016

I used this website for the very first time,and found it very good.
Fast delivery,100% communication.
Very helpful with customer service.
Emails when product is posted.

Nabil Mitry from BECKENHAM 30-05-2016

Prompt confirmation of order
Fast delivery and on time
Fresh products

Diane Grubb from York 28-05-2016

Brilliant product, this really works, I never feel hungry at all and the milk shakes are delicious!!

Cheryl from scotland 27-05-2016

Love the shakes & snack bars. Eating more now than ever before & loosing weight-feeling great & full of energy.
Love these products

Chrystalla Deleur from Romford 26-05-2016

Love the products lost almost a stone already will remcommend to all my friends and family

mandy walton from wirral 26-05-2016

Very helpful customer service. Fast delivery. Would recommend this site.

Christina Stephenson from Liverpool 26-05-2016

I have tried herbal life previously and found it really enjoyable but through lack of sleep with a baby I was struggling I am now giving it a second go. I have tried a cheaper shake system but it nowhere near as enjoyable and tasty. Wish me luck!!!!!

Laura Smith from Droitwich 25-05-2016

Hi the customer service provided by Keely and Mark is fantastic. I had personal service and felt valued. Quick delivery and excellent comms.

Adela Brindau from Watford 24-05-2016

I am very happy with the products, i used 3 years ago and I had best results and i start using again this months. Im so happy with the results, i lost weight so quick. Im feeling very good.
Thank you so much herbalife!

A Morgan from Pembrokeshire 23-05-2016

This program is fantastic I feel full of energy! I highly recommend it! The delivery is fast and you have a wonderful selection of products! They taste great too which helps! Thank you so much xx

Julie Cashmore from Halesowen 23-05-2016

First week on Herbalife and already started to feel better, have weighed and lost, also have started to lose inches from around my body.

Margaret Tucker from Cheshire 21-05-2016

I think the products are fantastic, meal bars are great when busy you can eat on the go! also the protein bars are great I eat these as a snack to put me over until my evening meal! just about to order more,

Rumena Begum from London 19-05-2016

I thoroughly enjoy herbal life milkshake, i must admit i was pleasantly surprised at the taste of milkshake as i love milkshake and can taste the difference on healthy and naughty ones but herbalife tastes brilliant.

Helen Bristow from Sleaford 19-05-2016

Loving the CR7 Drive. Excellent service quick delivery

Julie Smith from Buckhurst Hill 18-05-2016

Really enjoying the products. Cookies and cream is my fav! Will def be buying again.

Rachel Burgess from Littlehampton 17-05-2016

Fab product great for my life style Iv lost 1 1/2 stone and feel much healthier and more energetic. The website is easy to use to 😊

Brian Pearce from Newmills 17-05-2016

Nice site easy to use products explained clearly too

Rashid Hussain from Stoke on Trent 17-05-2016

Exllent product I will buy again it is a exllent product

Mandy Cairns from Townhead Coatbridge 17-05-2016

I am very happy with this product and will keep on buying it thank you

Wendy Woodward from Lowestoft 15-05-2016

Love the strawberry plus chocolate meal replacement

Kat Sharp from ashford 14-05-2016

Great products and super speedy delivery. I would highly recommend.

Rebecca from Devon 14-05-2016

I looked online and was very happy to be able to order Herbalife online.
The website is very user friendly. It gives great information about the products and how you can taylor it to your needs for either losing weight or maintaining weight.

Verity Lacey from Worthing 10-05-2016

Excellent products. Love the shakes. Finding they fill
Me up nicely which was what I was worried about.

Lee Jones from Arlesey 09-05-2016

This is an excellent website easy to navigate and lots of info, I would recommend it to anyone.The products arrive well packed and on time with lots of little extras,Well done i will be purchasing my next supply shortly 8lb lost in 2 weeks.

Agits Liepa from London 09-05-2016

Love Herbalife!

My favourite of course is F1, as my daily meal. If only there is a way go invest more new/different flavours so my day would not be so boring.

Thank you!

Gem from Haverhill 09-05-2016

Easy to use website and receive items within promised. Really like the VIP credits!

Farah Tawanaee from Bromley 08-05-2016

Fantastic programme and it really works i would highly recommend it for a good health and diet.

Claire GIll from Harrogate 08-05-2016


Trevor Lee from Bolton 06-05-2016

I have been on Herbalife shake for 4 weeks now and I am very pleased with the results I have lost about a stone I have it twice a day and have a 800 cal meal at night it helps me with the discipline and I have been full

Michael Cox from Portsmouth 05-05-2016

great products,great service and reasonably priced.
first started using the shakes 17 yrs ago, now that im having trouble getting into my bike clothes thought id get back on herbalife. itys working a treat.

Joy Monaghan from Chester 03-05-2016

Really impressed with the service; emails acknowledging order received promptly, speedy delivery and excellent prices. I will definitely be using HerbaOnline for all future purchases of Herbalife products.

Kirsty Sadler from Rugby 03-05-2016

Fabulous service, easy to use and the delivery company is spot on with communication re date, time and rearranging

Shannon Hartny-Mills from Stafford 30-04-2016

I really like the vanilla meal replacement shake! I just wish that you could specify a delivery date rather than being given a delivery window. I always end up missing multiple deliveries and then going to the shop to collect after a week or so!

Wendy Thompson from Billingham 30-04-2016

I suffer with nausea from migraines and find herbalife a great way to stomach a meal and a great source of much needed vitamins.
Also really impressed with the speedy fast delivery from here, really service. Thanks

ANDREA from FAVERSHAM 29-04-2016

Really enjoy having Herbalife as a breakfast protein drink. It saves me loads of time in the morning and it keeps me full for hours.

Mary Milliner from Clevedon 28-04-2016

I ordered the Tea it arrived fast, take it twice a day, so much energy, helped me loose weight as doing all day now, hot or cold ok, well worth a try.

Lyn from Bristol 26-04-2016

I have been using the milk shakes and found its been the best way to lose over a stone in weight, and still have meals out. Its also made me drink more milk and helped with knee problems.

Anna Yu from Cardiff 25-04-2016

The product is good! will definitely buy it next time. I go to gym everyday, it provides me energy and strength.

emma from lanarkshire 25-04-2016

great website, fast delivery. would recommend to friends and family

Jean Smith from Aldershot 25-04-2016

havent done Herbal Life for several Years , love Express Formula 1 bars 😀

Lorinda from Aylesbury 24-04-2016

Losing weight has been achievable by using Herbalife products and helped me to feel good about myself again. Thank you.

Claire darlow from Wakefield 24-04-2016

After returning to work after maternity slowly the weight piled on, a busy working mum always on the go a friend recommended Herbalife, easy to follow and fit with my lifestyle the weight came off. I still enjoy a shake for lunch to help maintain

Donna Tait from Carnwath 20-04-2016

great shakes best ive tried really work would rcommend to anyone trying to lose weight

Kayleigh Mulholland from Southport 19-04-2016

Excellent Services an products.. Quick delivery.. Really happy with product.. Feel great after a week of herbal life.. About to order more ! Really happy seeing results and feeling great.

John Davies from Swansea 19-04-2016

Herbalife is a fantastic product and I recommend it to anyone you have the two shakes then a evening meal

Sam Kirby from London 18-04-2016

Good service, excellent product especially the mint choc chip shakes lovely taste

Hannah Williams from Luton 18-04-2016

I love the protein snack bars they are filling and delicious, feels like your are having a chocolate bar but a good one!

Nichola Moore from Newcastle 14-04-2016

Excellent service. Received all my products within good time and an excellent selection to choose from .

Denise Griffith from Wrexham 13-04-2016

Herbalife has changed my life I was 16 stone and unhealthy now I am enjoying life lost 3 stone so far a lot healthier. I love herbalife products love the flavours and it works great for me.

Julie Andrews from Congleton 13-04-2016

I find the website easy to use. I have been using the weight loss programme which is easy to follow, I have lots of energy and am loosing weight 😀

Damian from Essex 12-04-2016

Quick speedy service amazing product bring on the weight loss

Emma Mortimer from Ipswich 10-04-2016

Great website easy to use! Your cr7 is really great I use it to hydrate before during and after a race or hard session I have received great results !!

Lucinda Smith from Ammanford 08-04-2016

Great tasting products which really help with weight loss and are really easy to use (no counting calories or points!), the website is easy to navigate and delivery is quick, Thanks Herbalife!!

Patricia Davies from Blackburn 07-04-2016

superb product and easy to use. flavours are all good. love the tea too!!

Michelle Crossan-Matos from Chertsey 06-04-2016

I love my Protein powder and bars (esp. the almond ones). Since using them I have seen a loss of 2kgs.

David Innalls from Portsmouth 06-04-2016

Great service very quick and easy to use website. Will definitly continue to use

Lina Vatkeviciute from SITTINGBOURNE 05-04-2016

Fantastic product and really works! I have been using shakes to replace my meals and list 1 st in 6 weeks 😀

Ioanna from London 03-04-2016

I have ordered maybe twice for the site, and I am very satisfied. Fast dispatch, great site to find your way around and find the products you want. Thanks

anna bleathman from keighley 01-04-2016

Fantastic products and quick delivery. Easy to use site with lots of information.

Josephine Craven from Birmingham 29-03-2016

Excellent service fast delivery no problems with orders will be using this site in future for my products

jane bird from Cheshire 23-03-2016

I feel healthier and I am sleeping better. The herbal beverage is refreshing and tasty. It is good to know that I am losing weight while becoming healthier too.

J E Dixon from Haverfordwest 23-03-2016

I find this to be an excellent and informative site. It is quick to use and vibrant.

Mel Gregory-pulling from Southampton 22-03-2016

Loving the ease of the herbal life plan. Working really well for my husband and i

yvonne davies from swansea 22-03-2016

first class service and quick delivery highly recomended

Susan Ferguson from Motherwell 21-03-2016

i would highly recommend Herbalife to anyone and have done so since starting on the products in August 2015. i feel much fuller for longer and for snacks on the go i have the Protein Bars handy rather than go for the usual unhealthy chocolate bars.

Neil Cole from Harlow 20-03-2016

Hi, I ordered some protein bars from your site, and am very impressed by how easy it was. They were delivered on time and I was informed of times of delivery. Your website is so easy to use and I will be defiantly be ordering on a monthly basis.

Joe Clifford from Watford 20-03-2016

The most effective and feel good life style choice I have ever made. Herbalife allows me freedom to control my eating in a way I have never experienced before.Feeling healthier . Looking better. Life style for ever.

Jacqueline Cunningham from Glasgow 19-03-2016

Love Herbalife been on so many diets and this 1 always comes first lost 2 stone on Herbalife and I have maybe put on 2lb from that 2stone so would recommend it to anyone x

Rachel Bench from Paignton 18-03-2016

Very pleased with the easy ordering & quick delivery. I have enjoyed my herbalife shakes and feel so much better in myself from having them and happy with a positive result .

Brian Lewis from London 18-03-2016

I am really enjoying my morning shakes, the taste good and most of all they work.

Rita Stevens from Belper 18-03-2016

I have found your website very simple to use. I can browse through all your great products and easily order what I want. The Herbalife shakes really seem to fit in well with my lifestyle and I have been able to achieve great results.

Ian McLellan from Nantwich 18-03-2016

A good fast and efficient service that I would recommend to anyone

Yasmin Afzal from UK 18-03-2016

I had a Query when I emailed Herbaonline they emailed me very quickly and resolved my query straight away. I found them very efficent and helpful and I definately will be ordering from them and recommend them. Thank You

Graham Oxenham from Dover 18-03-2016

I can honestly confirm that I have lost two and a half stone in weight since using these products. Poor health dictates a sedentary lifestyle but these products have enabled me to lose weight.

Melissa Stoman from Croydon 18-03-2016

Ordering on line is as simple as making a shake! Quick and fuss free!
Thank you

Zoe Burford from Sheerness 18-03-2016

I tried Herbalife a few years ago but only the trial and lost a few pounds but this time I ordered the starter set. I have enjoyed the shakes and the tea. I have lost 7.5 lb in 3 weeks which I am well pleased with.

Good product, would recommend.

Tracy Miles from Cornwall 17-03-2016

I like the email updates,keeping me updated on the progress of my order, especially the last email to tell me exactly when the parcel will be delivered. You even have an option to have the parcel delivered to a local shop if you are not at home.

OBORI IKPEME from BROMLEY 17-03-2016

I have been using Herbalife product for 5 months and I have lost 10kg in weight and feel better. I am more aware of my diet.

Samantha Cann from Hawkinge 17-03-2016

Excellent service. There for help and support if needed. Thank you for your help to change my life for the better.

Joanne Thornton from Stoke on trent 17-03-2016

I tried the herbal life shakes last year and was overwhelmed by the results. I lost 2 stone. so im back on the shakes again to reach my goal, they taste divine especially the cookies and cream, would highly recommend these products

Sean from Chingford 17-03-2016

I think the website is great and ordering is very easy. The product is a+ although I would like to receive more information on how to use the product properly whilst training.

Kay Chrystal from Lancing 17-03-2016

I love the Herbalife website. It is easy to navigate for finding the products I need, with great information on what each product does to help with my weight loss program and help me to achieve my ultimate goal.
Thank you Herbalife for being there.

Isobel Smith from Banff 17-03-2016

I have been using this product for 4years as a means to lose and maintain my weight. I have been using this site recently and have been satisfied with the way my orders have been dealt with and hope to continue using it.

GHINEA LUCIA from LONDON 17-03-2016

i am very happy. i order from you and a lose weight.
your products are wonderful.
thank you

Dave Stuart from Poole 17-03-2016

I have recently started buying my Herbalife products from Herbaonline.co.uk and I have found them to be efficient, timeous and very friendly to deal with. Their communication is excellent and I am more than happy with the service they offer to date.

yvonne Dunster from Walmer 17-03-2016

Very easy site to use, products arrived very quickly! Will definetly use again. Thank you!

Tami Matthews from Gloucester 17-03-2016

This is a great site, I order quite regularly, the order is immediately acknowledged and is received within 24/48 hours. Love the products, taste lovely and lots of choice. Am so glad i found this site. My choice, quick and easy x

Clare Tooth from Bromsgrove 17-03-2016

This has been my first order with HerbaOnline and I have been very impressed at the ease of which I navigated around the website & the prompt delivery of my goods. I shall be returning very soon!

Corina Frost from St saviour 17-03-2016

Fantastic service from ordering to receiving My good never had a problem...i highly recommend Herbalife and will defenatly be buying again thank you

Ali Haidar from Leyton 17-03-2016

Very good products.....fast delivery service
Highly recommendation

Paul Allison from Durham 17-03-2016

First class service and a really great product!!!!


Best products and good Delevery service I recommend this product to everyone

Tara Rush from Belfast 17-03-2016

Love the protein bars !! Especially the chocolate definitely worth trying!

Rosie Sprules from Dorchester 17-03-2016

First time I went on the website I made a purchase and found it fairly easy to navigate due to tabs at the top. Would recommend putting the servings per tub etc for the shakes as I had to google it as I had no idea how much I was getting for my money

Lisa Williams from Stoke on Trent 17-03-2016

I have recently created an account with yourselves and your products look great!!

I will be placing an order shortly.

Hulya Ahmet from Hackney 17-03-2016

The best diet plan İ Have ever tried..... Amazing lost for words! This site alone is hassle free and so easy to use... Products are spot on as described have recommended to others to use aswell!!!!! Awesome love it ;)

Daniel Davies from Bristol 17-03-2016

Fantastic range of Herbalife products and cracking service. Products arrived within a couple of days, well packaged. I will shop with herbaonline again. Dan, Bristol, UK

Hugh Williams from London 17-03-2016

Used Herbaonline twice and will use again. Easy to use website and good prices :-)

Lauren Clark from Rickmansworth 17-03-2016

It is easy to register an account, to navigate around and payment process is simplistic. delivery of my first order could have been a quicker but I am happy to say that I have recommended the product and website to many of my friends and family.

Kelly Beniston from Coalville 17-03-2016

I am a big fan of the products, which have been a big factor in not just my weight loss but also maintaining my weight after. I find the website to be easy to navigate and delivery is always quick.

mick leahey from london 17-03-2016

hi i think this is a great scheme and not alot really needs to be changed this is also the 2nd time im doing it

jackie rowe from chelmsford 17-03-2016

Great service and prompt delivery would highly recommend

Adele Millan from Glasgow 17-03-2016

Quick delivery easy to make shakes are lovely will definitely buy again.

Hannah Bryant from Audlem 17-03-2016

Great value and very quick to arrive. I would definitely recommend herbaonline to anyone wanting to get started with Herbalife products.

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